"C'mon, bell," said Timmy nervously, "ring!"

"Well, children," said Mr. Crocker with an evil smile, stretching to his full height above his students, "since the school year ends in thirty seconds —" he pointed to the clock, which had grown cobwebs — "it's time for me to..."

"FAIL ALL OF YOU!" he said excitedly, and a squadron of red "F" papers fell from the ceiling and buried Timmy and his friends.

"...except for you, AJ," Mr. Crocker amended, handing the boy a blue "A". "You pass."

"What?" said Timmy, popping out of the pile of papers angrily. "You can't do that! We'll all have to retake this class!"

"Thereby giving me more opportunities," said Mr. Crocker, still smiling evilly, "to prove once and for all that you, Timmy Turner, have... FAIRY GODPARENTS!!!" He leaped up and spasmed with every syllable. "Trust me, Turner," he said in a normal voice, now glaring at Timmy, "if you somehow manage to pass this class, I will know how."

"Oh, really?" said Timmy, smiling.

He dove back into the pile of papers and, amid the darkness, whispered, "Cosmo? Wanda?"

Timmy's two fairies appeared beside him. Wanda, noticing the darkness, raised her wand and made the end glow; now the three of them could see.

"Something we can help you with, Timmy?" said Cosmo cheerfully, tossing his nickel Philip around.

"Listen carefully," said Timmy anxiously. "School gets out in ten seconds, and I need to pass so I can get out of Crocker's class!" He thought for a second, then brightened. "I wish we all had 'A's — and that Crocker had no memory of failing us!"

"Wow, Timmy!" said Cosmo proudly, as he raised his wand, "That was pretty smart!"

"I know," said Timmy modestly, "I have learned something from Crocker's class."

There was a poof, and suddenly the pile of F's vanished and Timmy and his classmates were back in their desks. Every one of them had a blue "A" tucked into their backpack, even Francis, the bully. Mr. Crocker, meanwhile, suddenly went from looking evil to looking confused.

"FIVE ... FOUR ..." the students counted, watching the clock.

"Huh?" Mr. Crocker said, glancing around. "Wait a minute! They all have A's! Even the child with the overactive pituiarity gland!"

"THREE ... TWO..."

"Stop, wait!" Mr. Crocker shouted, flailing desperately, "you can't all pass! How did I pass all of you? You all should have failed!"


"Oh well," Mr. Crocker said, suddenly smiling contentedly, "I still have some time left. I will change all your grades back to F's!"


There was a rumble, and the earth shook as every student in the school stampeded out of class amid the loud ringing of the bell. Cosmo and Wanda turned into Timmy's backpack and lunchbox and Timmy ran with the others, shouting and hollering gleefully.

"What?" said Mr. Crocker confusedly. "School's out! NO!!!I didn't have time to fail all of them!"

Timmy was the last to leave Crocker's classroom. He put one foot out the door — and suddenly gave a shriek of alarm as Crocker dove for him and grabbed onto his leg, trying to pull him back desperately.

"TURNER!" he said, "you can't have passed! You can't have! I still have to prove that you have FAIRY GODPARENTS!!" (He spasmed with every syllable again.) "TURNER! NO!!"

"Cosmo? Wanda?" Timmy whispered, grinning.

The two fairies smiled and raised their wands, and with a poof Timmy suddenly had a rocket-powered skateboard under his feet. He kicked the "on" switch, and smoke billowed out the back and into Crocker's face. Coughing, the teacher released his grip, and Timmy sailed out of the school hallway out into the front yard triumphantly.

"TURNER!!" Crocker shouted after him. He kneeled on the floor and raised his hands above his head. "NO!!!!" he yelled in agony, the sound echoing.

"Free at last!" said Timmy, as he flew on his skateboard toward his house. "No more Crocker! No more F's! No more trying to prove your guys' existence!"

"That's great, Timmy," said Cosmo cheerfully. "Of course, the only way you did pass was by trickery, but hey, nothing wrong with that!" He tossed Philip around again happily.

"Timmy, I don't know," said Wanda, "Crocker doesn't seem like the type of person to just give up like that."

"What's he gonna do?" Timmy laughed, as he reached his parents' house. "I passed his class, didn't I? He can't suddenly become the sixth-grade teacher, can he? The only way he'd get to me is by stalking me, and even he wouldn't be up to that!"

About a mile away, a big black van suddenly burst out of the school's parking lot and into the street. The van barreled down the road at an alarming speed until it reached Timmy's street, where it slowed to a crawl. Inside the van were a bunch of complicated-looking gadgets and detecting devices.

"I can't believe I'm up to this," said Crocker from the driver's seat, as he pulled a high-tech pair of binoculars down from the ceiling, "but it's the only way I will be able to prove the existence of ... FAIRIES!!" He leaped out of his seat with excitement and hit his head on the car's ceiling. "Ouch!"

Crocker dropped back into his seat and examined the view through his binoculars. "The Turner child is skateboarding home," he muttered, watching Timmy. "And what's this? He seems to be talking to his lunchbox and his backpack! Hmmm. Either he's certifiably insane, or he is talking to his FAIRY GODPARENTS!!!" This time he spasmed so hard his feet crashed through the passenger window. "Ouch!"

Timmy skateboarded up to his parents' front door and leaped off his skateboard. It vanished into thin air, and Cosmo and Wanda appeared beside him as pink and green dogs. "School's over," said Timmy happily, leaning on the front door. "I can't wait to just stay at home and relax for awhile!" He opened the door and marched in.


Timmy shrieked in astonishment and Cosmo and Wanda immediately poofed onto him as watches. Standing before him were his parents, dressed in the strangest suits that Timmy had ever seen. They were dark gray, had flipper feet and hands, and big air helmets at the top.

"Scuba gear, Timmy!" said Mr. Turner, pointing to his suit. "We're going scuba diving in the Pacific Ocean!"

"Don't forget your suit, dear," said Mrs. Turner cheerfully, holding a smaller scuba suit up. She reached down and pulled it onto Timmy. "There. Now we're all set to go!"

"After all," said Mr. Turner happily, pulling out his car keys, "why sit home and relax when you can be swimming with hazardous aquatic wildlife? Let's go!"

Mr. Turner grabbed Timmy's hand and pulled him outside to their car, where the three of them jumped in. Mr. Turner started the car, pumped the gas with his flipper foot, and shot into reverse, almost hitting Crocker's van as he pulled out. The car spun around and dashed down the street.

"Curses!" said Mr. Crocker from inside his van. "The Turner child is being driven away! I must follow him!"

He put his own scuba suit on, pressed on the gas and dashed after the Turners' car.