Chicago, Illinois

Cassie made out with Luke, shirt off as he grasped the edges of her jeans and pulled them off of her giving a swift tug at the end, while he grinded his hips against hers. Luke pushed her farther into the pillows, Cassies' hands undoing his belt feverishly as they made out.

"Tell me you brought a condom." Cassie gasped out as Luke teases her taunt breasts with his tongue.

"Sorry, no." He says, staring up at her from her chest area.

"Screw it." She remarked, seemingly yanking off his shirt as he sat up to tug off his pants. Lying back down, Luke leaned over her, his lips trailing a agonizingly slow path down Cassie's neck and over her collar bone. Cassie dug her fingers into Luke's back, arching up to him as he met her in a heated kiss. Sliding himself into Cassie Luke moaned, her walls immediately tightening around him, while he began to thrust.

Cassie ran her hands over Luke's back and felt something slimy and wet. Pulling her hand back she opened her eyes and screamed. The image of Luke's perfect body, his gorgeous face and smile were gone and in his place was a still decomposing skeleton. Luke thrusted once more, before he kissed Cassie, stopping her cries as her eyes grew wide and she began to shrivel up as Luke sucks the life out of her. Slipping out Luke puts the image of himself from before back up before leaving Cassie's apartment.

Hillside, Oklahoma

Sam dropped his bag of clothes and ran into the hotel room that Dean the girls and he had just purchased. Frantic as to what was wrong he hurriedly searched the room, gun out, ready for whatever came. The girls weren't in the room; they were at the Main Office asking for more bathroom essentials, so it was only Dean. The bathroom light was on and the door was slightly ajar and Sam could hear the sound of water running.

"Dean?" He called out, nudging the bathroom door open with his foot. Gun aimed at Dean, Sam quizzically looked at his brother. "Dean?" He asked again, voice unsure.

"Yeah?" Dean asked, glancing over at him in the bathroom mirror, toothbrush in hand. "Why is your gun out?"

"I thought - Never mind. Guess I'm just hearing things." Sam said, replacing his gun in the small of his back.

"Dude, you okay?" Dean asked, turning to look at his brother. When Dean was face to face with him, Sam pulled back slightly, hitting the wall with his back.

"Look at your face." Sam mumbled, pointing at Dean. The left side of his face was seemingly melting away, decomposing on the spot. His left eye was nearly gone and parts of his face fell to the floor with a sickening plop.

"Yeah, I know." Dean said, touching in gingerly as if it hurt. He seemed to have a sad look on his face before his eyes went back to his brother. The sad look was replaced with anger.

"You did this to me." He snarled, suddenly in front of Sam.

"No!" Sam shouted, bolting upright in his bed. Gasping for air, he calmed his nerves before looking around the room. He spotted Sara sleeping next to him. Her back was facing him, one arm under the pillow and knees bent slightly. Ana was on the other bed and an empty space beside her. Panic stuck quickly but then Sam heard the toilet flush and a few seconds later Dean opened the bathroom door, blinding Sam with light.

"Dude, get the light." Sam mumbled, covering his eyes from the brightness. Without answering Dean turned the light off and headed back to bed. Sam did the same, ignoring he nightmare that still plagued his mind.

Dean climbed back into bed, weary of Ana curled up in a ball. Laying down it took him a few minutes to get comfortable again and once he was, Ana was right up next to him, arm over his chest, with her face buried in his side. Smiling, he kissed the top of her head, rubbing his fingers up and down her arm while he began to drift off to sleep.

