"And over here we have the Krusty Krab," said SpongeBob proudly, gesturing toward the little wooden restaurant. "I've been working there for years!"

"And he's gotten the Employee of the Month award 892 times!" added Patrick.

"Wow," said Timmy, "what do they make there?"

"Only the most delicious, scrumptious, flavorful sandwich in the history of Bikini Bottom!" said Spongebob, drooling.

Timmy, Cosmo and Wanda stared at him.

"A Krabby Patty," Patrick explained.

"Awesome!" said Timmy with a smile. "Can I try one?"

"Certainly!" said SpongeBob, dashing through the Krusty Krab's front door. The four of them followed. "Let me just whip one up for you..."

The quirky yellow sponge dove through the counter window and landed back in the kitchen with a crash, which annoyed the green tentacled octopus sitting at the counter. SpongeBob popped back up into the window and gestured toward the green guy. "This is Squidward," he said promptly, and dove back in.

"What would you like to order?" said Squidward in a bored, nasally voice.

"One Krabby Patty, please," said Timmy. "I've never tried one."

"Never tried one?" came a deep voice, and a door next to them burst open. A tall red crab dressed in a blue shirt and pants came scurrying out up to Timmy. "Well, we certainly aim to please! And all for the modest price of — Flying Dutchman!!!" he suddenly shouted as he spotted Timmy. "Arrrgh!! The humans have come back! I knew it was only a matter of time before the hooks gave way to ... to actual people!!"

The panicked crab dove into the kitchen after SpongeBob to hide. "Run, Mr. Squidward, RUN!" Squidward rolled his eyes and opened a book.

"What are you talking about?" said Timmy confusedly, as he held up a fistful of quarters. "I just came to buy a Krabby Patty. I've got money..."

"Money?" said the crab, poking his head back out. He saw the coins in Timmy's hand, let out a gasp of glee and jumped up to take them. "In that case, welcome aboard!" he smiled.

"You must be Mr. Krabs," said Wanda to the crab.

"Arr, I am," said the crab proudly.

"Wow, Wanda, you're so smart!" said Cosmo admirably. "How did you know that?"

"It's on his name tag," sighed Wanda.

Cosmo blinked. "I knew that," he said automatically, whistling.

There was a ding, and SpongeBob's head peeked out from behind the register. "Order up!" he said happily, handing a tray with a burger and drink to Squidward. Squidward passed it to Timmy with a bored expression, and Timmy carried it over to sit down at one of the tables.

Timmy rubbed his hands, smacked his lips and prepared to take a bite. But just as he picked up the burger, SpongeBob zipped to his side. "Careful, Timmy," he said seriously, "many people have gotten addicted to Krabby Patties. Why, even Squidward here did one time. All of it went straight to his thighs. And then he blew up."

"Uh, okay," said Timmy, examining the burger. "I'll be careful."

Slowly he raised the burger to his lips — and bit down.

He chewed for a minute, getting used to the taste. SpongeBob was biting his nails nervously, waiting for Timmy's opinion. Patrick strolled to SpongeBob's side and asked, "Well?"

Timmy swallowed. "This ... is ... DELICIOUS!" he exclaimed, and gulped the rest of the Krabby Patty down in one bite.

SpongeBob cheered. "Yay! I knew you'd like it!"

"Boy," said Timmy, patting his stomach happily, "I can see why people get addicted to those things."

"But we'll make sure that doesn't happen with you," said SpongeBob cheerily, taking his Krusty Krab hat off. "Ready to continue with the tour?"

"You bet!" said Timmy, hopping down to SpongeBob's side. "Cosmo? Wanda? You're coming, right?"

"Why not?" asked Wanda, smiling.

"Um, can I get two Krabby Patties?" Cosmo was saying to Squidward.

"You got money?" Squidward replied.

"Yes," said Cosmo, "but it's fairy money. Is that okay?" He held out a few gold coins — and they promptly vanished in a poof. He turned to see Wanda holding her wand up and glaring at him angrily. "Cosmo, we agreed to save that money for a rainy day!"

"Hey, we're underwater," said Cosmo as he and Wanda followed Timmy. "It doesn't get much rainier than that!"

"Boy," said Timmy to SpongeBob, as they strolled out of the Krusty Krab, "whoever thought up that Krabby Patty recipe is a genius!"

"CURSES!" bellowed a voice.

Across the street from the Krusty Krab, a long telescope protruding from a restaurant called the "Chum Bucket" retracted into the building with a snap.

"It's not fair!!" cried Plankton, turning from the telescope. He clenched his tiny little fists in agony. "I'm supposed to be the genius! An evil genius! And Krabs is making all that money off of the secret Krabby Patty formula while I've never even had ONE CUSTOMER!!!"

