Here it is, the finale of my most popular fic. Thanks you guys for making So Delicious a cracktastic success!!

Naruto (c) Masashi Kishimoto

"Ladies and Gentlemen, seeing as some idiot smashed the karaoke machine during a stage dive, we will have to shut down the competition. Please, enjoy your Red Bull!" The intercom sounded. The bargoers were keeping themselves entertained, however, not about to leave just yet. Naruto jumped up on the counter with a microphone and screamed:


"Huh?" The crowd was a little confused.

"Naruto will tell ya, I got a new dance for y'all called the Rasengan!"


You gotta crank that chakra three times for me…


"Dear God, don't tell me the author has moved onto ANOTHER annoying song to torture us with…" Sasuke banged his head on the counter. If he had to sing Soulja boy or anything similar, he was leaving.

"Lighten up, Sasuke-kun!" Sakura jumped up next to Naruto, pulling Hinata and Ino with her as Naruto began to rap like a sixteen year old idiot obsessed with whores (eheheh, soulja boy fans, don't kill the poor author -cowers-)

Uzumaki Naruto!

I eat Ramen from a bowl!

I gather my cha-kr-a

And RASENGAN that ho!

Now watch me!
throw that Rasengan!


Throw that Rasengan!

The whole bar doubled up and did the Rasengan. How do you do the Rasengan? Grab a partner, they hold out their hand as the other twists their hands in a sphere, about to perform Rasengan, then you sort of bop back and forth. Naruto tossed the mike to Sakura, who laughed hard and started singing.

I'm Sakura Haruno!

In fanfiction I'm called a ho!

When I'm pissed off I don't fight…

I scream out "SHA-NNA-RO!"

Now watch me SCREAM

Scream that SHA-NNA-RO!


Scream that SHA-NNA-RO!

As the entire bar was screaming "SHANNARO!" Leia stabbed Sasuke with a syringe full of pure antiemodroxilate…

He jumped on the counter and seized the mike:

Uchiha Sasuke, as you know,

Left to join that bitch, Oro.

When I'm strong enough, you'll see:

I'll MAN-GEK-YO my bro!

Now watch me:


Obtain Mangekyo!


Obtain Mangekyo!

Naruto chuckled nervously and stepped away from Sasuke. Sakura grabbed a kunai and started chasing Ino around with it…

"Oh ho ho, I can have some fun with this. THIS GOES OUT TO YOU, TSUNADE!" Jiraiya seized the microphone and started a different song…

She's got those Z cup worthy breasts


The whole village remembered her

She fought Oro, (She fought Oro)

Next thing we say:

Will you BE San-dai-me ho-ka-ge?

The sun began to rise as the shinobi of Konoha, the Akatsuki, and the Suna ninja began to file out of the bar, hung over, eyes bloodshot, and staggering. Deidara disappeared behind a trashcan to go puke, and Orochimaru skipped off into the sunrise with Voldemort, where they went to make little snake babies. Leia nudged Sasuke, who was turning a pale shade of green.

"Admit it, you had fun."


"C'mon, nothing's more amusing than watching Kiba do a striptease and Sasori stage dive…"

"For you, maybe."

Hinata was asleep on a park bench, her head in Naruto's lap. Come the afternoon, she wouldn't remember her night shaking it like Fergie. Ino lingered behind the exhausted partygoers and smiled at Sakura.

"Sakura, we should do this more often."