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This is going to be a bit more difficult to explain than I expected. Thought Kurama as he drove down the road. She really knows nothing of Human World. He glanced over at her from the driver's side.

Yukina was looking out the passenger window. Kurama smiled at how child-like she was acting. It was rather cute.

Occasionally Yukina would point at something and exclaim "Kurama-kun! What's that?" or "Look! What's that thing?" and Kurama would patiently explain each thing she pointed out.

"What is that Kurama-kun?" she said, pointing at a billboard along the side of the road. Kurama said, "That's called a billboard. Humans use them to advertise for a business or a product they would like to sell." Yukina shook her head. "No, I mean the thing on the billboard."

Kurama looked over at the sign. It showed a picture of a man smiling and holding a bottle of pills. To his horror, he realized what was being advertised on the sign. It was an advertisement for (dun dun dun duuuun!) Viagra.

Heat rose to his cheeks as he searched his mind for an answer. I've got to give her an answer! I don't want to lie to her but the right answer would be very…inappropriate. Hiei would KILL me if I told her what Viagra was for, if he even knows himself. Think, Kurama, think! You know you have a brain, use it!

"Come on Kurama-kun! What is it?" Yukina's words brought Kurama's mind back to Earth. "It's…well, uh… Yukina-chan! We're here!" As the mall came into view, Kurama let out a breath he didn't even realize he had been holding.

Yukina stared out the window at the enormous building. "So this is…what did you call this place again?" "It's called a mall." Kurama said as he drove around, trying to find a good parking spot. After a while, Kurama found a parking spot relatively close to one of the doors.

Unfortunately, they parked right near the entrance to Dillard's. Since that was the only entrance anywhere near where they parked, they had to go in there. "Dillard's" Yukina pronounced slowly. "What do they sell there Kurama-kun?"

But Kurama was lost in his own thoughts. He was remembering the first and only time his mother had brought him inside that wretched place…


A five year-old Kurama stood outside the entrance to Dillard's, holding his mother's hand tightly. Little Kurama looked up at his mother with curious emerald eyes.

"Oka-san? What are we doing here?" Kurama asked his mother. "Oh just a little clothes shopping, Shuichi-kun. You will be starting Kindergarten soon and you'll need new clothes. You're growing so much that every time I turn around I have to buy you new clothes." Shiori Minamino said, looking fondly down at her son. So little Kurama and his mother trudged on into the store without a single look back.

:5 minutes later:

Poor Kurama was being pulled here and there and everywhere. He thought his little arm was going to be yanked off. And the other women weren't helping any either. Most of the time he was surrounded by women pinching his cheeks and saying, "Awww! Isn't he so adorable?" or "Oh, he's just so cute!" It was rather annoying! But after what seemed like hours of torture, his mother finally pulled him away from the rabid ladies. Thank you mother, he thought. You've saved my life twice now!

While Shiori stopped look at the selection of make-up and perfume, Kurama watched a little girl about his age walk up to a gumball machine with her mother squealing, "Oh mommy can I please have a gumball, pleeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaase?" The mother looked down at the child with a smile. "Alright Maya. Here's a quarter." As the mother pulled out her coin purse, a quarter fell out, unnoticed by all. All except the keen eyes of Kurama.

While Maya and her mother put the change into the machine Kurama, being the expert thief he once was, snuck up behind the gumball machine and waited. When they left Kurama snuck around to the front, looked to the left, looked to the right, then quickly snatched up the shiny coin. He looked down at the coin and started laughing like a maniac, rocking back and forth while saying "My precious, my precious!" (a/n: sorry about the Lord of the Rings reference. It just fit!)

He then turned around to show his mother his shiny new quarter when he realized that she wasn't there! Ok Kurama thought. This isn't going to be too bad. I'll just calmly walk around the store until I find mother. I'm not gonna freak out.

:10 seconds later:

Kurama was running back and forth around the store, on the brink of tears. All I see is clothes, he thought. Clothes and mirrors. Clothes, mirrors, clothes, mirrors, clothes, mirrors, eww what's that? Kurama looked around and saw that he was in the lingerie section. "I'm surrounded!" Kurama whispered franticly. "In front, behind, to the left, to the right… THE EXIT!!!" He saw the glorious exit sign shining brightly. He turned and ran straight for it. Closer, closer, and closer it came. I'm almost there! He thought happily. Until…SMACK!!! He ran straight into a mirror.

Poor little Kurama had had enough. He just sat there wailing until someone from mall security had found him and brought him back to Shiori

:End Flashback:

Kurama was brought back to the present by Yukina's voice. "Kurama-kun! You never answered me. What do they sell at Dillard's?" "Wha…? Oh! Uh…mostly clothes and things like that." Kurama answered, still kinda spaced out. Alright he thought Here we go. Kurama took Yukina's hand and walked determinedly through the door.

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