FYI: This is the story of one of the main characters in my other story, Kingdom Hearts 2-3: Shards of Broken Destiny. I'm going to put up the other story soon, so just be patient, okay? This story is GREATLY connected to my other story, so it's highly suggested that you read this, along with the other story :) Thank ya, and enjoy!

Xed (Me, not the character)

"Where are you Riku?" I asked to the skies rather impatiently.

I sighed, annoyed.

We had promised to walk the Twilight path together.

I would've walked it myself, but to be honest…I was scared.

No, I wasn't scared—I was terrified.

After being in Darkness for so long, I was sure that the Twilight would reject me.

All I wanted was forgiveness. Forgiveness, for the things I did. Trusting the Darkness, hurting the worlds, siding with…him… I hated myself for that. I wanted forgiveness, forgiveness for choosing the wrong path, by choosing the right one. But, I couldn't help but thinking that the Twilight would reject me.

Then, I met Riku.

I asked Riku to come with me. He had been tainted by Darkness as well by him. He had tricked us both into it.

Being around him…made me feel safer.

I looked back up into the sky. The stars shone brightly, twinkling along with the other worlds in the sky.

By now I was starting to worry. It was late; Riku said he'd be back soon, after searching for his closure to the Darkness. Mine was traveling the road into Twilight. But I just guessed that we were different like that.

Another hour passed. And another. And another.

I had gotten tired of standing and I sat down on the ground. But that was at least and hour ago.

"I hope you're ok…" I whispered. To be honest, I'd be heartbroken if something had happened to him. And to be honest, I had no idea why. I had really only met him a few hours ago, and only spent a short amount of time with him. I didn't know why I was so worried about him.

A familiar icy-ness gripped at my heart.

My breathing cut short.

Oh no…Not here…Not now!!

I took two strained, painful breaths, and pushed myself to my feet.

I felt really dizzy, and everything seemed darker.

Luckily, everything lightened again, and my breathing went back to normal.

I sighed, relieved. I was glad that was only a short one.

I looked up into the skies once again.

Sadness washed over me.

"You're not coming…are you, Riku?" I said quietly, sadness hanging from my words. I couldn't help a sad, yet slightly amused smile from tugging at my lips.

"Don't feel bad. It wouldn't be the first time I've been lied to."

I turned around to face the dirt path that was now before me. It looked like a regular path, but something in my heart told me that it was the Twilight path.

And I trusted it.

I looked up once more into the star-encrusted night sky.

"I'm walking for you, Riku. Just you. We'll meet again sometime. I promise."

Another promise made. This time I'd make sure it wouldn't be broken.

With one last breath, I walked forward.

Towards the Twilight, towards my Destiny.


I had been walking for a while now.

Everything seemed the same, but slightly more peaceful.

I kept walking; I wasn't going to stop. I wouldn't turn back, run back into the arms of Darkness.

I smiled.

While I walked, I really forgot about all of my troubles. My past, the Darkness, me, the acciden—

I spun around quickly to face in back of me.

I had heard something.

After a minute or two, I turned back around and kept on walking.

I felt lighter, yet Darker in a way.

There were footsteps.

Something was following me.

I turned back around. No one was there.

"Show yourself!" I shouted. No response.

I gritted my teeth and turned back around.

More footsteps. I whipped around to face whatever was behind me.


A scream erupted from my throat as a hoard of something jumped on top of me.


I tried to scream again, but their weight was crushing me. I felt them claw at my skin, ripping and tearing it. I could feel warm blood trickle down my exposed arms. I felt a stabbing pain run through me as one of the Heartless slashed deeply into the side of my neck.

Needless to say, this hurt like Hell.

Their claws jabbed at me, searching for something…

An electrifying jolt of pure pain coursed through my body as a Heartless slashed deep into my back, right where my heart was.

Now THIS hurt like Hell set on fire.

I felt coldness, an emptiness run through me as my vision started to fade.

There was a bright flash of white, and then my vision returned back to black.

I could register gripping something metal and cold in my hand. I wonder how that got there…

I heard voices.

Someone shook my shoulder. I think they were asking if I was ok. All I could do was softly moan weakly. I was still hurting all over, but the pain started to fade away, along with my hearing and my other senses.

Whatever I was holding in my hand vanished.

I felt myself being lifted into someone's arms.

And the last thing I could remember was the smell of sea-salt and ocean water.

And then black. Nothing but black.

"Riku…where are you…?"