April 27, 2008

April 27, 2008

So this is it. This is the end of the story. It's been hard for me to tell it to you and to John. But it all ended up for the better. This is the time where I should probably give you updates on everyone…

Randy and Samantha did get married. I took over the wedding for the last two weeks because her wedding planner totally dumped her. Sam is now pregnant and is due in July.

Dave and Ashley eventually ended their relationship shortly after our Bermuda trip. Ashley found out that he had been cheating on her with Melina. Dave and Melina have been off and on for the past few months. Ashley is happily single and living life to the fullest! (In her words…)

Adam and Amy are happily together and engaged. They plan on getting married sometime in the summer. And guess who she asked to be the wedding planner? Yeah…me. And of course I agreed…

Trish and Ron are still happily married. Uhh…yeah that's all the info Trish would give me. She's so damn private.

Ken's fiancée married him only because he never told her about us. I ended up calling her and telling her what had happened. She confronted Ken about it and they were separated for a while. But she forgave him after he begged and pleaded for her to forgive him. I still haven't talked to Ken and I don't plan on it.

As for me and John? Well…


"Truth or Dare?" I asked as he licked his ice cream cone.

"Oh come on Carrie!" John whined as I took a bite of my cone.

"What? It's the rules!" I argued.

"But if I pick truth you make up the hardest questions and the dares are stuff I could get arrested for!" John argued back.

"That's how your suppose to play it." I said smiling.

John sighed as he took the last bite of his cone. I was still working on my ice cream cone. I am seriously the slowest ice cream eater in the world. John stole a lick of my cookie dough ice cream and sighed once more.

"Fine. I'll take truth." he said.

"Good! I have a good truth too!" I said jumping up and down.

"Oh god…" John said as I stopped walking.

"Okay. You ready for this?" I asked.

"Never, but go ahead." John said, expecting the worse.

"If you could make me one promise, what would it be?" I asked him.
John stopped walking and looked back at me. I had wanted to ask that question for a long time. I brought up playing truth or dare earlier in the day. Now we were walking toward the arena after stopping by an ice cream place and getting ice cream. John walked up to me and wrapped his arms around my waist. I looked up at him licking my ice cream cone.

"I promise to never ever leave you." John replied.

"Never ever?" I asked, stuttering a little.

"Never ever. It was the worst feeling the first time. I don't wanna feel like that again." John stated.

"Oh John…" I said smiling.

John smiled back at me and started to lean in. I pushed my ice cream cone in his face and got some on his nose. I laughed as he closed his eyes and licked the ice cream off the tip of his nose.

"That was very childish of you Carrie Cena." John said laughing.

"I could care less John Cena." I replied laughing as well.

John smiled as he wiped the rest of the ice cream off. I threw my ice cream away in the nearest trash can. John leaned in once more and I finally kissed him. We pulled away as we put our heads together.

"I love you Carrie Marie Cena." John told me.

"I love you too Jonathan Felix Anthony Cena." I replied as he pulled me in for one last kiss.

John and I fixed everything. Nothing could be better. I am actually due for our first baby early next year. Everything that happened last year we have put behind us.

So do I think I love my husband?

I know I do.


The end! As I always do, I have people to thank…

I would like to thank gurl42069, Cenababe1, Inday, SandyCena, nychick4, Sandra Moore7474, c3naisuhmazing, nic-002001, ChainGangShorty54, tophersmommy06, Madame Morrison, cenalover12, MissBubblyJayy, sailor mama, Cena's new wife12, Oh Good God (yes even you) and purplefeather21 for reviewing. You're the reason that I kept this story going!

Secondly, I want to thank all who did read the story. And thank you for making it a success.

So…that's it! Byez! Sequel? I don't know…I'll think about it…haha!