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"I don't think he's near being decent looking-I mean...I've met men who are handsome"Gaara said looking at Temari and Kankuro"..what?"

"Handsome?and you've never introduced them to me?"Temari said glaring at Gaara.

"..You just admitted calling men handsome.."Kankuro said in shock.

"Well there is.I admit it.Like what's his name..."Gaara paused and open his mouth but closed it,"..er..like..myself"Gaara said smiling.Temari and Kankuro exchanged glances and looked back at Gaara.

"...I think it's time for Kankuro's desk now!"Temari said changing to subject with glee.Gaara glared at her and put away everything he got out of the desk-except his sword,he kept that.

He quickly unwrapped his sister with a movement of his hand and opened Kankuro's drawer.

Chapter Three:Kankuro's desk.

"Alright!let's see what's in this bad boy"Temari said digging into the desk and she took out a magazine,"Ooh let's see!"she opened it and the smile form her face vanished.Instead her fact turned red and she threw it on the floor,"you're disgusting."she mumbled.

"I'm a teenager..and a guy..what do expect..Cosmo?"Kankuro said rolling his eyes.Gaara looked at his brother with a grimace then took out more magazines.

"Okay..this is just..I can't..I..I'm speechless"Gaara said throwing all the porn onto the floor,"is there anything in this desk worth looking at.."

"Maybe...this!"Temari took out a journal,"..why do we all have journals.."she questioned to herself.Gaara's lip twitched.

"Is that..a ...pink..journal.."he pointed out.Temari smiled as she held it in her hand.

"It was the only color left!well that..or aqua..aqua is..way too flashy"Kankuro said thinking out loud.

"Hell!just open it!"Gaara said to his sister.

"Geez...so demanding little brother"Temari said glaring at his as she opened the journal,she cleared her throat,"some day..of some month..I was walking down the hall of the building Gaara has control over.Thank..thank you Gaara..such..lovely woman work here..all those woman in skirts and nice blouses I am amazed on how he..being all...intimidating..has such beautiful woman there...their legs!I just want to lick them!"

"..."Gaara and Temari were quiet.

"...actually..they're pretty scary..especially when it's..that time of the month.."Gaara shuddered,"women.."

"Wasn't Sakura gonna work in your office.."Temari asked.Gaara turned pink.

"She was..but then she said she was going to be home sick..so..no.."he said with a small hint of sadness.

"More like Uchiha-sick."Kankuro said.Gaara threw a lamp that was on the floor to his head,"ah!!it was a joke!"

"A humorless joke..it shouldn't even be considered a joke"Gaara replied.

"Ah,she'll come back."Temari skipped some pages,"OH!what's this..I have seen many beautiful women in my life..but her..she..she just takes the cake!Yes...that's right.Ino..she is so..adorable..I don't want to lick her..I want to hug her.."

"Ino...Ino?!"Temari repeated,"seriously?!"

"...She's decent"Gaara said in monotone.He placed a hand in the drawer and took out a picture of the three of them,"..this is old.."

"Aw!!that's when Gaara was-"Gaara glared at Temari as she chose her words carefully,"..not..as..cute as he is now!!?"

"..Yes.."he said with a small smile.Gaara was three and was in Temari's lap,while Kakuro sat on the floor,"Hmm?"Gaara looked even more further into the desk and his expression was blank.

"What is it?"Temari dug her hand and out came a pair of undergarnments...of course-definitely not of anyone in the house,"GAH!!"she threw them on the floor and rubbed her hand on Gaara's shirt.

"HEY!"Gaara took off his shirt and threw it on the floor,they started at him,"that was extremly unpleasant.."he said.

"Tell me about it-WHO'S are those?!"Temari said to Kankuro.

"Oh..just..just a.."he paused and smiled,"a gorgeous woman.."

"..You need a girlfriend.."Gaara said narrowing his eyes and shooking his head,"I bet you he stole them"Temari looked appaled.

"Gross!Kankuro!"Temari shouted,"..and you're not denying it!"

"I'm not gonna lie"Kankuro said smirking.

"I have lost all respect towards you"Gaara said.

"You never respected me!"Kankuro shouted back.

"I know,it used to be zero percent of respect..but now it's negative 168,435 percent of respect"Gaara said shaking his head.

"Gaara?"the three were quiet,that was somebody else's voice..and they know who's..,"Gaara-er..Kazekage-sama..can I have a word?"

"Did she just break into our house?"Temari asked to Gaara.He was frozen.

"Temari!!Temari!!"Temari felt her cheeks heat up.

Sakura appeared first and looked at all three.Gaara was much more paler than he usually was,Temari was red as a tomato,and Kankuro was wrapped in sand.Voo-doo dolls,porn,swords,cloths,journals,pictures,and so much more was on the floor,"..did I come at a bad time?"Sakura asked.Gaara quickly shook his head.

"Of course-not..Let's go to the kitchen and talk,"Gaara said talking past his siblings,as the two walked down the stairs in silence Gaara saw Shikamaru.

"Gaara!is your sister home-"

"No"Gaara said glaring at him,Sakura blinked in confusion.

"Wasn't she up the stairs-"

"NO she was not"Gaara said still glaring at him,"I know your plan.."Gaara said to him,taking Sakura's elbow and walking into the kitchen.

"...Damn..how many people know I'm going to propose.."Shikamaru said in a disappointed voice,"Temari!!"

"IMMA COMING!!"she said running down the stairs nearly tripping,"Hhhhiiiiii"she said smiling.

Kankuro was still wrapped in sad,alone,"GAARA!!"

"So,what did you want to talk about?"he asked as they sat.

"Oh you see..about that job.."Sakura stared.Gaara made a movement with his hand.

Kankuro was busy being thrown back and forth to the wall infront of him,making the house shake.

"What's that sound?"Sakura asked.

"It's probably a ...rather large cat.."

that's the end.

Yes..Kankuro has weird stuff in his desk..-shudders-