Ana watched Dean's expression as Bobby took off his hat and placed it on the table among the spewed out papers and books. They had gone past hellos to awkward silences. The Winchesters didn't care to talk about their wounded pride, the girls sensing tension in the air. Bobby stood between it all, glancing knowingly at the girls. He could tell by the quietness of the room that they haven't told the boys about their little secret. Though to him it wasn't that big of deal, but to the Winchesters, secrets kill.

"So what have you guys found out?" The elderly hunter inquired, willing to start the conversation off.

"That an incubus is after our girls, guessing by Sammy's vision." Dean answered, earning raised brow from Bobby.

Looking at Sam, Bobby spoke. "I thought you said they were connected by the Yellow-Eyed demon?"

Letting out a sigh, Sam shrugged. "I don't know Bobby." He said tiredly, honestly confused by his vision himself. He still remembered it vividly, the act of bring it forth in his mind causing a small headache to form. Absently he rubbed his temple. Sara noticed, immediately coming beside the Winchester and putting a hand on his shoulder closest to her.

"All right, so did you find who the incubus is walking around as?"

The boys went quiet, their eyes down cast.

"No…we have no clue. When we summoned it, it appeared in its true form." Sara burst out, speaking for the team.

Bobby nodded, running his hands through his hair. "All right, I'll look in the books to see if there is something else that might tip us off. For now you boys rest up, you'll need it. I'll go and rent a room." Dipping his head at the group he placed his cap back on his head before disappearing through the doorway.

The group watched him go, everyone impatient. Ana stared at Dean, trying to grab his attention. When the hunter continued to stare she cleared her throat, glaring at the Winchester. "Hey!"

The shout aroused the day dreaming hunter, his head snapping up.

"What are you thinking about?" Ana questioned, curious. Sara glanced at Ana before centering on Dean.

Feeling the eyes on him, Dean forced a small smile. "I just was thinking on how we are going to nab this thing. We were beat the crap out of before…don't care to give the bastard another chance."

The rest of the three nodded in agreement. No one wanted to face the thing head on yet, they didn't know any other way.

Sara sighed, moving away from her lover. "Well….I'm going to go help Bobby, be back in a bit." Sharing a knowing glimpse with Ana, she left the room, walking into the older hunter.

"Hey Bobby…" Sara called as he walked away, standing there with her hands in the pockets of her jeans.

Bobby turned half way. "Yeah?"

Glancing around the parking lot, she eased her way over the fellow hunter, her chin down as she tried to look nonchalant. "Do you have anything on the Poltergeist by chance?"

A grin grew on Bobby's face, his head shaking from side to side. "You have to know when another one pops up don't you. You're just as stubborn as the Winchester boys." Chuckling softly, his face fell. "You have to let that go Sara." He added in a kind and gentle tone.

Closing her eyes briefly, Sara exhaled. "I know…It's just, ever since that night when Dad and Mom…." She trailed off, unable to finish the sentence. Feeling a tap, she turned to be greeted by Ana's comforting expression. "Hey." Sniffling a bit, she rubbed her eyes clear of tears.

"You feeling okay?" Ana asked quietly, earning a nod from her friend.

"Yeah, just want to try to keep up on things…"


Closing the door silently, Sam laid his shoulder against the wood, finding his mouth a gap and closing it quickly. What had Sara meant by 'ever since that night'? What night? For all he knew her parents were living in good old Idaho. Breathing and drinking coffee right about now. Blinking, he turned his gaze from the wall to Dean who was sitting on the edge of the bed. "Dude…" He mumbled, swallowing. "We got a problem….I think…."

Dean looked up from his stack of papers in hand, brows furrowed. Taking in his brother's shocked features, he straightened. "What?"

Sam dropped his hand from the door knob, facing the Winchester. "The girls…They aren't…." Waving his arms aimlessly, he huffed in frustration.

Tilting his head, Dean frowned. "Spit it out man."

"We have NO clue who the girls are!" Sam blurted out in a hushed yell. His eyes were wide, brought up to form wrinkles on his forehead.

"Sure we do. They're our fiancée's."

Rolling his eyes Sam took a couple steps forward. "Yeah, duh, but who ARE they? Don't you realize, now that I think about it, we don't know a damn thing about them. I mean, come on, did you not notice how Bobby hugged them like they were best friends?"

Shaking his head slowly, Dean smirked. "You are so losing it man." His voice was shaky with reserve, his mind connecting the dots. He really didn't know anything about the two girls, their families somewhat of a mystery. All they really did know was that they met them on a hunt that was lead by their father. Ana had a fiancée but for all he knew, wasn't her true fiancée. She never gave a name or an address. What's to say he even existed? He never bothered to check the morgue for a body.

