Who's Broken Now- A Chadpay Story

Summary: She breaks hearts for fun but in the end is it hers that'll be broken? ChadSharpay

Summary Extended: Sharpay Evans has always been the girl to get what she wants. She was also the kind of girl that would do anything to have a good time and could never say no to a challenge, so when her best friend of ten years dares her to go out with the entire basketball team, make them fall in love with her, and break their hearts, she couldn't say no. There was only one problem with that, Chad Danforth. Chad has a girlfriend and isn't about to give up what he has going on for some meaningless trial with Sharpay. After already working on every guy in the team but Chad, Sharpay knows she has to work. She tries everything to get his attention and along the way starts learning there's more behind that tough basketball guy exterior than Chad leads on. When he finally gives her a chance, will she just break his heart? Or is it hers that'll be broken? ChadSharpay

One girl rules the school

(Shows Sharpay walking down the hall)

That girl can do anything she wants and get away with it

(Shows Gabriella looking at Troy and Sharpay kissing)

"That's my boyfriend!" Gabriella says shocked, Sharpay looks from Troy to Gabriella and nods

"Your point?" Sharpay asked

She can do anything so when she gets a new challenge,

(Shows Sharpay talking with a girl with black hair)

"Wouldn't it be fun to have the most wanted guys in school in love with you?" the girl, Kaylee, asked

"I don't know" Sharpay said

"I bet you you'd love that, having your Troy Toy all to yourself" Kaylee said

"I'm listening" Sharpay said turning to her friend

"I dare you to make the basketball team fall in love with you, and then break their hearts" Kaylee said

She takes it

(Shows Sharpay waltzing into the gym)

"What are you doing here?" asked the head cheerleader, Lucy

"I'm taking your spot. Lord knows this school needs a little more pep" Sharpay said

"It needs more pep not more sluts" Lucy said, making Sharpay smirk. She takes off her heels and sets her bag on the ground before doing a difficult routine full of flips and turns. She ends right near the guys on the team who were watching as she flipped around in her short shorts

"Okay, you're in" Lucy said

She never thought about what would happen

(Shows flashes of Sharpay on dates with different guys)

If she was the one to fall in love

(Shows Sharpay in her uniform looking at a guy with hopeful eyes)

"So, Shar, what's the count?" Kaylee asked snapping her friend out of her daze

"Um, the entire team minus one" Sharpay said

"You definitely know what you're doing. So, get that last guy break his heart and everything will be fine" Kaylee said

(Scene changes to Sharpay and Ryan)

"I don't understand why you can't just finish this, Shar? You've never had a problem breaking it off with a guy before or better yet getting a guy before" Ryan said

"Ry, you don't get it, I think... I might love him" Sharpay said

In the end, is it her who will be broken?

(Shows Sharpay sitting in a park crying)

Starring Ashley Tisdale

(Shows Sharpay cheering on the team at a game with Troy smiling at her)

(Shows Sharpay dancing with Chad under the stars)

(Shows Sharpay running from the auditorium)

Zac Efron

(Shows Troy looking hopefully at Sharpay)

"I think I love her man" Troy said

"She doesn't love you though" Chad said

"Just because your girlfriend is a pain don't mean you can kill my fantasies" Troy said

Corbin Bleu

(Shows Chad and Sharpay sitting down on the bleachers)

"So, how'd you like the game?" Chad asked

"It was okay" Sharpay said, "what'd you think of the cheer?"

"Fine" he said simply, an awkward silence rolled in before Sharpay pulled him to her, kissing him with everything she had

And Introducing Brenda Song as Kaylee Collins

"Girl, there is no denying it, you love him" Kaylee said

"No, I can't, I can not love him" Sharpay said

"And why not?" Kaylee asked

"He's a selfish arrogant jerk" Sharpay said

"And you're a selfish, condescending witch, you two go perfect together" Kaylee said

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