Rated: K+

Summary: "Why does ORE-SAMA have to work as a COMMONER, aa-an?" A time old tradition of Hyoutei, has the boys setting off in a whole new world…aka: a commoners world…

Pairings: Atoji, Dirty

Category: humour

Characters: Hyoutei


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Getting Out

Atobe stared dumbstruck at the piece of paper in his hand; he was a student of the prestigious Hyoutei Gakuen Chuutou Bu… and an accomplished one at that. Why did the school put him under this kind of torture? Oh Kami-sama, Atobe was NOT going to do this if he had a say in it… unfortunately, his parents were now somewhere in … where ever they were, let's just call it La-la land, and Atobe had no chance of reaching them and complaining about this… this… cruel and unusual punishment.

"Atobe, stop glaring holes into the paper," Oshitari said calmly, "It's not like that's going to get you out of this."

Oh, Atobe really, Really, REALLY wished that it could… unfortunately, this just wasn't the case for him. Poor little Atobe, stuck doing peasants work…


"It won't work; it didn't the last hundred times you went to him."

"Hundred and one lucky you think?" Mukahi grinned.

"It won't change an age old Hyoutei tradition." Oshitari, the practical, stated.

"It SHOULD. Why does ORE-SAMA have to work as a COMMONER, aa-an?" Atobe seriously wished he could wake up from this horrible horrid dream but unfortunately, it wasn't a dream…

"Why don't you just call your parents?" Mukahi asked, "Can't they get all of us out of this?"

"They're in La-la land, remember?" Atobe glared, how dared Mukahi presume that he hasn't thought of that?

"Too bad," Mukahi stuck his tongue out at Atobe, "Maybe we can go bug Shishido, his dad IS the superintendent."

"Nope," Shishido said, running up to them, "Already tried, won't work…something about looking good for the sister schools."

"What about your dad, Yuushi?"

"My dad is the chairman of the university, not the middle school." Oshitari said.

Shishido grinned, "At least I won't have to baby-sit, and I got the public library job."

"LUCKY BASTARD!" Mukahi fumed.

"Who else got the library job?"

"Choutarou… Hiyoshi… Kabaji…" Shishido listed.

"KABAJI?" NO, this was not Atobe's day, how did KABAJI land the desired job while Atobe got to work… Atobe shuddered; he REALLY did NOT want to think about it… Atobe, dirtying his hands…Atobe…having to work…like… actually work…

"Tough luck Atobe, no Kabaji to do the work for you," Mukahi laughed.

Atobe's glare at this moment was enough to silence… well… the world… but of course, not Hyoutei because they were used to this…

"Where are you guys headed?" Shishido asked.

"…" Atobe really did not wish to say it aloud… nope; it was too much of a disgrace for THE Atobe Keigo to admit to work at a place like that.

"You don't know?" Mukahi asked, incredulous.

"Well, whenever I ask Atobe, he'd just look like a demented bat trying to fly in the sun." Shishido rolled his eyes.

The 'demented bat' twitched and resisted the temptation to strangle Shishido, a demented bat… how dare he call ATOBE a demented bat…Atobe...well he really felt faint right now but didn't want to show it in front of his stupid friends who dare call him a demented bat. Don't they know what a great privilege it is to be acknowledged by THE Atobe Keigo?

"So where?"

"Public daycare…" Mukahi said reluctantly.

Shishido started laughing wantonly and didn't even stop when Ohtori ran up to them, he kind of had the image of Atobe changing diapers stuck in his head… he really wished he was there to see it… and take a couple of pictures while he's at it.

"Shishido-san?" Ohtori glanced at Shishido.

"Shishido, you can stop now…" Oshitari was getting a little mad, and this was Oshitari… he just might murder someone.

"Um, Oshitari-senpai, why does Atobe-buchou look like he's having a seizure?" The good-natured boy asked.

"Oh… um…" Oshitari's eyes had a hint of sadistic amusement in them… never a good sign. "Well, he's … not feeling well…"

"It's because I called him a demented bat." Shishido explained.

"Really…?" Ohtori really did NOT want to know what his senpai-tachi were talking about this time.

"Well he acts like one." Shishido rolled his eyes.

