Who's Broken Now?

Summary: She breaks hearts for fun but in the end, is it hers that'll be broken? ChadSharpay

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Chapter Five: Our Fingers

It was Thursday morning and the sun wasn't even up yet but Chad and Sharpay were. In fact, they were more than just up, they were ready and at school. Only school didn't start for another two hours. The two of them were at the school early because of their first ever therapy/counseling session. The session started at six and it was six thirty by the time the counselor arrived.

"So sorry I'm late, when Matsui said I was working with two teens at six, I thought he was joking" Charles Baylor said taking his seat

"Mr. Baylor?" Sharpay said quizzically, Zeke's father could not be their counselor

"Ah, Sharpay, how are you?" Charles asked

"Tired" Sharpay said

"Uh, Charlie, why are you here?" Chad asked

"Chad, didn't you know I was a counselor at the school?" Charles asked

"No. Don't you work at some mental place on the West side?" Chad asked

"Yeah, shouldn't you be there?" Sharpay asked

"Actually, I left there a good two months ago. I found it more fulfilling to work with kids your age" Charles said

"And this had absolutely nothing to do with the fact that you wanted to keep an eye on Zeke, right?" Sharpay said seeing right through the phony excuse

"Okay, so, maybe I wanted to watch my son but we aren't here to talk about me, we're here to talk about you two, so, where do you want to begin?" Charles asked

"Next month, at Starbucks after I've had my morning coffee" Sharpay said

"Very funny, why not check and see what you have in common? So, what do you like to do?" Charles asked

"Act" Sharpay said

"Play" Chad said

"Favorite color?" Charles said

"Pink" Sharpay said

"Red" Chad said

"Oh, how cliché" Sharpay said

"This coming from the Barbie doll blonde who's in love with pink? Come on, you're the biggest cliché in the world" Chad said

"And you're the biggest ass in the world" Sharpay said

"Yes but at least I don't have the biggest ass in the world" Chad said

"You would know"

"What's that supposed to mean?"

"It's supposed to mean you spend enough time staring at it to know"

"You're making no sense"

"I know"

"Gosh, and you wonder why no one likes you"

"No one likes me? The only reason people even talk to you is because you're friends with Troy"

"Of course Troy jumps into the conversation. Can you even go ten seconds without mentioning Troy?"

"I can but since it bothers you, I won't" Sharpay said

"Gosh, Charlie, do you see why she needs therapy?" Chad asked turning to Charles

"I doubt she needs therapy. The only things I can see are that you start arguments and that you two surely have a history." Charles said

"Yeah, with Mrs. Wright" Chad said

"He doesn't mean a class, you idiot, he means a history as in a history of either romance or anger" Sharpay said

"Yes, as always, Sharpay is correct" Charles said

"Uh, what else is new?" Chad said sarcastically

"Well, I've recently realized that my hair doesn't look as bouncy as before and my nails are looking pretty dull and my history grade is-"

"Sarcasm!" Chad yelled cutting off Sharpay's ongoing sentence, "You'd think someone who uses it as a second language would realize that"

"Well, sorry, I don't speak idiot" Sharpay said

"Is that all you know how to say? You've been calling me an idiot for years, Sharpay, I think everyone on Earth knows I'm an idiot, now either shut up or say something new" Chad said

"Fine" Sharpay said crossing her arms and sitting back quietly

"Aren't you going to say something?" Chad asked

"Nope" Sharpay said

"But why?" Chad asked

"I don't want to say something new, so, I'm shutting up" Sharpay said

"Um… okay, Charlie, anything to say?" Chad asked

"Yes, what happened between you two? I remember back when you first moved here you two were pretty good friends" Charles said

"How would you know?" Chad asked

"I'd know because that was when Zeke turned to baking. He was trying to get Sharpay's attention back from you by bringing her sweets and once my wife got sick of making them he learned how to" Charles said

"Zeke learned to bake for me?" Sharpay asked

"Yup" Charles said

"Aww, maybe I shouldn't have turned down his fun offer for the funny fun show that was sure to be fun" Sharpay said

"Ooh, he didn't ramble on again, did he?" Charles asked

"He said fun like twenty times in one sentence" Sharpay said

"That boy certainly did not get his flirting skills from me, I was quite the ladies man in college" Charles said

"Didn't Coach say the only girl calling you was your mother?" Chad asked getting a laugh from Sharpay and a glare from Charles.

