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Epilogue: Clear skies


Nationals passed by rather quickly. The boys' team once again lost to Seigaku, but this time in the quarterfinals of the tournament. The girls' team, on the other hand, actually won this year against the Rikkaidai girls' team. It was a joyous occasion with much celebration. Ishikawa-buchou even arranged a dance for the girl regulars. With the help of Sairi, the dance turned into a going away party for Kotone. Sairi did not forget to invite Hiyoshi to the dance, but needed Choutarou's help to do so. It was not easy getting the orange mushroom headed junior to comply, but in the end Hiyoshi showed up and talked to Kotone for quite a long period of time.

Sairi could say the party was a success, if only Kotone had revealed her the details of what happened between Hiyoshi and her. Sairi already had her hands full and could not monitor Kotone's every move. When the dance ended, Kotone's green eyes seemed to be filled with more life than usual. Choutarou later reported that Hiyoshi had left the dance looking particularly happy, which was quite rare for the orange mushroom.

Three days later, Sairi found herself once again rummaging through her closet for clothes to wear. She had to meet Choutarou at the train station at 10 a.m. Considering the fact that it was already 9:30 and she had just gotten out of bed, she would be running late.

Sairi's cell rang. Without checking the caller ID she flipped it open and answered.


"Sairi, this is Kotone."

Sairi promptly threw the last bits of her outfit onto her bed before saying, "Kotone, what's up?"

"We're leaving early."

"Huh?" Sairi slammed the closet door shut and proceeded to dress.

Kotone paused for a second, before saying, "My family. We're leaving for America early. My dad just told us. We're leaving today."

"WHAT?" Sairi stopped pulling on her pants. "You're...leaving? When?"

"At 11 a.m. I'm at the airport right now. I didn't get a chance to call you before, everything was so hectic."

Sairi checked the clock. It was now 9:40. If she asked her parents, she could probably get a ride to the airport just in time for Kotone's departure.

But that would mean canceling the date with Choutarou. Sairi clenched her phone, hoping he would understand.

"I'll be right there Kotone." She said before hanging up. Quickly dressing, she rushed out the door. Once her driver was heading over to the airport, she dialed Choutarou's number. It was now 9:55. Nobody answered. Taking a breath she heard his answering message finish.

"Hey, Choutarou…"


Sairi practically ran through security to get to the designated gate. By the time she reached the gate, she was out of breath. Kotone was laughing, joking about how Sairi shouldn't have run, no matter how in shape she was.

Sairi simply let out something between a laugh and a pant. "You were leaving. I had to come." She replied.

"What about your date with Ootori-kun?"

"Had to cancel it. I called him. He didn't pick up, so I left a message." Sairi felt her circulation slowly returning.

"I guess he got it."

"Huh?" Sairi gave her friend a strange look and noticed Kotone was looking in the direction she had just ran down.

Standing there was Choutarou, giving her a look akin to "and you didn't think I'd show up." Hiyoshi was standing shyly behind him. Choutarou had apparently dragged him along.

As Hiyoshi and Kotone had a private conversation, Sairi used Choutarou's chest as a cushion as she slowly regained her breath.

"You overact way too much, Sairi." Were the first words out of his mouth.

Sairi let out a small laugh before asking, "And what prompted that comment?"

"You're out of breath." Choutarou put one arm around her, "But I guess you really wanted to see Nakasone-san off."

"Wouldn't you want to see Shishido-san off if he left? You would have done the same." She teased.


The announcements ordered for first-class passengers on Kotone's flight to board. Sairi turned around just in time to see Kotone place a small kiss on Hiyoshi's cheek, prompting a blush from the mushroom-haired boy. She quickly gave Kotone a hug before the girl walked through the gate.

"Take care." Sairi whispered.

Kotone smiled and winked at her, "I will."

As the three juniors watched Kotone's flight depart, Sairi felt ambivalent. True, the fact Kotone was leaving made her feel sad, but watching the emerging trail of white clouds that followed the airplane's path, she felt something akin to happiness. Everything was starting all over again. Kotone would have a new life in America and she would have a new doubles partner and life with Choutarou.

As Sairi left the airport she wondered how her life would play out. Giving directions to her driver to leave without her, she slipped into Choutarou's car, falling asleep on his shoulder.

It was the end of one story, and the beginning of another.


At the end of the day, Sairi found herself curled up on Choutarou's couch. The sound of the boy rummaging through the kitchen echoed throughout the living room.

After everything, they were basically only one step forward from where they began. She smiled to herself.

Sairi allowed to events of the past month to pass through her head. Kirihara, Miho; she wondered how Miho was doing. In the end, she ended up liking that girl. And Kotone. Kotone had been a great friend through it all: uncovering the truth and forcing it out. She remembered while watching Kotone board the plane that although they would be kilometers apart and live separate lives, Kotone would always be with her. At least a part of her would. Always.

Sairi felt the weight of another person on the couch. Looking up from her position, she saw Choutarou climb over her. There was a strange light in his eyes that indicated he wanted something, and nothing was going to stop him from obtaining it.

Sairi closed her eyes and felt Choutarou's lips touch her forehead just like he did back when this all began. Slowly, his tongue progressed from her forehead down to her nose.

Then he withdrew. Sairi opened her eyes to see him smile down at her. But that light was still in his eyes. He gently pulled her up into a sitting position before pressing his lips against hers. The whole time he held her close to him, asserting the same aggression she felt the first time they kissed.

Oh yes. Whoever said Ootori Choutarou was simply a nice boy clearly did not know him well enough.



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