"SHISHIDO!" Atobe suddenly jumped up and almost pounced on Shishido if it wasn't for Oshitari's quick reflexes in restraining Atobe. Let's just say that Shishido was really glad at this moment that he was a dash specialist, and Mukahi really wished that Oshitari hadn't grabbed Atobe, it would've been funny to see Atobe beat up Shishido.

Then, Kabaji and Hiyoshi walked towards Atobe each with a piece of paper in their hands, Kabaji was holding Jirou and Hiyoshi was holding a tennis racket, obviously just coming back from practise.

"HEY HIYOSHI! Wanna switch places?" Mukahi asked, Mukahi really did NOT want to baby-sit some stupid little kids, who would most likely mistaken him for a girl. Nope, Mukahi most definitely did NOT want to be called a girl, AGAIN. Anyone could see that he was a boy; it's obvious. Right?


"Gakuto, we can't switch remember?" Oshitari really wished that Mukahi wouldn't do this… especially when he was trying to stop Atobe from committing murder.

"But all Hiyoshi has to do is dye his hair red and jump a lot…" Mukahi pouted, totally ignoring the fact that Oshitari was trying to restrain Atobe and Shishido was dialling his cell phone, asking for a restraining order.


"Do it for your senpai!"


"Come on! Please?"

"Senpai, you realize you're 158 cm and I'm 172 cm?" Hiyoshi finally said.

"Well nobody can tell!" Mukahi pouted but seriously, he should realize by now that only Jirou's pouting has an affect on these people… and maybe that kid from Rikkaidai; the demon Kirihara.

"How will it look when I stand beside Oshitari-senpai or Jirou-senpai?" Hiyoshi demanded.

"I had a growth spurt?" The shorty suggested.

"Which disappeared the next day?"

"Oh true…" Mukahi pouted, "I might be able to pull it off with Jirou."

"Gakuto, he's in our group." Oshitari said, finally calming Atobe down, destroying half the hall, a bust of the founder of Hyoutei, a painting of god-knows-what and his outfit while he was at it. Therefore, now Shishido was shooting wary glances at Atobe and Atobe was…in his own little emo corner.

"Shishido-san, we have to go to the library now." Ohtori said, glancing at his watch.

"You're right," Shishido glanced at his, "Come on Kabaji, Hiyoshi…"


"Ah…" Atobe turned around and reached out to grab Kabaji. (Atobe sounds a lot like Tamaki from Ouran)


"Atobe, let him go." Shishido said, annoyed, "We're going to be late."

"Ka…ba…ji…" Atobe released Kabaji and sunk back into his emo corner.

"Usu." Kabaji followed Shishido out the door and disappeared.

"Have fun!" Was the last thing they heard Shishido say before he disappeared, and all of them, except for Jirou, resisted throwing tennis balls at him.

"Let's wake Jirou up…" Oshitari suggested after about three seconds of silence.

"Jirou…" Atobe gently shook Jirou.

"This is so cutting into my Wimbledon time…" Mukahi muttered, "And Nadal's playing today too."

"It's only the quarter-finals…" Jirou murmured, still half-asleep, his sense of hearing even when he was asleep never failed to amaze the rest of the team.

"Regardless Jirou, wake up, we're going to be late." Oshitari nudged Jirou a little.

Jirou's eyes opened wide and he got up to stand drowsily beside Atobe. Now there was no stopping them, the HAD to go to the daycare centre, Atobe really was not feeling well at this moment…

"Atobe relax, it's only for 9-5." Oshitari said, noticing his friend's discomfort. Really, he couldn't have Atobe faint on him now, he DID promise Shishido lots of pictures and he could sell those pictures for a killing to rabid fangirls. Of course there's another use for those pictures… something along the lines of … shall we say it? Blackmail, of course Oshitari wasn't planning to blackmail Atobe, his buchou and friend, now was he…?

"Yeah, it's only for 1/3 of a day." Mukahi assured his buchou.

Atobe stopped in this steps and started freezing, the others could've sworn they saw shards of ice forming around Atobe's legs but of course that was humanly impossible. The buchou of Hyoutei's expression at this moment was … priceless. 1/3 of a day equals 8 hours, 480 minutes, 28800 seconds…

"Kei-chan! We'll be late." The narcoleptic nudged his ice-cold boyfriend.

"The sooner we get this over with, the better right?" Mukahi counselled, yep, Mukahi actually counselled Atobe for once and not the other way around, of course Mukahi had the same feeling of impeding doom but he wasn't going to show it in front of HIS Yuushi, nope, of course not.