It had been almost two years since Dean and Ana met on one of their hunts. She had been investigated by the police and then the FBI once already. The death of her fiancée killed so suddenly by a 'heart attack' was a devastating blow for her, so when Dean and Sam came to ask her a few questions to 'clarify their material'. She was a bit annoyed with all the constant interrogations from everybody. Dean had immediately taken a liking to her, which was not something he usually did. It was Sammy who fell in love, but when he saw Ana painting a design on her coffee table outside; all that changed dramatically. He knew he would enjoy her company while they staying in Austin. When they began asking her questions about their investigation she stopped them midway and told them it was rude to lie. When Sam pushed for an answer, Ana told them she knew that they were Hunters and that their father had told her, even left a picture of them so she knew what they looked like, when they came

Dean remembered trying to push her further into answering some more questions like how their father got that picture of them or how he even knew they were going to be there, but she wouldn't and Dean liked her for that, showed she didn't break promises.

Ana moaned in her sleep and Dean woke up instantly, looking around before glancing down to see if Ana was okay. She was and Dean relaxed a bit. Both guys were worried for their girls' safety. Sara was Sam's first real girlfriend since Jessica had died and they'd only been dating for two years. Now the two year mark for both Dean and Sam was coming up fast and both were unsure of what was going to happen. The Demon had killed Jessica and their mom, who said it wouldn't kill Ana and Sara either. Ana woke up when Dean shifted around to try to get comfortable again.

"Dean?" She mumbled eyes half open. "What's wrong?"

"Nothing." Dean assured her, "Just found an uncomfortable spot that's all." Dean kissed her lightly as she looked up at him. She kissed him back, biting his bottom lip and tugging on it. Groaning, Dean pulled away sighing, "Not now babe." He whispered, "Sam and Sara are in the room."

Ana whimpered but nodded, cuddling back up to Dean as he wrapped an arm around her waist, rubbing his hand gently up and down her back. "Sleep love."

"Same goes for you too, Dean." Ana whispered, nuzzling her face in his side. Dean could smell her strawberry lotion that she always put on after her shower and before they went to bed. It was like a ritual for her and she never forgot. Dean noticed that it made her skin more smooth, which he didn't mind one bit.

Ana once more nuzzled up against Dean's side, her nose breathing in his musky scent of cologne, after shave, and the light undertone of leather, which Ana knew came from his leather jacket. Dean always wore his leather jacket, whenever they were awake and wherever they went, his leather jacket was like a second skin. He had had it since before they were going out and Ana figured he'd have it till the day he died.

When they went out, mostly to bars so Dean could win them some cash, Ana felt light headed and giddy when girls gave her looks as they walked by. She'd give them a smile and slip her hand into his back pocket as if to say 'Oh yeah. This gorgeous man is mine.'

Sara sometimes did the same with Sam, the two girls having been friends since childhood, both being artists, and they loved going out on the town. When they moved around a lot for Hunts, they went with the boys to help. It was a surprising factor for the boys that they girls knew a thing or two about Supernatural beings.

Morning light shinned gently through the hotel shades, causing Dean to groan and cover his eyes with his free arm. Squinting, he slowly opened his hazel orbs and rolled out of the bed, Ana rolling over at the same time but in the opposite direction. Dean's feet touched cold floor boards, before he yawned and headed to the bathroom. Minutes passed and Dean came out of the bathroom, bumping into Sara on the way out.

"Sorry Sara." He said, moving out of her way to go wake up Ana.

"No problem Dean." Sara mumbled, covering a yawn and rubbing the sleep from her eyes, Sam following her in.

Dean smirked, patting Sam on the back, as his little brother closed the door behind him. A minute or two passed and then he heard the water running for the shower.

Sam frowned as he slipped through the door, a shiver running down his spine as his bare feet flatted on the cool tile. Abruptly, he connected the dots in his mind, understanding Dean's hand gesture. Glancing over his shoulder, Sam rolled his eyes at the door, though he knew that Dean could not see his expression.

"You know he loves you." Sara whispered, startling her lover briefly as she pressed up against him. Her skin was bare, clothing having been shed within moments. Hands pressing upwards on Sam's chest, she smirked as his eyelids fluttered momentarily.

