Part 6

As she kissed Jason, Katherine was nervous. She felt as if she had made a big mistake. Her date was not returning her kiss. In fact, Jason had frozen up. His body had gone stiff and he was holding his breath. Kat was beginning to panic, when Jason returned the kiss.

The kiss was sweet and lacked the passion they both were feeling. It was nice and chaste. Their lips barely touched and when they pulled away they both looked relieved.

The next kiss followed half a second later and Jason was the initiator. This kiss was far different than the first. It was passionate and when Kat gasped and Jason took advantage by thrusting his tongue inside her mouth. Kat moaned.

She reluctantly broke the kiss and turned to open her door. Once inside she pulled Jason in and he slammed the door shut. He quickly began to kiss her again. Their tongues danced around each other trying to taste all the other had to offer. One of Kat's hands clutched Jason's shoulder, while the other burrowed itself into his dark hair. Jason's hands clutched Katherine's waist, bringing her hips closer to his. Kat gasped and lifted her leg to rub up and down her date's as she moaned louder. Her moan caused Jason to groan. He reached down to grab the back of her legs and lifted them so she was forced to wrap them around his waist.

Katherine gasped again and quickly wrapped her arms around Jason. She clung to him like her life depended on it.

"Bedroom, now," she demanded moving to kiss and suckle on the former Red Ranger's neck.

Jason groaned.

"Where is it?" He asked just as determined to reach a bed as she was.

"Down the hall, first door to your left," the former Pink Ranger answered moving her assault to Jason's ear, resulting into a sharp thrust into her loins.

Katherine moaned as he moved them to her bedroom. The friction of his body was creating as he walked made them both burn with desire.

When they reached her room, they didn't bother shutting the door. They just fell into bed, removing every article of clothing they had on, and continued with their lust filled foreplay, until they couldn't take no more. And that was when Jason took her, body and soul. Her heart soared as he claimed her body in a way only a man could and she gave it willingly.

She left her own marks on him. Hickeys on his neck, scratches on his broad back, and small bites on his bottom lip that caused it to swell. The former Pink Zeo Ranger loved every minute of it and was disappointed when it all ended, but was pleased with the way it had ended.

Stars danced before her eyes as she felt the intensity of her body's explosion. She reveled in the feel of it and barely registered Jason's earth shattering climax as well.

Falling to the bed, Katherine sighed. Her chest still heaving from the passion she and Jason had just shared. She was exhausted.

Jason rolled off of her and landed on the other side of the bed. She glanced over at her new lover. He looked just as tired. His eyes were halfway closed and he looked like he could fall asleep any minute.

Kat curled up to side and Jason weakly wrapped his arms around her.

"Good night, Kat," he said in a husky voice. "I love you."

The ballet dancer gasped. She wasn't expecting that and she had so many questions to ask about why he said it, but she was too tired to dwell.

"Good night, Jason," Kat returned kissing his chin. "I love you, too."

She wasn't sure why she returned the sentiment. It just felt right and with smiles they fell asleep; not knowing what tomorrow would bring them.