This is an old fan-fic I created about 5 years's now about 22 chapters long I believe, however, very poorly written and without much research. I've just returned from a four month study abroad in England and couldn't stand the fact that my story was so far from the real here I am revising it, and reposting it as I go along. I hope loyal readers and newbies alike enjoy throughly! Comments are much appreciated!!

Chapter One

"And now ladies and gentlemen, I give you with great pleasure the Class of 2005!" I scanned the sea of cheers for my parents' faces. After a couple of seconds, I spotted my mom's glasses reflecting the sunlight. I smiled at them and knew their returning smiles were filled with pride. They were proud that I was the Valedictorian of my class, proud that I completed high school, proud that I was successful. Most of all, I was proud of myself for doing it all.

"I can't believe we actually did it! We graduated Riley," my best friend Olivia said to me.

"I know," I replied, "Now on to college." We embraced as our parents strolled over to us. We were outside the front door of Pendleton High laughing and congratulating each other in the June sunlight. "So what are you doing for the summer, Olivia?" my mother asked.

"I was thinking of going to Spain, Mrs. Phillips. You know, to visit my ancestral country." We all laughed, remembering Olivia's fascination with Spain even though her family originated from Germany. "What are you going to be doing Riley?" Olivia's dad asked me.

"Actually, I'm not quite sure yet Mr. Hofstetter. I was thinking of visiting my grandma in New York, but I think my dad needs some help with his business." I looked to my dad to see if he would accept the assistance. He and my mother were looking at me with mischievous grins on their faces. "What?" I asked them.

"Well," my dad responded, "I would love the help, but your mother and I had another plan for you." With that my mom held out a plane ticket and my passport.

"What's this?" I posed the question aloud. Olivia and her parents wondering along with me by voicing things such as, "Is she coming with me to Spain, Mr. Phillips?" and "Grace! You're finally letting her travel alone?"

My mom giggled slightly and said, "It's a round trip plane ticket to England. Your father's business is paying for it. We're paying for your college classes at Oxford."

"WHAT!! Oh my gosh! Mom! Dad! Are you guys serious!?!?" I was practically bursting with excitement. I wanted to go to Oxford to study law and justice ever since I was ten.

"We are as serious as you are about studying law, Riley," my dad claimed with an air of happiness in his voice.

He is a lawyer for a big firm in Orange County. He's already had cases with celebrities such as Carson Daly, Carrot Top, and Pamela Anderson (whom by the way, my dad claims is quite nice). I always looked up to him and hoped that one day I could take on his business when he retires.

I pulled each of my parents into a tight hug and gave them plenty of kisses. "Thank you so much. I love you guys."

"We love you too, Riley," they both replied. I glanced at Olivia and saw that she was about to explode if we didn't talk about what just happened. I laughed and told my parents I would meet them back at the house. With one last hug and kiss to Mr. and Mrs. Hofstetter and more embraces with my parents, Olivia and I headed off to walk on the beach and boardwalk.

"Wow! I just can't believe it! You get to study law at Oxford! I'm so happy for you! You better send me lots of postcards and crap like that. You know how much I like the stamps," Olivia exclaimed as we walked in the surf and laughed at the people staring at our graduation gowns we still wore.

"Yeah, you were always weird like that." I ducked a punch thrown by Olivia and laughed. "I'm happy that you get to go back to your 'homeland' in Spain." We both had a good laugh at that joke. After we talked on the beach for an hour about what we'll do while we're over in Europe, Olivia asked, "So, can you come to my graduation party tonight?"

"Are you kidding?! I wouldn't miss it for the world!" And with that, we headed to Olivia's house to party the night away.