"Yeah, sadly." He chuckled, wrapping an arm around the girl's waist before tilting her chin up and capturing her plump lips. Eyes closed as the peck deepened, both breathing hard by the time they pulled apart. Sam's tongue ran over the tingling skin of his mouth, passion driving him.

Sara bit her inner cheek as she forced herself to take a step back, never taking her eyes off him. Disappearing behind the torn shower curtain, the girl turned on the shower, cold water hitting her like needles on her skin before becoming the appropriate temperature.

Sam had heard the shower, already stripping. Sara let out a yelp as he slid in behind her.

Dean chuckled as he pulled the covers down away from Ana's sleeping form before he rolled her on to her back. Ana groaned, eyes fluttering open as Dean crawled on top of her. Both smiled to each other, Dean laying a kiss on Ana's stomach as she rubbed sleep from her eyes.

"Dean." Ana said, a laugh bubbling up from her lips.

"Ana." He said mimicking her as she wiggled underneath him, before her kissed her again. Ana wrapped her arms around Dean's neck, fingers treading over the through his short hair, arousing a moan from his lips.

Suddenly Dean's cell phone rang and he growled, leaning across Ana to pick it up on the side table. Answering it, he was quiet for a few minutes, face concentrating on the other person's voice, before he cursed, climbing off of Ana. Dean headed for the bathroom, banging on the door at the same time he hung up his phone.

"Sammy! Sara! We've got a lead on dad's whereabouts!" He shouted through the door.

"Really?" Ana said, sliding out of the bed, "From who?"

Dean started stuffing their belongings into their bags and throwing them at the door. "From Pasture Jim." Dean said, as Sam came out of the shower, towel wrapped around his waist, wet hair clinging to her scalp with Sara in tow.

"Pasture Jim?" He asked, "I thought he didn't know where Dad was?"

"He didn't but apparently Dad call him and told him about a Hunt in Chicago." Dean said, his back to Sam and Sara as they threw on some clothes.

"What kind of hunt?" Sam asked, towel drying his hair.

"Sounds like a Hag to me." Dean said, turning back around to finish grabbing their belongings.

"You think Dad's really going to be there?' Sam asked and Dean paused in mid motion.

"I don't know Sammy, maybe."

"You think it's related to the Demon?" Dean merely shrugged, unable to answer his brother. Taking their things to the car, he opened the trunk and threw all their things inside, leaving a bag out for the girls.

Both Ana and Sara followed after the boys, sliding into the Impala's back seat and closing the doors simultaneously while Dean closed the trunk and climbed into the drivers' seat. Sam did the same, his long legs stretching out in front of him as he got comfortable. Shortly after meeting the boys the girls realized that when the boys were looking for their father or on a Hunt, they tended to go into Hunter mode, seemingly ignoring the girls unless they needed information or directions.

The girls weren't allowed to go on the actual Hunt's with the boys but they were allowed to help with gaining information. Whenever they stopped in a new state or city the four would go to the nearest bar to acquire what facts they needed. Ana and Sara smiled to each other in the back seat as Dean started up the Impala, the engine roaring to life before he pulled out of the parking lot. Their destination; Chicago.

"So what are we going to do once we get there?" Sara asked, grabbing a blanket from the floor to cover her and Ana up. Both girls were in tank tops, shorts and flip flops. Sara's hair was still slightly wet and both girls hair was messy as the wing blew through the opened windows.

"We're going to see what this Hag, if Dean's correct, is doing in Chicago first of all, then we'll see if we can find dad." Sam said, glancing to Dean, who kept his eyes on the road.

"Dean?" Ana asked, sliding up against the back of Dean's seat to rest her head on his shoulder. "Can we get some food, I'm hungry."

Dean sighed lightly, but nodded. "Dunkin Donuts?"

"Duh." Ana said, smiling as she leaned back against the seat.

Five minutes later, Dean pulled into the Dunkin Donuts drive through and slowed to a stop in front of the voice box. "Welcome to Dunkin Donuts. How may I help you?" A female voice asked them from the other side.

