Title: Fall

Author: Jasmine Shigeru

Pairing: Jason/Kat

Summary: Kat moves back to Angel Grove and runs into an old friend.

Disclaimer: I do not own the Power Rangers nor do I wish I do. This is just for my entertainment and whomever wishes to read it. I am not making any profit from this and do not care to for that matter.

Rating: T

AN: I know this isn't my usuall pairing, but I do really like Kat and Jason together and I've been dying to get this story out there. I've been planning it for about 2 years and just started writing it recently. There will be 6 parts. I hope everyone likes it. Please review.

Category: Drama/Romance/Angst


By: Jasmine Shigeru

Part One-Home

After 3 years in Europe, Katherine "Kat" Hillard was home. At least the place she considered home, Angel Grove. She had many good memories of the place. School, friends, Tommy, the Power Rangers, they were all fond memories. She felt a peace and happiness in Angel Grove that she never found any where else. She knew she had to return.

Ballet was great. She had learned a lot in Europe and did not regret going. She just needed to return to Angel Grove. She wanted to go to school in the United States. It simply seemed like the right thing to do. So, as soon as she was finished over seas, Katherine returned were she felt the most at home.

Now, Kat sat on the floor of her new apartment. She was go unpacking a box of photos from high school. Her memories awakening as she took out each item. Memories of her many friends. They were bringing tears to her eyes. She no longer had many friends. Many of them moved away and on with their lives.

She still had her fellow former Rangers, including Justin. They were trying really hard to stay in contact. They were all scattered across the country. They wanted to remain close even under the circumstances and distances between them.

Kimberly Ann Hart was in Florida. The first Pink Ranger had moved there to pursue her dream of gymnastics. She had joined the world famous Pan Global Games. Kim had only competed for 1 year and she brought home the gold that year too. After she stopped, Kim became a part time coach for other young Pan Global hopefuls for half a year. During the next year and a half, the former Pterodactyl Ranger decide to take a break in her life. She began to paint and returned to writing songs and performing them. Now, Kat heard, Kim was through with that and desired to go to school.

Justin Stewart was in Washington living with his dad. The former Blue Turbo Ranger was also attending college. Katherine wasn't surprised. The boy had always been smart and was attending High School when he was twelve. As Kat understood, Justin was getting up to Billy standards. The youngest Ranger was even making new friends, a lot closer to his own age. Heck, he even had a girlfriend.

Adam, Jason, Tanya, were all in California. They all were living in the same apartment building. Adam and Jason shared an apartment, while Tanya roomed with some girl named, Maggie just a floor below.

Adam Park was still practicing Martial Arts. He was attending school as well. Kat was glad he had found his way. The former Zeo Ranger IV had had a difficult time when he passed on his powers. He probably felt the lost more than the others, but with some help, he was getting pass his dilemma. Kat knew that it was the help was the reason why he was thinking about pursuing a career in the field of Psychology.

Tanya Sloan was Katherine's best friend. As a matter of fact, she still was. The former Yellow Ranger had always wanted to have a career as a singer, but gave up being an international superstar when she passed her powers onto Ashley Hammond. Instead, Tanya decided to attend school to pursue a career in Musical Education. She like children and she liked music. She saw the opportunity to enjoy both and she took it. She was accepted into many schools, but decided to remain in Angel Grove and attend the local college.

Kat knew the real reason, her best friend wanted to stay in Angel Grove. The former Zeo Ranger II wanted to be near Adam. Tanya had begun to develop feelings for the former Green Ranger long before they gave away their powers. It took the dramatic change in their life for Tanya and Adam to see their connection. It was a great joy to Katherine that two of her closest friends were finally together.

Kat didn't know much about what happened to Jason Lee Scott after they rescued him and Kimberly from Divatox and Maligore. What she did know, she got from his roommate, Adam. The first Red Ranger, was now in school. She didn't know what he was studying. She assumed he was just taking general courses until he figured out what he wanted to do.

She often found herself wondering what Jason was really up to. She had became close to him during his short lived term as the Zeo Gold Ranger. Kat also was beginning to think that if Tommy and Emily, Jason's girlfriend now, weren't in the picture, she would have happily begin a relationship with the him.

Rocky and Aisha were in Texas. They were sharing a place near the campus of the college they were attending. It came to a shock to everyone, especially Adam, when they announced they were dating. They had apparently kept in touch over the time they were separated and developed feelings for one another. Later, when Rocky hurt his back, he moved to Texas and ran into Aisha. They were both signing up for classes. They truly caught up with each other's lives and a month later began dating.

Rocky DeSantos had a passion for Martial Arts and perfecting his technique. When he hurt his back before they gained their Turbo powers, he had no choice but to give up the two things he loved the most, Martial Arts and being a Ranger. Like Adam, he had taken the lost hard and the only thing that truly got him out of his funk were they letters he received from Aisha.

Billy Cranston, the genius of the group, was still on Aquitar. He would contact one of them every now and then and the person who got the message would relay it to the others. The first Blue Ranger was doing well. He had Cestria did not work out, but he still remained on the aquatic planet. He was learning much about alien technology and hoped someday to return to Earth with the knowledge of the different worlds to help out humankind.

Tommy Oliver was just about everywhere. In fact, it was one of the reasons they had broken up. The "greatest" Ranger known was never in one place in the same month. It was a issue early on in their relationship, but it took them nearly a year to see that it wasn't going to work between them. They loved each other greatly, but it just didn't feel right anymore.

Kat knew Tommy was no longer racing. Now, he was into science, paleontology to be exact. It was now the main reason no one really saw the former Zeo Ranger V. It was also difficult to keep in contact with him. He was always away at some dig site around the world or another.

Kat was also friends with Zack and Trini. They were both in New York. They weren't a couple, but the former Black and Yellow Rangers were still close. They wrote to each of them frequently.

Kat was lonely now. She wanted her friends and she desired new friends. She also wanted another boyfriend. She desired to have someone in her life Someone who was more grounded than her last. She wondered if she would find someone to fill the loneliness soon. She wasn't sure if she could handle it for a long period of time. She could already feel the depression setting in. No, she couldn't think of that now. She was going to find someone special and she was going to be happy, but first, she had to get settled in.

End of Part One