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Summary: The Sabaku trio decided to do some cleaning-Temari obligated the other two-, what happens when they find some good old stuff that makes each other wheeze from laughter-except Gaara-

Gaara's Desk August 23, 2007


"...Why are we doing this "Gaara asked in monotone as he commanded his sand to take out furniture from his room.

"Because your rooms are disgusting-I can't even go in there-" Temari moved aside as Gaara's sofa nearly ran her over.

"-I like my 'disgusting room'. I think it's perfectly fine. If you can't handle it-then so be it. I'm not going to-"

"Gaara "Temari said stepping in front of him, "if you do not clean your room…god help me, I will get a crowbar-shove it up your ass, twirl it and look around for your brain and take it out! Do you understand!" she shouted and made some interesting hand gestures.

Gaara and Kankuro exchanged glances at each other. Kankuro was resting an arm on his desk that he just pushed out of his room, and Gaara was leaning on the wall next to his door, "That..has got to be the most disturbing thing I have ever heard "Gaara said looking at his sister,"..and Shukaku said some pretty incredible things..."he sighed, "I think I have a bit of respect for you "he said amazed at himself.

Temari grinned, "Well it's something "she got out three cloths and passed the other two to her siblings, "clean your desk!"She began to wipe away some dust from her white desk.

Gaara glared at the cloth and began to wipe his maroon colored desk, he paused,"...has this drawer always been here...?" he muttered to himself.

"What's up?"Kankuro said as he stopped wiping his black desk, "Gaara..?"

"I've just never really noticed this drawer..." he looked at it-it was the third and last drawer on the right. He cautiously opened it and his eyes grew slightly wide.

"..Gaara..is..is that.."Temari pointed at what Gaara took out,"…what I think it is.."

"Fluffy-kins the Seventh?!"Gaara said looking at his teddy bear that he had since he was a child-he thought it was lost, he thought his sister threw it away, and now they were reunited. He resisted the urge to hug the bear and looked into the drawer.

"What's this!"Kankuro said with a smirk, and held up a picture. Kankuro grinned and Gaara stared at the looked at the picture and glared at it.

I wish I had heat rays..I want to melt it.Come on boy!!those were the good days-yes..when I was a small boy and almost got killed by my uncle. Gaara at growled his thoughts-ever since he got Shukaku taken out of him he replaced him with another voice, "Me, Myself, and I".

The picture was of him when he was about six, and he was asleep-in his bed, hugging Fluffy -kins the Seventh AND smiling. Gaara glared in pure horror and Kankuro gave stifled laughs.

".Away."Gaara said pausing after every word and Temari hugged it, she grinned.

"This is too adorable to throw away-plus your fan girls look in our garbage-"enough said, Gaara took the picture away from Temari's grasp and put in on his desk.

"Temari, didn't you give Gaara this?"Kankuro said holding up a black journal, she nodded while Gaara's eyes grew a bit wide.

"No, do not read that-"

"Day one, June 23, 2006-dear whoever is reading-which is myself..or someone else..and if someone else is reading-prepare for me to come after you. I have my ways.

You know what I have noticed? Women. One minute they-"Kankuro got cut off from reading out loud when sand gripped the book and took it from him, "HEY!come on!!that was good" he said smiling.

"I'll kill you if you try to read it again" Gaara growled.

"Gaara-this is fun..let's have this bond okay-"

"I'm being serious "Gaara said glaring at Temari. She reached over to her desk and took out a crowbar from her drawer.

"So am I "She said pointing it toward him. Gaara scoffed and rolled his eyes at his sister-aghast!!Another emotion!

"You cannot attack me...I have sand guarding me 24/7"Gaara said reading a bit from his journal himself.

"You remember the first meeting you had when you turned Kazekage..."Gaara stared at his sister, "I'll take that as a yes...and you were getting thrown spitballs...you're sand was too late…"his eyes narrowed.