"Uh, yeah." Dean said, his left arm resting against the Impala's side out the window. "We'll have four medium coffees. Three with two sugars and cream, one black."

"Is that it?" The girl asked them.

"And a dozen donuts, please."

"What kinds?" Dean glanced back at the others and Ana stuck her head out the window.

"Three chocolate glazed, three normal glazed, two jelly, a chocolate frosted, and three random sprinkles." She said, before sliding back into the car.

"Jeez, Ana. Nice of you to let us decide for ourselves." Sara said, rolling her eyes.

"Oh pipe down." Ana said, smiling. "Like you weren't going to get what I ordered anyhow."

"Yeah, but still." Sara said.

"Relax Sara." Sam said, turning around to look at her. "Makes things easier this way." They stared at each other before a smile spread over their lips in unison.

Ana watches as Sam turns around and Sara steals a quick glance to Ana, who smiles back and rubs her stomach. Both girls smiles widen and a stifled laugh escapes their lips. They had a secret they hadn't told the boys yet, wanting to wait until their two year mark came and went. Ana and Sara were pregnant, both finding out at the same time. Sara usually received her period at the beginning of the month, Ana's at the end. But when a month went by for both of them and they still hadn't gotten their periods they started to panic. Immediately they went to the nearest drug store while the boys were out and bought two pregnancy tests each, just to make sure. Heading back to the hotel they took the tests and both came out positive. The girls were excited beyond belief, but then reality set in and they knew that they were going to be facing many dangers in the near future.

"Ana." Dean said, turning around to hand her the box of donuts. Both Ana and Sara snapped out of their trance like state.

"Thanks." Ana said, taking the box and placing it between them on the seat. Sara opened the box, grabbing a sprinkled donut while Ana grabbed their coffees and handed one to Sara before grabbing herself a chocolate glazed and taking a bite into it. Dean nodded, taking a quick glance at Ana before turning all the way around and heading off. Dean had a nagging feeling in his gut that Ana wasn't telling him something and it worried him. He wondered what it could be. What wouldn't she tell him? It didn't look like she was troubled from thinking about it just spacey. They all sat in silence until Sam nudges Dean gently. Dean snapped out of his thinking like an elastic band causing the car to swerve to the left and over the roads divider before he guided it back to the safety of the right side.

"God, Sam. Warn me next time." Dean stated, rubbing the back of his neck.

"Sorry." Sam said, "Dude, pull over. I gotta take a leak."

Dean sighed, guiding the Impala to the shoulder and then to the dirt and gravel on the side of the road. Slowing down the car he placed it in PARK, before Sam climbed out to go relieve himself. It was then he heard moans and groans as the girls woke up.

Glancing back behind him Dean watched Ana quietly stretch out, arms stretching over her head, legs going under the front seat. "Hey, sleepy head." He joked, smiling. His reply was a small grunt and Ana climbing over the front seat to join him. Sam noticed on his way back and went to the back behind Dean where Ana just was. Sara woke up during the moving of people and curled back up to sleep except this time next to Sam.

Sam slid into the back seat with difficulty, his long legs barely fitting. "Shh, relax baby..." He mumbled softly as Sara stirred from her sleep. His arms slipped under hers, lifting her up so she rested on his chest. Her body was small in his embrace, easily fitting between his legs as he stretched out so his back lay against the passenger door. God was she beautiful, her face completely calm and angelic. Sam found himself memorized by her looks. Just holding her caused the tension that he did not know he had ease from his body slowly. How did I get so lucky? The thought brought a smile to his lips as his arms tightened, Sam needing to feel her warmth.

"Mmm..." Sara moaned, fingers grasping Sam's shirt. An aroma of cologne filled her as the girl breathed in, nudging the side of her face deeper into her lover's chest. "You smell so good..." Her voice was full of sleep, eyelids too heavy to open.

