A/N: It's time to feed the hungry plot bunnies. This has been on my comptuer for some time now, so I decided to stop being lazy and actually finish it. It documents Lindsay's journey from ZY to SD through her eyes. Comments/suggestions are welcome and always appreciated. Enjoy!


Every girl has a secret, whether it's a crush on that boy who sits behind her in first period math or a little white lie she told as a kid. Mine is somewhat different. It has haunted me for many a year, and like a fool I tried to run away from it. As always it caught up with me, grabbing my shoulder and forcing me into a dark cavern.

The tale I am about to relate is one of triumph and heartache, but somewhere in the middle, comfortably situated, is love. It can be a strange and crazy thing, but no matter how you look at it, the feeling can sweep you off your feet.

That's exactly what happened to me.