Look, I know how many people hate OC fics inside PoT. Shounen ai, yaoi, the classical crackfic pairings... I understand. To be honest, I was utterly shocked at the sheer number of OC stories in PoT- or rather, the dearth of it. Not all OC stories have to be paired up badly with a terribly OOC guy either. Notice there is no pairing in the summary and this story is not under Romance. 'Course, there'll be a little bit of romance -sappy ones, too- but I leave it pretty open-ended.

"I admit, usually I stay way from OC fanfictions, because usually the OC is perfect, predictable or all of the above. But yours is unusual." –Floriculture.

"It's actually not that bad... Anyway, my favorite part about this story is because it's not as cliché as all of the other OC fics. It's not 'New girl transfers from -.' nor is it 'Insertcanoncharacter's long lost (twin) sister.'" –S.P.A.M.S.P.O.T.

So, give my OC story a try. If you don't like it, I'm not on my knees beseeching you. So far, no one's flamed my story (sugoi, neh?) but that may change... soon.

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So basically, stick with me through the emotional roller coaster of the good, the horrible, the pathetic, the memorable... even the WTF-IS-SHE-ON-CRACK moments. So don't forget to check the height requirements, buckle in and enjoy the ride. (Pray that I don't leave you hanging in midair either, because it'll be nothing more than a miracle if I finish this series.)

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Chapter One: Kin Enters!

Inner Taro: U-.- Well, with a principal's visit, anyway.

---Once Upon A Time---

The school bell rang as the students scrambled to their seats. "Mendokusu..." Kin muttered as the teacher called for attention, but the students, predictably, paid no heed.

"Homework out, kudasai," the teacher called and proceeded down the aisle to check the student's homework.

"Kin-chan, what did you get for number 19?" Taro asked hesitantly.

"Number 19 of what?" she mumbled.

"Why, the homework, of course," he sweatdropped.

"You see, ano, I forgot about it," she smiled, waving a peace sign. Taro nearly dropped out of his seat.

"Demo, Kin-chan, that's like, the third time this week," Taro bit his lip.

"Ah, well, when will I actually need to know the directrix of a parabola?" she shrugged. Sighing, she tilted her chair back and lifted her feet, setting them on her desk.

"TEZUKA KIN!" the teacher exploded and Kin cringed, turning around to face her fuming teacher. "PRINCIPAL'S OFFICE, NOW!"

---Later that Day---

"Chikusho... All I did was miss some homework and put my feet on the desk," she grumbled softly to herself, her bright blue eyes staring down at her hands.

"Kin, a principal's call is not trivial," her mother chastised her gently.

"Humph. They just hate me, that's all," Kin crossed her arms stubbornly, refusing to return her mother's gaze.

"Oh, Kin..." her mother sighed. 'Just because you hate them doesn't mean that they hate you too.' The remainder of the car drive was uneasily silent. Kin watched the neighborhood pass in a blur and suddenly the car stopped as she pulled up in the driveway.

Although her mother was completely silent, Kin knew what she was thinking: 'Why can't she be like Tezuka? Why does she have to make our lives so difficult? Perhaps it was wrong to send her to Ginka.'

"Let me guess, onii-chan has tennis practice and otou-san is working late today," Kin predicted.

"Ah," she nodded, "Kin?"


"Maybe you should join the tennis club at Ginka," her mother suggested. Kin visibly jolted the suggestion.

"What makes you say that?" she narrowed her eyes.

"Well, you're athletic and Kunimitsu could always give you a few tips," her mother suggested.

"There you go again, comparing me to onii-chan! Are you trying to humiliate me or what?" she blurted, slamming the car door as she got out.

"Kin, that's not-"

Before she could listen to any more nonsense, she ran toward the front door. 'Chikusho...' she sweatdropped, 'It's locked.'

"OJII-CHAN! OPEN UP!" she banged on the door.

"Hiya, what's all this ruckus?" her grandfather opened the door and Kin bolted up the stairs to her room. There was a lump in her throat, but she blinked the tears back.

"Tezuka, Tezuka..." she mimicked, "Why does everyone compare me to him?"

---At Night---

"Did you see that freshman? He's amazing! He's defeated everyone in the club- with his right hand! What a prodigy," the Seigaku tennis member exclaimed.

"Oi, girl, are you the ball retriever? Go get the ball!" he exclaimed, waving at a young Kin.

"I'm not-" Everything became muffled as the world dimmed around her and a cacophony of voices inundated her young, innocent self.


"Look at him, isn't he so kawaii?" the girls giggled, admiring his calm composure.

"He's always so serious. And that stern look, doesn't he ever smile?"

"Well, that's why he's Kantou's number one tennis player, well, at least for middle school anyway. Oh my god, he's looking at me! How do I look?" The small clique of popular girls exclaimed, giggled and flirted with the tennis club from afar.


"Kin isn't the same as our Kunimitsu," Ayana's voice echoed, "Kin, why don't you look up to your big brother for once? Improve your grades rather than slack off, and join a club rather than sit home all day?"


"Sugoi! Sugoi! He's now the president of the Seigaku's tennis club! It's our year now!" they laughed.

Tezuka walked further and further away, his silhouette joined by others, his friends, his comrades who he would follow him the entire journey. His presence grew fainter and fainter, until he was only a dot in the wide horizon. Kin tried to run to him, call his name, do something, but her tongue formed no words and her legs were ingrained to the ground.

"Onii-chan..." Kin fell to her knees, "Come back."


"Kin's grades are dropping dramatically," the teacher whispered to her mother, "Perhaps it's wise to enroll her in a private school."

"Hai, demo, I'm not sure we can afford it," her mother sighed.

"Well, her brother does attend Seigaku, right? She can be a scholarship student if she works hard enough..."

The inundation of cacophonic voices poured through her. These words were from the inner recesses of her mind that had haunted her for years without end.

She couldn't stand it any longer. She knew that these were her most annoying, obstinate fears that were indelibly engraved into her soul, and these fears were her alone to conquer.


"Nani?" she whispered. 'I hate nightmares.' The pale moonlight fell through the transparent curtains and onto Tezuka's tennis racket.

"Maybe you should join the tennis club at Ginka."

"Tennis, eh?" Her lip curled and she closed her eyes, slowly settling into sleep.

Mendokusu- How troublesome.

Onii-chan- Older brother.

Otou-san- Dad.

Ojii-chan- Grandfather.

Damare- Shut up.