Sam chuckled, his diaphragm vibrating with it. Shaking his head, the youth kissed the top of Sara's head, a hand rubbing her back soothingly. "Thank you." He replied awkwardly. Bending his knees slightly, he let his head fall back until it meet the glass of the window. A headache had begun to form the moment he got in the car, the 'nightmare' still fresh in his mind. Now, it was a damn migraine. Somehow, to Sam's amazement, Sara read his mind.

"You had a vision last night didn't you?" Sara stated flatly, Sam's body tensing the moment the question left her mouth. Biting back the need to drop the subject so she did not cause Sam any unnecessary pain, she forced herself to continue. "I woke up when I felt the bed move."

Sam did not meet her gaze, but instead, closed his eyes. The hammer beating against his head increased, matching every thump his heart made in his chest. "Sara.." He pleaded, urging her not to press the matter.

His lover lifted her head, staring at him sternly. "Sam, tell me what you saw." The tone of Sara's voice held no room for argument. Grasping Sam's shoulders, she supported her heavy body. The spinner of dreams still called to her.

Opening his eyes, Sam peeked at the back of the driver seat. Dean's form was stiff. "Not here, later." The youth didn't want Dean to know about the vision. He could prevent it, what ever it is. Preferably, he didn't want Sara to know either. Shutting his eyes, once more, he bluntly cut off the conversation, already imagining the glare he was receiving from his lover. "Sleep Sara," Sam whispered, feeling Sara had laid her head back on him. His ears picked up her steady breathing, finding himself going into a daze.

Ana lay stretched out on the front seat, feet resting on the open window, head laying in Dean's lap as he drove. She didn't sleep this time, just looked up at him as he lightly drew circles on her arm with his free hand. Dean's hands were calloused from working but that didn't mean his fingers couldn't work magic over her skin. Ana in return sighed in content, face nuzzling into Dean's lower chest, the hard denim contrasted with the softness of his cotton shirt. Ana took a deep breath, inhaling the scent of Dean through her nostrils. Dean's fingers had stopped moving, coming to rest on her side closest to the radio. Ana felt his grip tighten ever so lightly as Ana shifted to lay on her side than her stomach.

"Ana." He whispered.

"Pull over." She whispered back, slowly unzipping and unbuttoning Dean's jeans to let out his growing erection.

"Ana." Dean gasped, flicking the radio on so his brother and Sara couldn't hear them.

"Pull over." She repeated before her tongue slowly trailed around the underside of Dean's head, making Dean groan as he gripped the steering wheel tight, the car swerving slightly as Ana's tongue dipped into the small slit taking in the precum. Dean weaved a hand through Ana's hair, gripping the roots of her hair tightly as he tried to buck up to Ana, and letting go on the gas which caused the car to slow down greatly before speeding up again. Ana held Dean's hips down as she took him in, teeth grazing him gently, tongue flicking in and out as she slowly bobbed up and down/ Dean gasped head resting back against the seat, watching the road through half closed eyes. A horn blared and Dean swerved out of the way of an oncoming truck just in time.

"Jesus, Dean! What the hell are you doing?!" Sam hollered over the music at his brother.

"N-Nothing." Dean gasped out, his hips jerking as Ana's lips tightened around him, and he finally came. Ana swallowed immediately, the feeling of suffocation trying to override her sense as Dean touched the back of her throat. Slowly Ana let him out, before she kissed a trail over his cotton shirt and straddled him, making sure he could still see the road. Which she knew he could because his eyes were fixated there and returning to normal speed, instead of on the fact that Ana was slowly trailing her tongue in the small dip behind his ear. Ana hadn't put him back in and she could feel him growing hard again.

"The police." Dean groaned out as Ana slide over him slowly. Ana smiled, slipping off of him and tucking him back in and fixing him up as Dean drove at a normal speed past the police car. "Go again?" Ana asked, smiling at Dean from the other side of the front seat. Her feet resting in his lap as she leaned against the passengers' door. Dean glanced at her sideways, before pulling onto the side of the road.

