Title: Eternity

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Harry had come to the conclusion that somebody must be laughing at him. He had been very patient this summer; he didn't attack Dudley or his friends, he didn't talk back to his Aunt, and he didn't do anything even remotely disrespectful to his Uncle. And yet, here he was.

Where was "here"?

"Here" was on the ground in fetal position as his uncle kicked the crap out of him; "here" was his staved body; "here" was his many broken bones. "Here" was the ripped clothes from where his uncle raped him, repeatedly, as his aunt watched on. "Here" was the internal bleeding from his pierced lungs, and other organs that he was sure were bleeding. "Here" was the blood seeping out of him onto the carpet. But most importantly, "here" was the homicidal thoughts racing through his mind, the rage that was keeping him alive.

"You're nothing, worthless! No one is coming to save you; your freaks aren't going to ever push you into my home again! You're going to die and I'm going to laugh." His uncle tried to sound menacing, and from a perspective that wasn't Harry's, he supposed he did. The tone made Harry want to rip his tongue out.

He thought he heard his aunt scream, thought he saw an enraged Sirius Black crash through the doors, wand at the ready…still, he was positive that he saw nothing but darkness afterwards.

The Order Headquarters was quiet. Currently, Lucius and Draco Malfoy were being questioned in the other room, while Hermione and Ron stayed close by. The twins and Ginny were asleep, which was understandable, as it was very early in the morning.

The Father and Son had been brought in by Severus Snape, who claimed the Dark Lord tried to kill them. Thus, a mini-trial was being held. From what they could hear -or rather, not hear- it was going well; the two teens heard the whole beginning of the improvised trial. They had to admit, it sounded to them, at least, that Draco Malfoy was telling the truth. They couldn't read his father quite as well, but that wasn't the topic of tonight's discussion.

From where Hermione was curled with her head pillowed on Ron's lap – his hands running through her hair- she looked up at him, speaking softly in Korean. Both knew that none of the Order members knew that particular language.

"Seems Harry was right again. 'A change will come about involving Draco Malfoy.' Damn, that's just not fair." Harry had predicted last year that something like this would happen, and after four years of friendship, the two were convinced that Harry was a better Seer than their divination professor.

They talked about this and that, digressing off topic before returning to it. They finally decided that they would treat the younger Malfoy based on how he treated them from this day forward.

"Okay, moving on," Ron switched to French, "We really should look at Harry's letter. We keep getting interrupted." Hermione moved so she was leaning against his shoulder. He was thankful to Harry -who made sure he was exposed to sexual events early- otherwise he'd be beat red, since Hermione's breast was touching his arm.

"There is no 'dear'…doesn't say anybody's name, 'you guys, you people'…the content isn't like Harry at all." Ron was alarmed now. He looked at Hermione, who grabbed the letter from him.

"Rigid, not flowing…messy, not sloppy…This wasn't written by Harry. This does not look good." Hermione dropped the letter onto Ron's lap as she got up to pace. After a few minutes, she turned back to Ron.

"Go upstairs and get those rings." Last year, when Hermione had bought some muggle mood rings for the trio, she and Ron had charmed both of theirs to show what physical/mental shape Harry was in. When the Third Task took place and Harry was in grave danger -he was fine, mentally and physically speaking; the rings glowed a light violet. Under normal circumstances, the rings were translucent.

Ron retrieved the rings and came back down.

"We have to talk to the Order. Now. The rings are black." The darker the color of the ring, the worse his condition was. For the rings to be black meant Harry was on the threshold of death. For a full span of two seconds, the two teens simply looked at each other; for a full span of two seconds, they felt helpless and child-like. For a full span of two seconds, they were terrified out of their minds. Then it passed.

Hermione threw the door separating them and the Order open with a bang.

"Miss Granger, Mr. Weasley! We are in the middle of a-" McGonagall was abruptly cut off by Ron.

"Harry's in danger." The statement seemed to capture everyone's attention. Hermione explained about the letter and the rings in her calm, yet efficient manner. Mrs. Weasley grabbed the younger Malfoy, and kicked out all three of the teens. The door was then warded.

"Is it really that bad?" Malfoy's voice was soft, yet cold.

"It's probably worse." Ron replied. No one said much after that. A few minutes later, when the Order was leaving to confirm Hermione and Ron's claims the three playing Chinese checkers.

When the Order came back, they appeared as if ready to commit mass murder. Sirius' eyes were furious, even as tears flowed down his face. Snape shouted for Madame Pomfrey and Dumbledore. When Pomfrey was working on Harry, the adults all filed into one room again. The twins and Ginny woke up and came downstairs, when Molly Weasley was heard screaming bloody murder at Albus about Harry's condition.

"What's all the…" Ginny's sleepy complaint was never finished, as she caught sight of Harry. Lucius Malfoy and Sirius herded the teens into yet another room, more or less locking them away from Harry.

The twins regarded Draco Malfoy for a short moment, before turning to Hermione.

"What happened?" She told them everything that she told the Order. As she progressed further, the twins became angrier, and Ginny began to seriously contemplate torture methods for Harry's 'dear' relatives. Malfoy must have picked up on that, since the next thing he casually mentioned was that torture was only illegal if you did it and got caught.

The youngest red-head and the Malfoy heir harmonized beautifully during their planning of dealing with Harry's relatives. The teens stayed in that room until noon of the next day.

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