So that is that. Is it?


Oh come ON, people!! This is the person who makes cliffhangers every other chapter! The person who makes the most random stuff happen! The person who gave Xed LIME GREEN HIGHLIGHTS!!

Did you really think I would just let the story END??!



So much to do…So little time…Take your time…Don't be afraid…But what do you do…When Time is up?

A Secret Lie…The Truth beyond Understanding…Desire…


"Riku? Why did you ditch me?"


The 14th Key "Dream on!"


"I've been wanting to meet you." "This ends now!" "Then end it."


"How could you do this? You promised!" "Some promises were meant to be broken—" "I trusted you Sora!"


Existence of Four. Kingdom Hearts


"This time, I'll fight!" "No, this time, we'll fight."


Xoras. "Sora's better off dead." "Mourn for me…"


"The secret place?" "I started all of this…" "I opened the door…"


Xemnas, Xigbar, Zexion, Lexaeus. "They wouldn't remember."


"What makes me different from you?" "We have Hearts and you don't!"


"Leave the Organization alone!"


The White Disorder. "ANSEM???"


Kuxir. "You always have a choice…You just made a bad one."


The Kingdom of all Hearts? Or the Heart of all Kingdoms?

The Fight is on…To save what's left of their Destiny…

"What is Kingdom Hearts?"


"The end—"

Kingdom Hearts 2-3: Shards of Broken Destiny


That is right! There IS a sequel, for those who haven't heard of it yet. It's called:

Kingdom Hearts 2-3: Shards of Broken Destiny

I originally started it BEFORE BMTL, but I didn't like how it was written. I've taken it off of and I'll repost it with the changes I wanted to make. It's an awesomely new story; full of new twists, convoluted plots, and a wicked ending that'll probably leave you all speechless!!

Alright then, that was Surprise Number 1! Now onto Surprise Number 2

When writing this story, I had A LOT of extra chapters that I couldn't put in, all for different reasons. Mostly because they were irrelevant, unnecessary, or just too stupid and random. XD

So, introducing: Bring Me To Life: Deleted Scenes

This is just going to be a series of one-shot drabbles, where we get to experience some of the funny and stupid stuff going on during Bring Me To Life that wasn't very important to the story. From the pranks the Organization suffer through, to reading Xed's diary, to more 'Mysterious boy' dreams, to even Xed vs. Axel, this story will be pure fun to read. There are no set updates, and no set endings. I'll update it as often as I can, and the story will probably never end. Also, I'll put in random facts about Xed, Kuxir, and Xoras, and probably stuff about The Disorder too. Just for kicks XD

It'll be coming out soon, so please look out for it!!

And finally, Surprise Number 3:

Remember that "I-wanna-do-something-nice-for-you-all-for-helping-me-reach-100-reviews" thing? Welp, it's here!!!

As a reminder, I decided to let you all pick my next story!


1) Prelude[Little Wonders

Xed FINALLY gets sent on a mission for a week in Hollow Bastion! And what's better: She gets to go ALONE!! But, what happens when The Organization gets an unexpected visit from a six-year-old who refuses to leave until she sees her cousin[Introduction Fic, Organization 13 (Xed, no Roxas) POV changes Rated K – Humor, Friendship

2) Bailar Con Migo

A dance competition arises in Hollow Bastion, and Kuxir signs up Xed and Xoras to dance in it (against their will, might I add XD). But as time progresses…well, things change. True, Nobodies can't feel a thing. But Heartless…they can feel. And, do I sense Jealousy? [KuXed, XorXed pairings, NOT A SONG FIC!! Rated T – Humor, Romance

3) Sinful Organization

Vexen tells Marluxia to get rid of old potions. Marluxia gives them to some of the members. But, he didn't exactly imagine THIS to happen… [Organization 14 (meaning Roxas is XIII and Xed is XIV), some seriously funny stuff. XD Rated T – Humor, more Humor XD

4) Nine Nights at Castle Eternity

Demyx believes in ghosts. Xed doesn't. Yet somehow, all 13 Nobodies end up spending nine nights in a supposedly haunted 'Castle Eternity'. But ghosts aren't real. [Then why is there blood EVERYWHERE[Organization 13 (Xed, no Roxas), might be Yaoi Rated T – Suspense, Horror

5) Blood Cry

WHAT?! A 15th edition to Organization 13? The Organization thinks he's odd, Xed hates his guts, yet he adores Xed, and…why does his chest echoes a Heartbeat in the dead of Night? Who is this guy? What does he want? I'll give you one guess…[But it's NOT his Heart… [Organization 13 (Xed, no Roxas), not really meant to have a pairing, but OCxXed Rated T – Horror, Mystery


Well, there you all go! Please let me know which story you all like! (And, I know I've put Xed in all of them, but she's just really fun to add in. Trust me, she'll be in a lot more of my stories, along with other OC's I make :D)

A sequel, A side-story, and A choice? Sounds like 3 good surprises to me!!

Thanks again to everyone who read!!! YOU ALL ROCK:D

Goodnight! And happy First Day of December:D