"Customer ... customer ... customer," came the echo, as it always did.

"Which is why you've been plotting to steal the formula for years and have never succeeded," came the bored voice of Plankton's computer wife. "What plan is it now? Number 42-AT?"

"43," muttered Plankton, hanging his head. "Oh, Karen, my computer wife, what could Krabs's secret be? He's even attracting human customers now!"

Plankton started to say more but was cut off by a horrible creaking and clanking noise from outside. He started, looking around, and the doors to the Chum Bucket burst open. Crocker fell through them, yelling, and hit the floor with a bang. "This suit is too darn heavy!" he groaned as he struggled to get up.

Plankton's eyes widened in happiness. "A ... CUSTOMER!" he exclaimed joyfully.

He bounced over to Crocker as the teacher stood back up. "Welcome to the Chum Bucket," said Plankton proudly, handing Crocker a menu. "What would you like to order?"

"Chum Bucket?" asked Crocker, examining the menu. Suddenly he frowned. "Hey! This isn't the restaurant Turner went into! That one was the —"

"Krusty Krab," sighed Plankton, hanging his head again. "Why did I get my hopes up?"

"Oh well," said Crocker, lowering the menu. Suddenly he got his first good look at Plankton. "Hey," he said, pointing at the creature, "what the heck are you?"

"Hmm?" said Plankton, turning around. "Oh. My name is Sheldon Plankton, and I'm the founder and owner of this restaurant," he said proudly, hands on his hips.

"This restaurant, you say?" murmured Crocker, looking around. "It's a depressing place. Cobwebs everywhere, cracked and chipped paint, suffocating atmosphere ... I SHOULD TEACH HERE!"

"So ... you like it?" said Plankton, stunned.

"Oh yes!" said Crocker, bouncing around the place happily (his suit creaked horribly with every movement). "I'll take one burger!"

"YES!!!" shouted Plankton, zipping into the back room. "Karen, baby, the Chum Bucket has just attracted its first customer! Let's whip up a burger, and pronto!"

"Congratulations," said Karen dully. She used a robotic arm to pick up a plate, then aimed a special ray gun at it and zapped. A gray, mushy burger materialized on the plate, giving off a nauseating smell.

"Perfect!" said Plankton happily, grabbing the plate and dashing out. He leaped up onto Crocker's table and handed him the plate. "Your order, sir."

"Neat!" said Crocker as he examined the gray burger. He picked it up and stuffed it in his mouth, swallowing the entire thing in one gulp. He patted his cold metal stomach in satisfaction. "Delicious! You'd think this restaurant would have hundreds of customers coming in for burgers like these!" A realization suddenly struck him. "Hey," he said to Plankton, "why don't you have any customers?"

Plankton's eye widened and he grimaced. "Oh, just because of... that filthy, lying, deceitful, customer-stealing establishment across the street!!" he shouted, pointing out the window.

"The Krusty Krab?" said Crocker, looking at the sign.

"Yes," sighed Plankton. "The owner of the restaurant has been hiding his secret burger formula for years and years. And after all the plans I make to get it, I still fail!" he shouted, clenching his fists. "No matter the technology I use, the loopholes I exploit, the people I trick, I have never gotten my hand on ONE ... SINGLE ... KRABBY PATTY!!"

"Well, if it's any consolation," said Crocker, "I know how you feel. There's this kid with a stupid pink hat that I've been tailing for months. I've been trying to use him to prove the existence of ... FAIRY GODPARENTS!!!" He leaped off the table and spasmed.

Plankton stared. "Um, are you all right?"

Crocker seemed not to have heard. "I know he has FAIRIES! He knows he has FAIRIES! Yet I've never been able to get any proof! PROOF!" he laughed, spasming. "I want PROOF! I've used computers and super-vans and trickery and lying, but I've never been able to expose a FAIRY GODPARENT!!!"

"Hmm ..." Plankton said, thinking. Suddenly a lightbulb went on in his head. "I've got it! What if we..."

"Teamed up?" grinned Mr. Crocker evilly. "I was just thinking that!"

"We could use our technology and smarts to assist each other!" said Plankton, laughing evilly.

"Yes!" said Mr. Crocker. "With my human help, you'll finally be able to get a Krabby Patty! PATTY!" he yelled, spasming. "And with your, uh, tiny plankton-like creature help, I'll finally be able to prove the existence of ... FAIRY GODPARENTS!!!"

This time Crocker spasmed so hard he crashed out the window of the Chum Bucket. Plankton stared after him. "You really should seek counseling for that."

"And this is my boating school," said SpongeBob to Timmy, as they walked through the gates. Looking around, Timmy saw various underwater boats parked along the walkway. All had numerous dents and scratches in them, and some were beat up so badly that they were unrecognizable.