"That was you?!"Gaara nodded and rose the crowbar, "do you realized how many damn hours I wasted getting paper and all such things out of my hair thanks to you...I should kill you now-"

"CROWBAR!"Temari said raising it even more, "I can so hit you with this and your sand will be LATE "she glared and Gaara handed over the journal.

"Women. One minute they hate me..then the next I have a mob of girls stalking me..they don't talk to me…which is too understandable-but this is just too odd..

but some girl-besides Temari-talked to me, and it was the most weirdest feeling I have ever had.

Her name was..Haruno...Sakura..I believe.

She came from Konoha and was with that idiot blond Naruto-who is one of my dear friends, or people I wouldn't kill...yes- and she talked to me..


This is how it all went down

"Sabaku no Gaara right? nice to meet you?"

"Yes, nice to meet you as well-?"

"Haruno, Sakura"she said with a smile.

"Haruno, Sakura.."I said oh, the name tasted so sweet in my mou…okay I'm getting carried away…

After that there was a long pause that I felt someone was strangling me.

"You have wonderful eyes..jade I assume?"

Yep.She said that...I couldn't even respond for a few minutes-I'm sure she thought I didn't even listen to her or that I was mentally challegened -afterall..I'm considered a psychopath..it's all good.

"...I have to go,excuse me"

"Don't let the door hit your female-reproductive organ on the way out Gaara!"-Shukaku would have said that..only more vulgar-I put it too nice.

...By the way...Temari bought some delicious-delicious food from some restaurant down the street,must go there..

Must buy the damn thing.

I have the money...and robes..white white-but it looks good on me...but I prefer my other outfit...it looks better on me-"

"Okay enough "Gaara said taking it from Temari's hands.

"female reproductive organ is RIGHT"Kankuro said cocking an eyebrow to his little brother.

"Talk of this and die-"

"Man, Gaara...you should have talk to her..she's not bad looking"Kankuro nodded.

"Yea, she's pretty "she replied. Gaara was looking at her and Temari swore the room of ten degrees colder, "what else is in here.."she looked inside end took out all kinds of drawings, "sweet a family ..por..trait.."she stopped and looked at the crayon drawing where Temari,Kankuro,their father and their uncle were lying on the ground-mutilated and Gaara had a machete.

"..."Kankuro looked up at Gaara,"this..is..nice."

"I did that when I was ten "Gaara said taking the artwork and putting it over his desk, "that's a keeper "he said patting the paper.

"..Well..let's look.."Temari dug even more into the desk,"Gaara...are these..letters.."Gaara was about to snatch them from her but Temari moved, she held about twenty letters in one hand.

"To Sakura..from Gaara…To Sakura from-are these all for her!"She had a grin across her face and opened a letter as she ran down the hallway,"Sakura-I think you may be just the most beaut-"Temari was wrapped in sand and the letters scattered across the floor. Kankuro was going to reach for one but Gaara grabbed the one he was aiming for.

"Speak more of this letter and I will not hesitate to make you like my drawing."

"You didn't even send these to her!"Kankuro teased his brother, "she might have liked them"

"Or thought I was insane-everyone does..Gaara the bloodthirsty fifteen year old boy who gives no mercy and would rather kill people than to listen to them, has sent some letter to a girl."Gaara sat on his desk while Kankuro patted his shoulder once he unwrapped her.

"You're not that bad..I mean..without Shukaku..you have fangirls-remember?"Kankuro said taking out a voodoo doll from Gaara's desk-that looked too much like him,"..is this why my back has always been hurting.."he said taking out a pin.

"Don't touch my dolls "Gaara said taking away his voodoo doll, Temari took out more.

"..You have one of me..Kakashi..Sasuke..Orochimaru..Itachi..Kisame..The Fourth?!you weren't even BORN yet when he was alive-he's not even from our village! how many do you have?!"She said taking out much more.

"It was a hobby..."Gaara got off his desk and put his stuff back in, "enough of my desk-leave it 's Temari's turn now.."

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