"Sam you're driving." He said loudly and harshly.

Sam startled awake at the call of his name, blinking fervently. The weight of Sara in his arms was heavy, the blonde still deep asleep. "You could always sleep through anything." Sam remarked in a low voice to his lover. Lifting his gaze, he raised a brow at Dean. "You want me to drive?" The question might seem random for most brothers but for Sam and Dean, the car was not just a transportation vehicle but a human being. At the heighten tone of Sam's voice, Sara began to stir.

"What's going on?" Sara moaned, hiding her face in Sam's shirt. The sound of rocks hitting the car's undercarriage and a squeal of tires announced the cars stop.

"Shut up and drive!" Dean yelled in a rough voice.

Sam's brow came together in concern. "Are you all right?" His arms loosened their hold as Sara sat up. She too noticed the odd tone used by the older brother. The lovers watched as Dean slammed his door before yanking open the passenger side. His facial expression was that of anger and something that Sam couldn't pick up. Of course, Sara knew that the mask was one of lust. Winking at Ana, she pushed bewildered Sam out the door and behind the wheel. She had heard the two lovers up front before they almost crashed the car. Closing her door, she could not help but smile as the Chevy Impala turned back onto the road.

Ana smirked, slipping into the backseat and laying on top of Dean as he adjusted himself against the driver side door. His hands rested on Ana's sides, fingers kneading her flesh as she tugged on his bottom lip. Dean moaned into her kiss as his hands snaked around Ana's waist pulling her closer to him as he deepened it. Sighing, Ana's hands rested against Dean's shoulders as she continued to move out with him. The two barley registered Sam and Sara in the front seat.

The Impala curved smoothly into a restaurant parking lot, a night sky set above the vehicle's roof. A soft breeze blew through the town of Linchfeild, Nebraska, combating the heated air left from the humid sun that had sat high in the clouds hours before. Stopping with a squeak in front of "Joe's Delicious Diner", the four gazed through the windshield at the place.

Transparent glass allowed the customers to look out upon the barren landscape that surrounding the never ending highway. A pink neon sign glowed dimly on one square area of window, blinking. The interior looked casually comfortable and almost welcoming if not for the couple of greasy over weight men that filled spots near the counter.

"Looks appetizing…I mean come on - who doesn't like over cooked food at twelve friggin' midnight!" Sara growled in the front of the car before stepping out and slamming the car door brutally.

Ana and Sam glanced at Dean who had become red in the face.

"If there is a dent in my car-" He began, but was cut of by Ana.

"You'll tell her to apologize and forget about it, right hun?" Her tone was soft and soothing, a hand rubbing Dean's back. Everyone knew about his obsession with the Impala. Ana had even been yelled at for treating 'her' poorly.

Sam gave Ana a sympathetic look before hurriedly following fuming Sara to the entrance. Grabbing her shoulder, she spun around, causing Sam to take a step back in surprise. Her face was pulled tightly across her skull, her odd behavior changing her appearance. Sam raised a brow, Sara slowly calming under his gaze. A hand went up to her forehead as she rubbed her temples. "What was that about?" He asked in a careful voice, not wanting to have the girl close herself off. Something was bothering her.

Shaking her head, Sara looked to the ground for some advice. Surprisingly, she found none. Her eyes darted to the car in which Ana and a slightly flustered Dean were exiting, before by passing the two and entering the diner. A cough made her turn back to Sam. "You know what, forget about it, I'm fine!" She huffed, dropping her hand and moving to leave. You won't tell me about the vision, then I'll just keep my pretty, over sized mouth shut!

Sam stared at her retreating back, unsure if he should pursue her and continue his questioning. That's what it seemed to turn into at least-an interrogation. Closing his eyes, the youth decided to ignore her quirky outburst for now. The pounding in his skull had not eased, making him more worn down then usual. Sara had been too angry to notice her lovers dark circles or pale complexion. Trying to block out the pain for now, Sam went in to eat.