"You can stop using my lines now, Gakuto." A very annoyed Oshitari stood over Mukahi, glaring down at him.

Mukahi grinned, suddenly seeing an opening which he could call attention to himself, "YUUSHI! What if the little kids are all really mean and jump all over us?"

"Gakuto, that's only in manga…"

"I'm so glad we're not manga characters then." Ahem, well then… anyone care to contradict that?"Shouldn't we be going?" Jirou asked, yawning and half-leaning on Atobe.

Mukahi glared at Jirou, "Where is this place anyways?"

"Two blocks from here." Atobe answered, apparently he unfroze himself… or maybe Jirou unfroze him, but whatever, as long as he could function.

"So we like, actually have to walk?"

"Yes, Gakuto, we have to walk."

"I bet Shishido and the others don't…" Mukahi pouted at the thought of Shishido riding happily in a car while they walked to their destination, unfortunately, Shishido wasn't so lucky.


"Are we there yet?" Hiyoshi asked.

"NO!" Shishido really wished he wasn't stuck with his underclassmen.

"You said it was three blocks away, we've been walking for five blocks already!" Hiyoshi really wished he was stuck with a more responsible upperclassman.

"…You try finding this place!"

"Shishido-san…" Ohtori nudged his senpai.


"We've been walking in the wrong direction…"


Mukahi, Oshitari, Atobe and Jirou stood outside a small quaint little building labelled Public Daycare and some random name.

"What an ugly place," Atobe commented.

"We can't do anything about it, let's just go." Oshitari said for what seemed like the hundredth time that day.

When they entered, the first thing they saw was countless (to them it was countless, there were actually 28) children running around, and then they saw the small TV in a corner.

"Look! A TV! Do you think we can watch Wimbledon, Yuushi?" Mukahi asked, jumping towards the TV.

"Gakuto, don't touch anything," Oshitari called out.

"It feels like we're not babysitting these children, but rather Mukahi." Atobe commented, staring at Mukahi's vain attempts to wrestle the remote control out of the hands of about three children.

"Are you the volunteers from Hyoutei Gakuen?" A young lady walked towards them.


"Oh thank goodness you're here, we've ran out of napkins and cookies, let me just show you around and I'll go buy some." The lady took their forms and glanced over them.

"Um… okay." Jirou yawned again.

"You'll be okay with the kids right?" The lady asked nervously, and who wouldn't be nervous? Leaving these poor innocent children in the care of an egotistical metrosexual, a narcoleptic, a sadistic tensai and an acrobatic.

"Yes," Atobe replied.

"Good," The lady turned to the children, "Children, please gather together."

"Hai, Hike neesan!" The children dropped what they were doing and gathered around the lady. Mukahi bounced over towards the lady with the remote control in hand.

"These are our new volunteers from Hyoutei Gakuen, say hi."

"Hello…" The children chorused.

"Please introduce yourselves." Hike-san smiled.

"I'm Atobe Keigo, a senior in Hyoutei."

"I'm Oshitari Yuushi, a senior."

"I'm Mukahi Gakuto, a senior."

"Oh, and he's Akutagawa Jirou…" Atobe added, seeing as Jirou started to doze off in a corner.

"So could you children please help these boys, since they are new here… and please, please don't cause them any trouble…"

"Okay!" The children's eyes glittered at the prospect of "trouble"

The lady turned to the boys and smiled apologetically, "I won't be long, the store's just around the corner."

"We'll be fine…" Atobe started but the lady already left.

"Well then…"

"Neesan! Why is your hair so bright?" A little mischievous boy came up to Mukahi and asked.

"Neesan?" Mukahi blinked… seriously Mukahi, get used to it, "Oh, I'm a boy, a niisan!"





"MUKAHI, SHUT UP!" Atobe finally lost his patience.

"But I'm a boy!" Mukahi argued.

"Go watch tennis or something!"


Little did they know how evil the kids were…



"We're late by half an hour." Hiyoshi mumbled.

"Who cares…"

"Let's go in…"

Kinda an intro to what's gonna happen… seriously, this was originally gonna be one thing but I guess im making it into chapters, I hope I only need two chapters but knowing me, I'll write more. Ideas on what'll happen are accepted… cuz I'm kinda lost. Well I have a general idea but… meh.

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