Lemon, this story is rated mature for a reason.


Chapter 1: Erotic Hyuuga

I had always been the shy girl who everyone knew as a disappointment to the Hyuuga clan but when I was on that stage with half my face covered by a masquerade mask, my curvy figure covered by a thin light mesh blue slip, I felt alive like a hidden sex drive kicked in. They called me lilac for I never gave out my name.

Loud cat calls and whistles were heard as I grinded my ass to the pole, eyes watching my erotic body. I licked the pole teasingly and I could already hear men moaning from bulges and relieving themselves right at their tables because they didn't want to miss my show. My body swayed temptingly to the music as I undid the back of my bra pulling it off easily for I was used to getting it off in a snap. In a sexy dip I pulled off the light blue thong I wore so the men could see the outline of my pussy underneath the mesh slip. I knew that every guy out there would hire me on for a night but I only hired out for the richer guys who were willing to pay. Every man in the room was entranced in my body. I was well known around this club and was one of the main dancers the men and woman came from far off just to see. I dipped once more and looked down at the raven haired man with deep onyx eyes that was lucky enough to have hired me. I walked off the stage with a seductive smile.

"Definitely hott out there," A girl said with a long blonde ponytail and a purple masquerade mask on. "I did win the bet last week didn't I?"

I nodded as I had bet that I would make at least 10 dollars more then the blonde would but I had made only 8 dollars more and braced myself. I had said that if I won then I would get 3 quarters of the blonde's pay that week but if I lost then the blonde would hire me on for 15 minutes in the bathroom for even the blonde was entranced in my tempting curves.

"We're both off shift aren't we?" she said with a quick grin.

"I have an appointment but if you want to get this over with…"

"Oh I do," The blonde said grabbing my wrist with a quick smile. Everyone called the blonde pony because she always wore a ponytail.

Pony walked into the girl's washroom and shut the door with no need to lock then pushed me against the wall in a seductively aggressive kind of way. Since it was only 15 minutes pony was going to go full out on my body. Pony's lips went straight to my nipple which she tugged at teasingly as her fingers went to my soft pussy. She stuck three in at once which made me whimper loudly. She was really going to go at me. Her other fingers were petting me as the three plunged in and out the then fourth finger. I yelped lightly making crude sex noises that showed her that she was giving me pleasure. She lifted me up, her mouth on my neck then back down to my breasts. She stuck her whole fist in me plunging in and out like I was her sex toy. I could feel pleasure run through me as I yelped and whimpered and cooed for more in her ear. I knew that if I wasn't good then she would use that against me in the next bet. Her hand pulled out of my pussy covered in thick orgasm. She then bent down giving me a quick smile and she split my legs open widely licking my inner thigh. I hated being someone else's toy especially since I wasn't a lesbian or even bi but when a rich woman pays for my services I give them a good time no matter what. I felt her tongue lunge into my pussy licking around playfully as I whimpered and she came back up.

"What shall we bet for next week?" the blonde said then her lips fell onto Hinata's neck. "I was thinking that if you make 10 dollars more then me then you get my full pay check but if you don't then you have to come to my house for the night and be my sex bitch doing whatever I tell you."

"Deal," I said and the blonde's lips kissed mine, her tongue playing with mine sickeningly. I felt so disgusted at this but I let her anyways. She pulled her lips away massaging my pussy.

"Till next week," she said walking out of the bathroom. I walked out behind her and there stood one of my fellow erotic dancers. She had a light green masquerade mask on and had brown hair tied up in buns on the top of her head. We called her bunny.

"You lost another bet?" Bunny said putting her arm around me. "You really should stop betting that girl because she gets you in the stall every week."

"Next week it's at her house for the night," I said slipping on my thong and doing up my bra. I also slipped on a pair of white short-shorts till I got to the raven haired guys house.

"And if you win?" she asked.

"I get her entire pay check," I said with a smile. Maybe this week I'll pull my mesh off and then I'll win the bet."

"I got to go on stage Lilac," bunny said with a grin. "You just keep on trucking yah here?"