Dean slide into the seat against the window, Ana following behind him. "Oh stop moping." She said, resting her cheek against her fist, her elbow supporting her. "The Impala has suffered from much worse. Relax."

"Yeah, but-"

"Relax." She repeated, eyeing him as Sara and Sam came into the diner. Motioning for them to come over she then called for a waiter to assist them. She realized Sara was still in a crappie mood and figured she knew the reason as to why. Eyes flickering from Sam to Sara she quirked a brow at her. "What's stuck up your butt now?"

"Nothing." Sara grumbled, sliding in close to the window.

"Uh huh." Ana replied, though she didn't push any further. She knew why. Sara was in as much distress as she was, she just wasn't showing it, yet.

"How can I help you?" A waitress asked, coming up to the table, pen out, paper ready. Her eyes strayed to long on Dean while she passed out breakfast menus. Ana glared at her, clearing her throat in a warning. The waitress blinked as if just realizing the girls were even there. Dean on the other hand was flirting right back, a habit Ana was trying to get him to break. Slowly, Ana turned and stared at him as he continued to talk, anger flashing in her eyes. "Excuse me?" She asked, "Did I just hear that come out of your mouth?"

"No." Dean said, clearing his throat. "Nope, not at all." Realizing that Dean had just pissed off Ana, Sam gave him a disapproving look.

"Thought so." Ana said, turning back to the waitress. "Hey." She said, snapping her fingers to get the waitress' attention. "I'm over here." The waitress' head whirled towards Ana, giving Ana a smile. "Don't give me that crappie smile. Look at my boyfriend again and you'll regret it." She said, her patience wearing thin. I'll go grab the shot gun in the trunk and shoot you point blank. It might not kill you bitch, but it'll hurt like Hell.

"I'll have a water." Sara said, not really looking at the menu and trying to blow over the fact that Ana wanted to murder the woman. "And a cheeseburger, medium well."

"Make that two." Sam said, passing the woman his own menu, along with Sara's.

"I'm not hungry anymore." Ana replied, huffing as she passed the menu over as well.

"I'll have a cheeseburger, extra onions and a cherry pie." Dean said, with a flash of teeth.

Ana didn't even have to look at him to be able to hit him in the side of the face, "Knock if off."

The waitress nodded, "Right away." She said, scurrying off rather quickly.

All eyes turned to Ana. "What?" She said, staring at them. "She was hitting on my boyfriend, who by the way was flirting back." Dean didn't look at Ana, merely keeping his distance in the small section of the booth, eyes glued to the outside.

Stroking her chin Sara thought a moment before speaking. "Understandable." She stated, nodding.

Sam turned to look at Sara and sighed. Softly to himself he said, "What is up with everyone?"

Dean glanced back at Ana, her anger radiating off her like the heat from a light bulb. He supposed he did deserve some of her anger, he knew she hated it when he flirted with another girl, but it was in his nature. He just couldn't help himself. Sighing, he scratched the back of his neck. "Ana."

"What?" She asked, the edge of her voice easily spotted.


Now all eyes turned to Dean, everyone holding a look of surprise in them. Was it that uncommon for him to say sorry? Maybe. His eyes focused back on Ana. It looked like she was contemplating her answer for him, not always a good sign.

"Do it again and I'll leave you flat." She stated, jabbing him in the chest with her finger. It was an empty threat, they all knew it. Ana had made that same one months ago. She loved Dean, even with his constant flirting, but Dean knew deep down if he made her mad enough she would eventually leave. A girl could only take so much.

Their food came from a different waitress and they hurriedly ate it, leaving within a half an hour of getting to the restaurant. Dean slide back into the drivers seat, Sam in the passengers as the girls climbed back into the backseat to sleep the rest of the way until they found a hotel. Placing his coffee between his legs, Dean pulled out of the parking lot and headed north.