"Uh, this is just a wild guess here," said Wanda nervously, "but have you had a hard time passing?"

Patrick scoffed. "Of course he hasn't. Mrs. Puff just keeps SpongeBob here because he's so much fun."

"But that's okay," said SpongeBob cheerfully, "because Mrs. Puff is a great teacher! What say we go visit?"

They went up and knocked on the door, but there was no response. "What's this?" said Timmy, noticing a note attached to the door.

Dear students —

There will be no class today, owing to the fact that I have to recuperate in the hospital thanks to SpongeBob's latest attempt at his driver's test. The swelling on my forehead should go down in a couple of days and I will be back then. I am not leaving an address, so don't try to come visit. THIS MEANS YOU, SPONGEBOB!

With Love,

Mrs. Puff

"See?" said Patrick, gesturing toward the note. "She loves having him."

"Uh, okay," said Timmy, unconvinced.

Behind one of the boats several yards away, there came several clanking sounds, and Plankton and Crocker peered over the top of the boat, both of them chuckling evilly to themselves.

"You remember the plan?" Plankton whispered to Crocker, grinning.

"Right!" said Crocker, and proceeded to sneak along the row of boats. His suit promptly clattered and creaked horribly. "GAH!" Crocker shouted as SpongeBob suddenly turned around, and the teacher dove behind another row of boats, scattering them. He cowered out of sight, shivering. Finally he opened his eyes to see Plankton frowning at him.

"Did they notice me?" Crocker asked.

Plankton frowned but shook his head. "Crocker, look at you!" he shouted, gesturing to the horribly creaky suit. "You can't hope to grab the, um, fairies like this!" Plankton reached behind his back and pulled out a can of oil. "Now hold still while I get your suit to shut up."

He climbed all over Crocker, oiling all the joints in the teacher's suit. "Hee hee! That tickles!" Crocker giggled as a few drops of oil trickled down his arm. Soon the entire suit was oiled, and Crocker stood up cautiously.

He didn't make a sound.

Crocker raised an arm and waved it — nothing. The suit was now completely silent.

"Perfect!" he said. "And now I shall sneak up on the little Turner boy, grab the 'underwater sea creatures' (he made quotes with his hands), and tell him that I will obliterate them unless he will tell me that they're his ... FAIRY GODPARENTS!!!"

Crocker began to spasm but Plankton reached up and grabbed him firmly around the waist, planting him to the ground. "You'll blow our cover! Now go!"

Crocker stepped out from behind the boats again, but Plankton poked his head out and whispered, "Make sure you get the yellow one to me! He knows the secret formula." He cackled evilly, rubbing his hands together.

"Have no fear!" said Crocker, saluting, and turned around to sneak up on Timmy.

"Well," said SpongeBob as he put the note back on the door, "no use hanging around here. Come on, Timmy, let's go meet Sandy!"

"Right on!" said Timmy, as he, Cosmo and Wanda followed SpongeBob. Suddenly they stopped. "Um, where's Patrick?" said Wanda, looking around.

The starfish in question was currently examining one of the boats. The same boat that Plankton happened to be cowering behind. "Hmmm. This boat looks like it has a defect," he said slowly and thoughtfully, as he examined the dashboard.

"Patrick, what are you doing?" said SpongeBob, confused, as they came up behind him.

"I am checking to make sure that this boat meets the standard requirements," said Patrick pompously, pointing a finger up in the air. "Look at the dashboard! It's all beat up and scratched."

"Actually, it looks like the entire boat is beaten up!" chirped Cosmo. He ran a finger over all the boat's controls. "Hey, what's this do?" he said, pushing one of the buttons.

In the back of the boat, the exhaust pipe coughed a cloud of black smoke out — right into Plankton's face. "AAAH! My eye!" he shouted, running around blindly.

"Ah, nothing important," said Cosmo, waving a hand, and the five of them set off to Sandy's. Behind them, Crocker hid behind a bush and inched it forward, making to follow them.

"Almost ... there..." he said to himself, with an evil grin. "Almost..."

Suddenly the boat that Cosmo had messed with let out another huge cloud of black smoke, and spun on its wheels — right toward Crocker. "GAH!" the teacher shrieked, throwing the bush aside and running from the boat. He ran and he ran, but he wasn't fast enough, and the car poked him in the back before running his legs out from under him, making the teacher cartwheel over the top. Crocker did a barrel roll and grabbed onto the steering wheel; his index finger slipped off — then his middle — then his ring — then finally his pinkie, and he flew backward, screaming, and promptly landed on Plankton.

"OUCH!" came the voice from below him.