Simple and Clean
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Warning: Slight OOCness and non-yaoi. Furthermore, this chapter is kind of like a mind rant. It will get much more interesting after this.
Setting: Hyotei Gakuen. So no Seigaku (but I love them too!).
Summary: After a little incident of catching her fellow regular in a closet with Shishido Ryou, Li Sairi begins wondering about her friendship with Ootori Choutarou.
Pairing: OotoriOC, alotofRegularsOC (different OCs)
A/N: Suffering from horrible, horrible writers block. Or a lack of inspiration thereof. So I decided to write something based solely on the fact that both Ootori Choutarou and Date Koji are cute (and that Date does an incredible job playing Choutarou). Based on a previous one-shot I posted about one of female regulars on the team. Rather than focus on Kuroda Rio, the regular caught making out with Shishido, we focus on Li Sairi, another regular. I am trying my BEST not to make her a Mary-Sue because I HATE THEM.

This story was named after one of my favorite songs ever. Simple and Clean from Kingdom Hearts! Actually, this story has gone through three name changes...

So, first chapter basically introduces you to the OCs, and sets up the rest of the story.


Prelude: The calm before the storm


The memory would forever be carved into her brain.

Hearing something akin to moaning within the storage closet, Li Sairi decided that she would go get Sakaki-sensei to open it up and figure out what was going on inside of there. This was very hard, since she was balancing two carts full of tennis balls and some of Ootori's equipment, seeing as she was helping him clean up. And Ootori Choutarou was tall. 185 cm to be exact. For someone only 165 cm, it was very hard to keep his jacket from dragging on the ground.

And when Sakaki-sensei finally opened up the door, there was her senpai, Kuroda Rio, making out with Shishido Ryou.

Everyone present proceeded to snicker, including her. The thought of them going out was certainly plausible in her mind, but she had never expected the two of them to be so bold as to make out in a closet. Rio-senpai had always hated Shishido's guts for various logical and illogical reasons, and that hatred could be attributed to possible feelings for the dash specialist. Added on to that, Shishido teased her endlessly. So it was possible that he had feelings towards Rio-senpai as well.

But that left Ishikawa-buchou as the only third-year regular on the Hyotei girl's team without a boyfriend. Kira Sorano-senpai and Natsume Haruka-senpai were going out with Kikumaru Eiji and Fuji Shusuke from Seigaku respectively. A few days later, Rio-senpai and Shishido formally announced they were seeing each other.

That left the Singles 1, Doubles 1 and Singles 3 players still single. But seeing as the Doubles 1 regulars, which included herself and Nakasone Kotone, and the Singles 3 regular were only second years, they still had time. And plenty of suitors. Sairi was always annoyed by them.

It wasn't like she was seductively beautiful or anything. At the most, she was described as cute by Ootori, who was a close friend of hers (this prompted a hidden blush from her). But somehow the suitors seemed to praise all of her physical aspects. From her layered black hair that fell a little past her shoulders complete with bangs that were swept to the right to her sky blue eyes, which they would say were the "prettiest eyes in the world." Oh yes, they annoyed her. She sometimes wished that as they walked home, they would trip and split their heads open on a rock.

And how they berated Kotone too. Complementing her friend on how cute her short ash brown hair was with that single pink barrette to how bright her green eyes were. Kotone wished upon them the same fate.

Sairi couldn't decide which was scarier. The fangirls that the Hyotei boys' tennis team had or the fanboys that Hyotei girls' tennis team had.

This was one of the reasons she was friends with Ootori Choutarou. One: he wasn't a fanboy. And two: he was extremely polite and sweet with a little bit of sass (anyone who simply described Ootori as sweet did not know him well enough). Ootori liked her too. Ever since Sairi moved to Japan from America, she had been stuck in the same classes with him every year. Ootori had been the smartest in the class until she came and took his title of number 1. He accepted this rather well and almost seemed eager to talk to her. They made regulars on the tennis teams the same year, Ootori with his Scud Serves and Sairi with her acrobatic play.

The two of them had practiced together countless hours in order to make their positions. However, when Shishido asked Ootori to help get him back on the regulars, the practices together disappeared. Sairi began practicing more with Kotone instead. But this had not dampened their friendship. Every single moment in school, it seemed as if Ootori wanted to talk to her. And she didn't mind. He really was a great friend.

When Shishido made it back to the regulars and paired up with Ootori during the Kantou tournament, Rio-senpai said (with quite a degree of irritation) Shishido had just violated one of the most important rule of the universe: any regular who loses a game is dropped and can NEVER EVER regain his/her spot.

But Ootori was happy. Sairi decided that perhaps this Shishido wasn't as bad as Rio-senpai made him out to be. When Ootori introduced her personally to his doubles partner, she could see every reason why Rio-senpai could hate him, but overall thought that he was nice guy. If Ootori liked him, there must have been something nice about Shishido underneath that hard exterior.

And now seeing that Rio-senpai and Shishido were going out, Sairi started to wonder who would be the next female regular to be taken.

And she already knew what the rumors said. It would be her, and she would be taken by Ootori.

For the first time in the two years she had known Ootori, she began contemplating their relationship.

Ootori and she were certainly very close. She was about the only person in Hyotei whom he addressed on a first name basis and without any honorifics, and she addressed him in a similar manner. She loved talking to him, and he always seemed eager to talk to her every break they got. If anything, the only person she was this close to was her doubles partner, Kotone, and they had to be close in order to achieve synchronization.

But did she actually have feelings for him?

Sairi remembered how Ootori would always blush every time she complemented him. Heck, she even blushed when he complemented her too. Ootori was a very sweet boy, with a mischievous side and extremely big chocolate brown eyes. And his silver hair added to his cute appearance. For the first time in two years, Sairi admitted to herself that Ootori was extremely cute.

Added on to that, every time he stepped off the tennis courts he looked pretty damn ravageable. The way his face glistened with sweat and tiny beads of perspiration clung to his hair. How his jersey clung to his chest, revealing fine toned muscles. And how his brown eyes would still gaze softly at her.

And then the answer to her question hit her.

" Dammit! " She exclaimed in English, not realizing that she was right in the middle of class and now everyone was staring at her.

She quickly colored and was about to apologize to the teacher until he replied, "Why yes, Li-chan. That is a way to express frustration in English."

Right. She was in her English class. And was saved by a coincidence.



So, my first attempt at making both member of the Silver Pair straight, and it's pretty damn painful. BECAUSE SHISHIDO AND CHOUTAROU ARE MEANT FOR EACH OTHER! But, seeing as I cannot write Silver Pair fanfics without voluntarily admitting myself into a mental ward, this must suffice (exaggeration…please do not be under to impression that I've actually done this).

I am truly surprised at myself. I finally managed to chuck out something I don't dislike. FINALLY! Maybe my writer's block is over!

And on the Chapter 2…shall be posted soon (meaning in less than a week).

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