"Yah I here," I said walking down the stairs and out the backdoor with my bag over my shoulder when I felt hands grab my ass playfully. I turned and there stood the raven-haired man that had hired me on for the night. What was his name again? Uchiha or something like that.

"I'm so horny I could bang you right her on the side-walk," he said with a grin. "But lucky for you when we get to the hotel I'll be even hornier and fuck your brains out." I gulped in hating the way his breathe hit my ear but money was money no matter how you earned it. He grabbed my wrist and put me in the back seat of his car so that people on the outside couldn't see him with a hooker. I kind of smiled at this as he drove forward. I waited patiently for about 5 minutes until we got to a crappy hotel. Now this was a cliché. Always the higher up guy has a few snakes in his closets and bangs a few prostitutes in a hotel room.

He opened the door and shoved me out walking into the hotel with a key for a room already in hand. He walked me up the stairs making sure that my ass was close enough o grind with and to the third floor.

He opened up the door to room 34 and shoved me in aggressively but not enough to file as abuse. He locked the door and then turned to me. The room had an empty table, a spring mattress with ugly sheets that it wouldn't matter if you got cum all over it and an ugly couch that seemed to have some kind of cum and blood stains already on it.

He pulled down his pants revealing his limp penis and started masturbating. I felt totally grossed out but I did what I was being paid for. I walked over and put my hands on his limp penis helping him masturbate. I could hear whimpers under his breath.

"Get on your knees," he ordered aggressively into my ear. I knew what he was going to do next and got down on my knees as was ordered to. He grabbed my hair under his fingers. He put his erect penis to my lips. "I want you to lick it first. Lick my penis then my balls slowly and seductively."

I opened my mouth wide and stuck my tongue out licking the erect penis teasingly touching every inch of it with my tongue licking over the top of it's now purple head. I then licked his balls watching his stomach tense in pleasure.

"Now I'm going to fuck your mouth like you've never been fucked in the mouth before," he said plunging his long hard shaft into my mouth with a moan and then again and again faster and faster each time. I could feel my throat hurt from the onslaught of the penis entering and exiting my mouth and I knew he would climax soon. He was moaning sickeningly loud as his shaft plunged in and out. "W-When I climax sw-swallow it all!" He said almost in a yell.

I hated swallowing cum but when I was asked to I did without question. Finally he plunged one last time and I felt warm cum flow into my mouth and onto my tongue. I swallowed it back but there was a lot of cum coming from his penis and into my mouth. So much so that it was hard to swallow it all especially since it was horrid stuff. Once I had managed to swallow it all I let go of his penis but this earned me a tug of my hair.

"I want you to erect me with your mouth," he said. I put the limp penis in my mouth and began to tug at it with my teeth pulling so much that he was moaning louder then ever. Once his penis was erect again he said, "You can get up now."

I stood up and his arms wrapped around me in a tight embrace so that I could feel his shaft poking my thigh willing me to open my legs. His hands ran down my mesh slip till it reached the bottom and he pulled it up over my head so I stood naked. He lifted me up by my ass and threw me on the spring bed. He grabbed one of the pillows and hoisted my butt onto it so I was in a good height for him to fuck me. "Alright babe, now open wide for papa."

I opened by legs hesitantly and he plunged his hard shaft into me pushing hard so that I screamed from the sudden impact. He didn't ease into the first plunge at all but just went straight into it without care of how I felt as long as he got his tension out on something. I was used to this though. He pulled out just to plunge back in even harder and harder as I groaned and whimpered from the sudden impact of each plunge.

"You little bitch," he said plunging into me again and again. "Your little slut. You little whore. Daddy's going to teach you a lesson that you'll never forget." I watched as his hands ran down my stomach towards my breasts as he plunged on and on. I hated to admit it but the pleasure was so strong that I couldn't help but scream every time he dug his thick shaft into me. God it felt so good.

After a good while of this I felt him finally climax in me and fall over on the bed beside me panting heavily as was I. His arm wrapped over my waist lightly.