"Jack was jealous of my skills to pick up women. Don't tell Joanne but I had been the legendary checkerboard dater back in the day." Charles said obviously thinking this would impress the kids. Chad looked blank and confused but Sharpay looked completely appalled.

"Oh my gosh, I can not believe you were the jerk," Sharpay said

"Jerk? I was no jerk!" Charles said

"So, dating ten girls at the same time, three of which who were sisters, two were cousins, and the other five being best friends, doesn't make you a complete and utter dickhead?" Sharpay asked

"No, it makes him a god!" Chad said suddenly interested. "Dude, you have got to teach your son that. He's got no game, Charlie."

"I tried once but Joanne seemed to find my teaching methods odd." Charles said

"What were your methods?" Sharpay asked

"We went to football games and would watch the interactions between the players and the cheerleaders and the reporters and the players." Charles said

"That's idiotic," Sharpay said

"But it did show him how not to act," Charles said

"Sometimes, I wonder how Zeke could possibly have a relation to Marcus," Sharpay said

"Marcus? Now, those two aren't that different," Charles said

"Your two sons are from two different planets," Sharpay said

"Yeah, Marcus is a popular, jackass, who had his first threesome when he was fourteen. Zeke is a baking, basketball boy, who is undoubtedly a grade A virgin at sixteen," Chad said

"You say that like it's a bad thing, Danforth. Saving yourself for marriage is an honorable and otherwise intelligent thing. It stops you from completely ruining your life and body at a young age. Besides, I hear you haven't gotten anywhere either," Sharpay said

"Now, where on Earth would you hear some shit like that?" Chad asked

"I have my sources, one of which you're meeting tonight at seven for your usual movie night, can you say boring much?"

"You're talking to Taylor!"

"Every day, what? Did you honestly believe that just because I find your girlfriend an utter bitch doesn't mean I can't talk to her especially if it involves a splash of alcohol,"

"You were drinking with Taylor!"

"Ew, no, I'd never drink that stuff. She was guzzling down drinks like a dog in the desert. I simply sat there with a water bottle and listened to her rant with my tape recorder accidentally recording in my purse."

"Well, what else did she say?"

"Hm, not much. Just that your lips are usually rough, you have no romantic bones in your body, your idea of a hot date usually involves sports bars and chestnuts, and that you have no idea what she likes as a person,"

"She said all that," Chad said feeling even worse than he felt when he left EA.

"That and some stuff about my brother's ass," Sharpay said shivering slightly.

"Now, see, you two are having civilized conversations, now, let's try to work on that," Charles said jumping back into the conversation and steering it in another direction. "Chad, I want you to compliment Sharpay."

"Okay, your hair doesn't look ridiculously horrendous this morning," Chad said. Sharpay bit back a scathing remark and returned a compliment that was as backwards as his.

"Now, I want you two to communicate. Speak to each other as equals not as enemies. Talk about common ground, something you both can relate to. Like… hm… being in front of crowds. Start talking."

"What would he know about being in front of crowds? He doesn't deal with the lights burning into his skull as he willingly opens his heart and soul to hundreds of people. What would he possibly know?" Sharpay asked

"Don't talk about him, talk to him," Charles said

"Fine, Chad, what the hell do you know about being in front of crowds?" she asked

"I know that when you are all the blood in your body rushes to your head and at the same time it stops flowing. I know that you feel like you can't breathe and that you can soar. I know that there's nothing like it," he said offhandedly

"How would you know that?" she asked

"As shocking as this may be for you to believe, there are plenty of people who love to watch basketball and sit out there watching you play. Also, I did a little bit of work for Darbus back in middle school," he said

"Wow, I didn't know you actually had a brain," she said

"I'm going to ignore that. So, have the camera?" he asked

"Didn't you have the camera last night?"