"I've been thinking about it since you caught Ana talking on the phone to Bobby. Remember when you got your nose smashed in?" Sam teased.

Dean grumbled. "Yeah, yeah, yeah."


Ana watched Dean's expression as Bobby fiddled with his hat. Everyone was quiet, the room filled with tension so thick you could cut it with a knife. The girls sat on one bed while the boys took the other, Bobby between them as he sat at the table.

It was the boys voices that brought Ana out of her dozing. Anxiety was spilling into her stomach, twisting it in knots. The boys had confronted Sara and her moments after her friend talked to Bobby, each sharing a mask of anger on their faces as well as confusion.

"What?" Sam and Dean stated in unison, eyes flying to their fiancée's.

Ana tore her gaze from the carpet to rest on Bobby, his mouth tight. Sara grabbed her hand, giving it a short squeeze.

"You told me you were just doing what we would do!" Sam practically shouted, feeling like he was betrayed from the start. His eyes seemed to melt Sara's confidence. She was such a bad liar.

"Don't be mad at her!" Ana came to her friend's defiance, meeting Sam's stare for stare. "I'm the one who made her lie about knowing Bobby."

Dean's eyebrows rose so high and Ana thought they might disappear into his hairline. "Excuse me?"

Clearing his throat, Bobby fidgeted in the chair. Ana and Sara eyed him with an annoyed look on their faces.

"Relax Bobby, you don't have to be the bearer of bad news." Ana sighed, looking beside her for some support.

Sara nodded, eyes going directly to Sam's.

"Tell us what?" Dean asked, already partially knowing they were hiding something. "What's going on?"

Leaning forward, Ana licked her lips. "Remember when we first met? How I knew you two were coming? I even had a picture of you two."
The Winchester's cocked their heads, perplexed.

"My family, well, father, was a hunter." Ana began, ignoring the boy's shocked faces for now. "He actually was a friend of John. He knew Bobby as well, meeting him through your father. I grew up with your dad popping in every once in a while. To be honest, I never even knew about you guys until John showed me the picture you saw when you met me." Taking a breather she prepared herself for the next bit. "When my dad died four years ago, John came in and helped my mom and me the best he could."

Returning the favor, Sara took the stage, placing a hand on Ana's shoulder. "That's where I came in. See I wasn't a hunter till I meet Ana. My family was the average bunch, including my ugly brother and annoying sister-"

"What did you mean outside when you talked about a certain night involving your parents?" Sam butted in, eyes glued on Sara. Dean shared the same curiosity.

Looking at the floor Sara bit her lip. "I lost them to a Poltergeist….It's how Ana's father died, protecting me."

"You never had a fiancée did you Ana." Dean interrupted.

Ana shook her head. "No. Pat was a close friend, but nothing more." Feeling her eyes grow misty she growled. "But it still fucken hurts all right."

Taken back by the venom in Ana's tone, Dean leaned back, clearing his throat in embarrassment.

"John told me later on after my dad died that he was leading you to us, setting up a trail-"

"Wait, what?" Sam blurted.

Dean chimed in as well, feeling anger grow. "You conned us!" He whispered heatedly.

Sara's nose twitched as she scrunched her face. "No….You didn't ask questions so we didn't answer them…"

Feeling like a fool for a second time, Dean went silent. Sam frowned, grabbing the girl's attention.

"What?" They asked together.

"How did Sara come into your family picture?" Sam inquired gently, finding the truth painful. He had been lied to all this time.

Sara leaned forward, reaching out to rest her hand on Sam's leg. "They adopted me kind of. I had no family and they offered theirs. I owe them my life." On the last line Sara turned to nod to Ana, the girl shrugging.

"But anyways, the reason why John lead you to us was that he wanted you to have a family. To stop hunting." Ana continued, eyes on Dean.

"So…you're just following orders…" Dean said, his voice hoarse.

Bobby sighed, hating to see any of the group in pain. "Dean, your father asked her to keep quiet about this. She called me-"

"You knew about this too?!" Dean cut in, standing up. He was getting fed up with all these lies.

"If you're so upset about this fact take it up with your father. Ana and now Sara, are like daughters to me." Bobby snapped.

"That's not what I'm saying…" Dean tried to cover up his mistake. "If someone had known this was some scheme from Dad, I wouldn't-"

"Wouldn't what?" Ana blurted out. She tried to keep her feelings from entering her voice. Why was he taking it so hard? It wasn't such a big deal. "-Love me? Marry me? Have a child with me?!" She was screaming by the end of the speech, breathing hard. "Dean, I wanted to tell you for so long, but I just couldn't bring myself to do it. I knew it would hurt you so I kept it to myself. I made Sara keep quiet too."