"Tell me that you love me Sakura," he said lightly obviously sleeping. "Tell me that you haven't died because of me. Tell me that you're still alive and with me…"

I almost felt pitiful for the raven haired man that held onto me whispering a name that I had never heard of. His face was so sad that I wish I could have been this Sakura person even for a little bit so he wouldn't be sad. I whispered in his ear lightly, "I'm sorry but I am not Sakura." Then I did something that I had never done before. "My name is Hinata Hyuuga." He whispered the name lightly then fell unconscious. I didn't know why I told him my name that night. Maybe it was pity. Maybe I was looking for a change. Maybe it was just the spur of the moment. I couldn't really tell you. I got up and picked up his pants off the floor then grabbed the wallet out from them and counted out the money that I earned. I grabbed the black bag and pulled out a tan jacket and blue pants with gauze and got dressed quickly packing away the other clothing and cash then left the hotel. My stomach hurt so badly but I had to get home. I walked onto the street and saw a bunch of teenagers smoking and drinking beer.

"What have we got here?" One with deep brown hair and brown eyes said looking over at me. "What's your name sweetheart? I'm not going to hurt yah." He grabbed my wrist tightly.

"It's none of your business," I said angrily tying to pry my wrist out of his grasp.

"Hey you don't have to be scared," Said a pale blue-haired boy behind him. "We just wanna know your name little lady. Maybe a little smooch."

"Get your hands off me!" I said angrily trying to free my hand. How much alcohol did this guys drink?

"Don't you want to play?" The white-haired one asked lightly.

"No I don't want to play now leave me alone!" I said snapped more pissed then ever. "Let me go now or I'll call the cops on you."

"You don't have a choice whether you want to play or not," The brown haired one said with a quick smirk that made the others start chuckling. His hand moved to her zipper but she bit it angrily and he repulsed back. "That hurt!"

"You deserved it!" I said looking down at the hand that held my wrist.

"Let's show this chick what happens when she messes with us," The brown haired one said grabbing her other wrist and the blue haired guy slapped her across her face leaving a giant red mark. He then started zipping down her jacket again.

"This ones got a nice little body doesn't she?" The blue haired one said unzipping the jacket fully and since she was working that night nothing was underneath it. He ran his hands up her torso to her breasts which he squeezed playfully. "And nice boobs."

"Stop!" I said feeling the tears fall down my cheeks as the men continued to violate my personal space. The white haired one had already moved down to my pants and was pulling them down.

"I wouldn't do that if I were you," I heard a deep voice coming from behind the wall as the white-haired one put his hand in my underwear.

"Hmm?" The white haired one asked looking behind him. "I don't see a problem here punk so if you want to fight come on out."

"Let her go," the same growl of a voice said again. "I don't wish to fight you."

"We called her," the brown haired one said as the blue-haired one continued to squeeze my breasts licking my torso from the bottom up.

I watched as a red-haired boy walked out from behind the wall, his eyes intensely dark. He wore a black shirt and pants with a white sash and a brown belt. There was an inscription on his forehead to that I couldn't quite read from here. He looked interestingly dark.

"I'll fight him," the white haired guy said removing his hand from my panties. "This should be a breeze. He's just some emo kid who thinks that he can take on things that would crush him." He stood up and walked over towards the red-head with a smile. "Show me what you got."

The red-head walked over and gave a quick smirk. Then in the blink of an eye or at least that's how fast it looked, the red-head planted a powerful punch into the white-haired guys gut making him fall over instantly. The red-head cracked his knuckles with another smirk. "Who's next?"

"I'll be back," The blue-haired guy said walking over to the red-head guy and punching towards him not letting him have a chance to get one of his punches in but the Red-head ducked and uppercut into the blue-haired guys chin sending him flying into the air.

The brown haired guy looked totally shocked as his friend landed with a thump on the ground. He put me in front of him and pulled a blade out of his pocket that he put to my neck.

"Don't come any closer or I'll kill her," he said scared out of his wits from the site of the red-head walking towards him.

"I don't think you would do that or I would be forced to kill you," the red-head said lightly. "Try it. I dare you."

The boy put his knife back in his pocket. He looked at me and then in one last attempt to escape he knocked me out cold and bolted away. The world fell black from my unconsciousness.