"Oh shit, Sharpay, we can't lose the camera, I was the one whose name was on the paper and I'm the one who'll get fried for it being missing,"

"Why not call Troy? He always knows where everything is anyway, I'm sure he can find it,"

"Oh, of course you want Troy to come,"

"Hey, what's that supposed to mean,"

"Nothing, just that you're totally in love with him,"

"I am not in love with that egotistical bastard. I would never love someone like Troy. He makes me think of… him,"

"Then why did you date Troy is he makes you think of him?" Chad asked

"Who the hell is him?" Charles asked

"No one," Sharpay said quickly

"Bad person from Divorces Past," Chad said

"Hm…. So, where did this rivalry begin again?" Charles asked

"The academy" Chad said

"Eastern Academy, where champions are made. Gosh, I miss that school," Sharpay said

"Yeah, those were good times," Chad said

"Now, Chad, you moved here in third grade and left for boarding school in fifth, only to return in seventh, and you've been at East High for two years. Where in that course of time did this rivalry begin?" Charles asked

"Fourth grade," Chad said automatically

"What happened in fourth grade?" Charles asked

"A lot," Sharpay said simply

"How much is a lot?" Charles asked

"It's not something I'd like to get into at the moment. Can we talk about another time in history? Any other time?" she asked

"We could talk about eighth grade at the private school when you and Chad were kicked out," Charles said

"That was not my fault," Chad said slamming his foot down

"I didn't say it was, Chad," Charles said, "I was talking to Miss Evans,"

"It wasn't my fault either. Justin was the problem." Sharpay said

"Ah, the boyfriend," Charles said

"Yes, he was… troubled," she said

"Troubled? The kid was rich, had a perfect family, and got his first car when he was ten. He didn't have any problems. He ruled the fucking school. The only thing wrong with him was that he was with you," Chad said

"Okay, that is not true, when we first met in my fifth year, he was very troubled. Then he went to therapy for two years and came back good as new," Sharpay said

"And you dated the freak from therapy?" Chad asked

"He was not a freak, and I only dated him for a month, thank you very much," Sharpay said

"You stopped dating him when you left EA," Chad said

"Yeah, he got me kicked out of the best school ever," Sharpay said

"He got me kicked out too. I'm just glad that bastard got his just desserts and was sent to jail," Chad said

"How can you say that?" Sharpay asked

"He was a jackass and you know it. Besides, he was two years older than you anyway," Chad said

"But that doesn't make him a criminal," Sharpay said

"Attacking a three year old who dropped their ice cream does," Chad said

"He was high," Sharpay said

"Stop defending him, he's a horrible person and he was a completely terrible match for you," Chad said

"Why would you care? You stopped caring a long time ago," she said

"No, I didn't. God, Sharpay, stop putting words in my mouth. You keep making me out to be the bad guy. Your life is not some kind of Disney movie or some story written by someone who's seen too many of them. It won't have a happy ending and there is not a villain in everything. And if there were, it certainly wouldn't be me. What happened has already happened, it's the past, stop living in the past. It's not about the future, it's not about the past, it's about making every single day, last and last and last. Forget regret orlove is yours to miss. You think everyone is either out to get you or in love with you, and maybe you're grouping the wrong people into the wrong categories. You know what, forget this mess, I'd rather be expelled than sit here every morning with you," Chad said pushing his chair back and leaving the room making sure to slam the door for effect.

Charles paid close attention to Sharpay's reaction during this because he was very curious about what was going on. Since he was paying such excellent attention, he saw how her look changed as Chad talked and he also noticed that she winced when he mentioned what happened and that she smiled when he said forget regret. The one thing he really took note of, however, was the quickness in which she leaped from her seat and ran after him. She must have been determined to talk to him because she actually left her backpack and purse, the first of which was open with this huge packet book thing sticking out.

Curiosity got the best of the man as he reached over and took out the book. Flipping through the pages, he saw a detailed description of each and every guy on the basketball team. Both his boys were in there, along with Troy, Jason, and Chad. There seemed to be side notes and doodles on nearly all of the pages. He noticed that most of them seemed to be done by some cartoonist but then he reached the pages where the guys from the gang were and saw those pictures had detail. Troy's page had this picture of a muffin for some reason, and Zeke's page had look of a restaurant, and Jason's page had a rough sketch of what could have been a signature, and Chad's page… that was interesting.

Charles picked up the phone and called his wife.

"Joanne, would you mind coming down here? I have a picture I want to show you,"

Meanwhile, Sharpay heard the door slam and it seemed to bring something out in her. She didn't know why exactly but soon enough she was down the hall looking for him. She had removed her heels because she didn't want him to hear her coming and move. She searched everywhere she could think of on campus including the boy's locker room. She only had one last thought as to where he would be, the old hideaway. The hideaway was the place where Chad and Sharpay would hang out away from everyone else back when they were friends. It was found halfway between Eastern Academy and NGD Health, the hospital owned by Sharpay's father. She started heading that way and as she walked she couldn't help but think of the first time she had ever been there.