Just as the boys were going to open their mouths Bobby intervened. "All right, that's it. Everything is out in the open. No more secrets. Enough is enough. I think we should all head to bed and get a good night sleep."

The tone of the elderly hunter's voice caught everyone's attention, the four obeying the order. Silence encompassed the room as Bobby left, the group quickly changing and slipping under the covers.


Night cloaked the world in darkness, the motel room as quiet as death. As Ana lay in bed she found herself unable to fall asleep, her eyes roaming until they found the clock on the night stand. It blinked two in the morning, the hours ticking by as quickly as a turtle. Groaning silently, she listened. The soft snores of the rest of the three reached her ears. Grumbling to herself she slid out of bed, tip toeing her way over to the door only to escape the confines of the room. Once her skin touched the cold air of the outdoors she hissed, cursing under her breath. Sneaking back inside she grabbed a blanket, wrapping it around herself.

As she stood outside she sighed. Finally she felt somewhat at peace, the tension no longer hounding her. Spotting the car she hurried over, crawling into the back. Thankfully she had not forgotten to snatch the keys on her way out. Now in the cold metal shell of the car, Ana tried to get comfortable. The Impala always brought her some peace, soothing her like a baby with its security blanket.

Her mind however, wouldn't shut up. She couldn't forget the look of hurt on Dean's face as she told her story. It was heart breaking to watch her lover practically gazing at her in pain. She did feel slightly better though, having the secret off her chest. No longer did she have to crawl around Dean and Sam just to have a true conversation with Bobby.

Hearing a knock on the window she turned her head, nodding to Dean who stood outside in a pair of plaid sweat pants and white tee-shirt. The man took the invitation, pulling the door open and sliding in beside her.

The two kept their eyes on everything else but one another, both unwilling to talk. Questions filled the silence and their thoughts.

"Are you…mad at me?" Ana broke the quiet, fiddling with her hands in her lap. Her eyes zeroed in on her cuticles, fingers picking at them.

Dean sighed, staring out the window. "I am, but not because Dad set us up….but that you kept it from me." He replied softly, turning to look at Ana in hurt. "I mean, I don't know who you are really. You kept your whole life away from me."

Ana tried to keep the tears at bay, hating hearing those words. She knew deep down that they were true. She had lied to the one man she truly love. "I'm sorry. I thought I was doing the right thing."

Grunting, Dean shook his head. "Doing the right thing would have been to tell me from the beginning."

Feeling a tear rush down her cheek Ana let out a shaky breath. "Would you have still loved me if I did?"

Silence once more encompassed the car, breaking Ana's heart. Placing a hand over her belly she felt suddenly sick. This wasn't supposed to be that big of a deal. Now she risked the chance of being a single mother.

Hearing a quiet sob Dean's head spun around, back arching as he leaned forward. Brows furrowed as his eyes followed the tear tracks down Ana's face. "Ana, hey, it's all right." He still loved her, his hand reaching out to cup the other side of her cheek. Guiding her eyes to meet his own, he forced a small smile. "Well get through this." He whispered, Ana crumbling before him and latching onto his chest. Surprised, he wrapped his arms around her. He hadn't realized how much his emotions were harming his lover. She was too valuable to him to just let her grin and bear it.

"I'm so sorry!" Ana cried, pressing her nose under his neck and trying to calm herself down. She felt the baby kick suddenly, making her jump.

Feeling the jolt, Dean stroked Ana's hair. "What?"

Sniffling, she leaned back, tears slowing as she placed a hand on her belly. "I think he or she just kicked…" Looking up from her stomach, Ana stared at Dean in awe. Feeling another sharp jab she laughed. "Oh my God!" Grabbing Dean's hand, she placed it where hers used to be, flashing teeth.

The sorrow forgotten, Dean smirked, feeling the kick through his lover's flesh. "I don't think he wants us to fight."

Raising a brow, Ana giggled, filled with such happiness at the moment. Wiping her cheeks, she rested her head against the seat, both hands holding her hump. "How do you know it's a he?"

"Cause I just do."

With one last chuckle, Ana came back down to earth. "So we okay?" Her smile faded as she gazed at Dean.

Nodding his head, Dean kept his hand on his lover's belly. "Yeah, we're good. How about we sleep out here tonight?"

"I don't feel like moving anyway." Leaning forward, Ana placed a peck on Dean's lips. She scooted forward, allowing Dean to lie down behind her. Following suit, Ana tucked herself against the Winchester's form. Their fingers intertwined over her stomach.


The sun shone through the windows, exposing the dusty particles in the air. Once again the group was in a circle, the couples taking the beds, the girls no longer separated from the guys. A book was laid out on the table, its old pages full of gray powder. Bobby read it slowly, exposing its contents. "Apparently Incubus and Succubus are also called Lilin and Lilith according to the Hebrew myth. They originated from Lilith, Adams first wife."

