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Chapter Eight

As the boys, Bobby, and Ash stood in front of the giant green head that was John, Dean shifted uncomfortably, scratching at his long hairy monkey arms.

"Got fleas?" Ash whispered to him, and choked on his laughter as Dean scowled at him.

Dean turned to look at the massive floating head encompassed within writhing orange technicolor flames and swirling black smoke, and his frown deepened, knowing he'd have to put on the ruby red slippers in front of his father if they were ever going to get home. "Brought you back her damn broomstick, ready to go home now."

"See you pissed her off," John's loud voice boomed, echoing throughout the room, and Sam, Ash and Bobby chuckled. "How did you manage to kill her?"

"Holy water," Dean supplied, not paying attention to the sounds of laughter still issuing forth from his companions.

"You liquidated her, eh . . . very resourceful."

"Yeah, yeah, did what you taught me to do, now can we get on with this?" Dean stalked to the corner of the room and pulled back the billowing green velvet curtain hiding John from view, slightly starling the older man. "An' just to let you know, I ain't flyin' home in any damn hot-air balloon."

"Huh, guess that means you'll have to put on those ruby red slippers," John uttered, a smirk on his face. His expression suddenly turned serious. "But you never really needed my help getting home, you've always had the power to go back home, so tell me what you've learned?"

Dean thought about what his father asked for a moment, and all he'd experienced, then looked at Sam, Ash, and Bobby. Turning back to John, he said, "I learned that Sam has straw in places he'd rather not have them in, Bobby secretly loves to sing show tunes and when no one's looking he'll even dance to them, and Ash . . . discovered that he collects Oz memorabilia, and also learned that I'm probably gonna kick his ass when we get back home." Seeing Ash blanch slightly, Dean grinned. "Oh, yeah, and that whole, 'there's no place like home' thing."

Frowning, Dean scrubbed his large monkey-paw across his face. "Still don't know why there would be holy water sitting in a bucket at the witch's castle though. Think that's just bad scripting if you ask me. But the Wicked Witch didn't disappoint."

"Hey, Siskel," Sam called out to Dean, shaking his head, straw falling from beneath his hat, "if you're just about done with your movie commentary, give it two enthusiastic paws up, and then we all can be getting home."

To the sounds of riotous laughter coming from everyone in the room, Dean yanked out the ruby red slippers, took off his shoes and put them on. Sam quickly pulled out his cell phone, and snapped off three pictures before Dean could stop him.

"Sorry, dude, but this just truly is a Kodak moment," Sam said, hastily returning the phone to his pocket before Dean could snatch it out of his hands. "After all, how often am I gonna get the opportunity to get a picture of you as a monkey putting on girl's shoes."

"Hey, Sam could you make me a few copies?" Ash asked. "Bribery, just in case Dean tries to make good on that whole ass kicking comment."

"Yeah, I'll take one too," Bobby piped in, still laughing, "cause well, it's just too damn funny not to have one."

"Sam, you're so dead if anyone ever sees those pictures."

"You all just about ready to go home?" John asked in a no-nonsense manner.

"Yeah," they all said in unison.

"Okay, grab hands and Dean click your heels together, and say, there's no place like home three times." John stood back as they all clasped hands.

"There's no place like home," Dean said, feeling a strange swirling sensation in the pit of his stomach. "There's no place like home." A rush of wind settled over the four of them causing them all to close their eyes, and Dean felt himself slipping into darkness. "There's no place like home."

"Dean, wake up," Sam said in a breathless rush. "Come on, dude, open your eyes for me."

Blinking hard, Dean slowly adjusted his eyes to the sunlight streaming through the car window. "Where am I?" he asked as he looked around in confusion and saw his brother sitting beside him.

"Carried you back here after we finished off the witch," Sam quickly supplied. "You hit your head pretty hard and have been unconscious for like the past fifteen minutes. I was really gettin' worried."

"Did we liquidate her?" Dean asked in confusion.

"No, filled her full of iron rounds." Sam looked at him, a puzzled expression on his face. "You sure you're okay? Maybe I should take you to a hospital."

"No, don't need to go to the hospital." Dean glanced around, searching for Bobby and Ash. "Where's Bobby and Ash?"

"Bobby and Ash?" Sam quirked a brow. "Probably at home, why?"

"They were here, right?"

"No . . . you sure you don't want to go to the hospital?"

"Don't need to go to the hospital, Sammy."

Dean straightened up in the backseat of the Impala, and winced, his head pounding mercilessly. "And Dad?"

"Don't know where he is. You know that." Sam was quiet for a moment as he tended to the gash on Dean's forehead, and then asked, "You sure you're okay?"

"Yeah, just had the strangest dream, and you were there, and so was Dad, Bobby, and Ash."

Sam nodded in understanding. "Wouldn't have by any chance been wandering down the yellow brick road in that dream, would you have, Dean?"

"Yeah, how did you know?"

"I knew it," Sam shook his head in irritation, "I so told you not to watch Oz last night before the hunt."

"It was real, Sammy. And Dad was the wizard, and the Wicked Witch of the West was so freakin' cool." Dean thought about everything that had happened, and smiled. "Holy water, dude. There was holy water in the bucket."

"Good to know," Sam rolled his eyes, "one of the world's greatest mysteries solved, now can we get the hell out of here?"

"Yeah." Dean slowly got out of the backseat, opened the front door and slid into the seat, shutting the door behind him.

Sam put the medical supplies back in the first aid kit and then followed. As he sat in his seat beside Dean, Sam turned to look at him, and Dean grinned.

"I swear, Dean, if you say there's no place like home, I'm takin' you to the hospital to get your head looked at."

"Nope, wasn't gonna say that."

"Well, you looked like you were gonna say something."

"Was just thinkin' about payin' Ash a visit."

"Why?" Sam said as he yanked out his cell to give Ash a call to say they were coming. He glanced at it for a second, brows pulling together in confusion. "Dean, what the hell is this?"

Dean snatched the phone out of his hand, looked at the picture of a monkey in ruby red slippers, and quickly deleted it along with the other two pictures of him as a flying monkey. "That's why we're going to pay a visit to Ash . . . cause payback's a bitch, and Sammy," Dean grinned as he loving ran his fingers across the steering wheel, "there really is no place like home."