It was recess. The one thing that even a high-class private school like Eastern Academy couldn't take away from a young one. At EA, preschool and kindergarten got naps, first through fifth grade got recess, sixth through eighth got long lunches, and ninth through twelfth just went mad. Lucky for Sharpay, she was still in the recess days. It had been a very long day and she couldn't wait for recess to start. Her best friend in the world, besides Kaylee of course, wasn't in her class and she was dying to talk to him.

"Now, class, today your recess will be a bit different. You can't go on the playground as they are redecorating it and you can't go to the lunch area, as that is the eighth grade lunch. You can come in here if you wish but you cannot go off campus. Do you all understand me?"

Miss Blaha was not the kind of person you questioned when she used her strict voice so everyone just nodded and put on their angelic smiles waiting for the bell. The bell rang and everyone cleared out. Sharpay walked over by her cubby to wait until Chad came around.

"Where are we going to go?" Sharpay asked, "We can't go on the playground and we can't leave the school grounds unless we're with an adult,"

"Hey, Payday, chill, I have a plan," Chad said smiling a smile that Sharpay knew meant trouble.

"Oh no, last time you had a plan I had to lie to Daddy. I can't lie to Daddy. He's like awesome. And besides, your plans always blow up in our faces," she said

"Oh, come on, you've known me for three months and in that time, we've only been caught once," he said

"Yes, but you're forgetting the time we almost got caught and had to spend twenty minutes inside the air vents at my Daddy's bank," she said

"Stop being such a worry wart this will work," he said leaning over to whisper in her ear. By the time he finished, he wasn't the only one grinning mischievously.

"I can't believe that worked!" Sharpay said skipping down the street with Chad behind her.

"I can, my plans are amazing," Chad said

"Well, now what? We're out of school for the entire rest of the day, what are we going to do?" she asked

"I want to show you something," he said stopping on the sidewalk and looking over towards the woods

"Um… I don't know, I think we should probably head somewhere where we'll be visible but not too much," she said

"Sharpay, come on, five minutes, I have to show you this," he said


"Your dad's hospital is only ten blocks that way and the school is nine blocks the other way, I'm sure you won't be murdered and served as meat pies in five minutes,"

"Are you sure?"

"Yeah, the barbershop is across town," he said taking her hand and pulling her down the road. She stopped complaining or wining or whatever she was doing the second their hands touched. She loved it when he held her hand. It was just something about it that made her feel different inside. She did always have to suppress a groan when he let go though because then she'd stop feeling the feeling and sometimes she'd just feel cold.

"Where are we?" she asked

"We are… here," he said

"Where's here?" she asked

"Here is wherever you want it to be. This place is where my dad took my mom when they were in high school. He showed it to me last weekend and I thought it was cool. It's a completely deserted one-story house and it's got a couch and a guitar inside. Oh, and a bathroom." He said

"But why are we here?" she asked

"Because we needed somewhere to go, come inside, it's really cool," he said using a key to unlock the door. He pushed it open and went inside. She followed. It was cool and the best thing about it was that they were the only two who knew where it was. They started playing games like Make Believe and Dance Contest and before they knew it, school was over.

"Wow, that was so much fun," she said as he locked the door to the hideaway.

"Yeah, want to come back tomorrow?" he asked

"Only if you bring a clock, we're gonna have to go back to school," she said

"Fine, fine, I'll bring a clock that can make noise when recess is about to end," he said

"That's all I ask, now come on, we have to get to our bus before it leaves," she said grabbing his hand this time and trying to pull him away. It proved to be very hard to get the stubborn boy to move.

"I don't want to go," Chad said sadly

"Neither do I but we have spelling homework and math homework and everything that we have to do from before recess started," Sharpay said

"I had no homework," Chad said

"I did though, so, I have to go and I'm not leaving until you leave," she said

"Then you aren't leaving anytime soon," he said

"Come on, Chad, we have to go," she said

"I'll only leave if we can play Moviestar," he said

"Is now really the time?" she asked

"Tick tock, tick tock, what's that I hear? Is that the bus driver leaving?" he asked putting his hand to ear

"Fine, fine, fine! What movie?" she asked

"Peter Pan, I'll be Peter, you be Wendy," he said

"What part?" she asked

Chad cleared his throat and said, "We're starting at the end in the newer one, when Wendy gives Peter a thimble,"

"I don't remember that part too well," she said

"Well, I do, now, Peter is on the ground and Wendy is all up there and she wants to give Peter a thimble which isn't really a thimble," he said

"What is it?" she asks

"A kiss," he said in response, Sharpay's eyes widened as she realized why Chad picked this part. He wanted her to kiss him. She could feel something in her stomach and it certainly wasn't like when she was sick. It felt more like… butterflies.