With a jerk of his head, Dean frowned. "Wha? What happened with Evey then?"

Bobby gave the Winchester a skeptical look. "Eve is Adam's granddaughter."

"Dude…that's total incest….gross." Dean mumbled, shivering.

Bobby rolled his eyes, he continued on. "What the church didn't tell you is that Lilith was a demon of some kind and Adam's first wife. She left because they wouldn't swap their sexual roles-"

"Which means what exactly?" Dean interrupted.

Ana growled, hitting Dean lightly in the shoulder. "Shut up!"

"Lilin and Lilith are said to be the children of Lilith and died at a rate of one hundred per day because she would not come back to Adam. They can prey on children-boys until circumcision at eight days and girls for twenty days- but also attack women by causing infertility and difficult births, even miscarriages." Bobby paused, letting the knowledge sink in.

Both of the girls were holding their stomachs fearfully, eyes going to Bobby.

"You mean I might lose the baby because of this bastard?" Sara hissed, feeling overly protective of her cargo.

"Well, he's not going after you so you have nothing to worry about…" Ana breathed, offering a small grin of encouragement.

"But the thing is coming after you." Dean whispered, hugging Ana close.

"Now before you all freak out, there is something you ought to know. There is a amulet inscribed with the initials of the three Magi-Casper, Melchior, and Balthasar- is said to protect from them." Bobby assured, leaning back into his chair.

Dean immediately stood, walking over to peer into the book. A picture of the amulet was given, the gem like necklace more important than anything at the moment. "Where can we get it?"

Bobby looked from the book to Dean. "I can find a pair, just in case the thing goes after Sara too." He calculated the time it would take to retrieve the items in his head, his legs already straightening. "Give me four hours."


The sound of wrappers being crinkled filled the air, the girls hungrily eating their sandwiches. Behind them Dean began laying salt lines along the perimeter of the room.

Ana looked up from her sub, mouth full. Her eye brow rose in question, eyes following every movement Dean made. Sara caught Ana's gaze, her own going to Dean. "Uh, what are you doing?" Ana asked, her words slightly muffled.

Dean spoke as he continued to lay down salt. "Protection…"

Sara shook her head. "Why? It's not like he is going to come charging in when there is the Winchesters here."

Dean huffed, standing as he finished the last line. "Cause, I'm heading to the bar with Sam, so I want to be as careful as can be."

Just then Sam made his appearance, coming through the bathroom entry way. "Just let us make the necessary precautions."

"Why are you going to the bar at one thirty in the afternoon. Bobby will be here shortly." Ana inquired, swallowing. Taking a long sip of her soda, she waited patiently.

"I need to cool off a bit, all right? You girls fine on your own for fifteen minutes?" Dean asked, throwing on his jacket.

Ana and Sara nodded. "We'll be fine."

Dean nodded, Sam coming up behind him, jacket on as well before they headed out through the door. Opening it, the boys had smudged the salt line and before fully heading outside, Dean warned them to fix it again. The girls nodding, Sara already standing as the door closed to fix the little white grains.

The smell of cigarette smoke hit Sam in a wave, causing him to rub his nose. "I forgot how much I hated bar scenes…"

Dean smirked, smacking Sam on the back. "Come on, it's the perfect place-women, beer and sex all in one spot."

Sam eyed the Winchester. "We are engaged you know."

Dipping his head, Dean sighed. "Yeah I know."

"Getting some marriage jitters already Dean?" Sam mocked, smirking widely.

Dean scoffed. "Me, marriage jitters? No way."

Taking their seats, Dean and Sam ordered a drink, eyes scanning the crowd. As their drinks arrived, Dean took a quick swig, eyes stopping on someone partially hidden in the shadows.

"Who are you looking at?" Sam asked, peering over his shoulder.

"Isn't that creeper?" Dean asked, putting his drink down to glance at Sam and then tip his head to the side. Sam's eyes followed Dean's direction, flickering to the male and then back to Dean.

"Yeah," Sam growled, "What's he doing here?"

"Don't care, but I'm thinking of asking the freak if he's slept with my fiancée anytime recently."

"He isn't exactly going to admit to that Dean."

"I'm sure I could persuade him." Dean snapped quietly, the fingers tightening around his glass until his knuckles were white.

"If he's really what we think he is, then we don't stand a chance against him. Remember last time? He tossed us around like rag dolls at a tag sale."

Dean glared at his younger brother. "Nice terms of words."

"Thank you." Sam pulled out his phone, dialing Bobby's number from heart. "Hey, Bobby…Yeah, listen-"

Dean snatched the phone away from his brother, "We found the fucker who went after Ana." He growled, before Sam snatched the phone back.