"What happens next?" she asked

"She gave Peter a 'thimble' and he had surprising strength and then he beat the pirates," he said

"Oh… okay," she said, she pushed Chad down on the ground, and quickly and courageously, she placed her lips on top of his. It was the oddest feeling in the world yet neither of them really wanted it to end. They stayed that way, with Chad lying on the ground and Sharpay on her knees, for a second or five before she moved and he shook his head with a smile on his face, his hair moving as he went.

"Wow," they said together

"Um, let's go, we have to make the bus," she said getting off her knees and starting to walk away. Not too long after, she felt his hand slip into hers.

"You know, I know why there are spaces in between your fingers," Chad said as they kept on walking

"Why?" Sharpay asked

"So someone else's fingers can fit," Chad said

"Then I know why you're always holding my hand," Sharpay said

"Why?" Chad asked

"Because our fingers fit perfectly," she replied. He smiled but said nothing. How could he, she spoke the truth.

PRESENT DAY- The Hideaway

Sharpay built up the courage to finally place her hand on the door. She knocked lightly and was surprised to find the door opened when she did. It wasn't even closed. She went through and saw Chad sitting on the couch with the guitar. Not many people knew it, but Chad could play guitar like a rockstar.

"Hey," she said, he didn't look up, "I see you're playing, you been taking lessons still?"

"I stopped taking lessons in eighth grade," he said not turning his attention from the guitar he was working on

"Oh, um, you, you ran out of there pretty quick, I wanted to see if you were okay," she said

"Well, I'm fine, you've seen, you may leave now," he said

"I'm sorry," she said, "I guess I did kind of make you out to be a bad guy but it isn't my fault I think that way. It's just after, you know, I kind of saw you differently,"

"You saw me not as your best friend but as your mortal enemy for always and eternity," he said

"Yeah, pretty much," she said, "I probably could have been a bit nicer to you back there. But… how do I say this? I find it weird having to see you so much these days. We avoided each other like the plague for half of fourth grade, you were gone in fifth and sixth grade, came back in seventh and still avoided me. And now, three years after that, suddenly, we're seeing each other every day and talking and it's weird, don't you think?"

"It is weird but it's not like we have a choice. I'm a basketball player, you're a cheerleader, we're partners for a Darbus project, we have to see a counselor every day, and on top of that, the entire school thinks we've been fucking each other, did I miss anything? We're sophomores and that means problems, and, apparently, problems that have to do with each other. The only thing I can think to do is to learn to deal with each other or else we're destined to be gobbled up like Thanksgiving turkey."

"I'm more of a ham person," Sharpay said

"Me too," Chad said chuckling

"Um, I see this place is still the same," she said

"Not for long, I plan on changing it. Making it more… better. It doesn't need to look so dead all the time," he said

"Mind if I help?" she asked

"Do you really want to spend more time with the likes of me?" he asked

"Well, my dad's hospital is ten blocks that way, and there's a private school nine blocks the other way, I'm sure I won't get murdered and served as meat pies being here," she said and she noted a look of realization on his face as if he remembered some locked up memory

"Hey, Sharpay, do you know why there are spaces in between your fingers?" he asked turning back to the guitar to play a note or two

"So, someone else's fingers can fit," she said

"Yeah, and I think you were right," he said

"I always am," she said not even needing to ask what she was right about.


Chad started playing and she couldn't help but think of one other thing.

"Whatever happened to that clock?" she asked, he looked up and smiled at her his eyes darting to the open trashcan for a fraction of a second. She stalked over to it and looked inside finding a broken clock and two pieces of paper with jagged edges. She looked in the bin as he started playing again and leaned over picking up the pieces of paper. This time it was her smiling there was only person whose hand fit with his and they both knew that it wasn't Taylor McKessie. They just weren't ready to admit it.


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