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Kasanoda Ritsu hurriedly got dressed. He pulled on his jacket as he entered the dining room.

Something was weird. Usually Tetsuya was waiting there for him; breakfast set in the center of the table. Come to think of it, Tetsuya hadn't come to bid him goodnight the previous evening. Kasanoda stopped a young maid.

"Have you seen Tetsuya?" He asked, masking his growing concern with anger.

The girl shied away before replying. "I haven't seen him since he went to bed last night, Waka. He was very pale and moving quite slowly."

She ran off and Kasanoda rushed to Tetsuya's room. He slid open the door. "Tetsuya?"

The blonde boy was in his bed, attempting to sit up. Every time he tried, he just fell back. Kasanoda hurried over to him. "Tetsuya, lay down. You're sick."

Tetsuya looked up at his master. His blond hair was not in its ponytail, but falling gracefully across his shoulders. He was very pale indeed, but his nose and cheeks were brushed with pink. Kasanoda blushed. 'Adorable.' he thought.

"Waka?" Tetsuya's voice was weak. "Did you get breakfast? I can't seem to get up, I'm so very sorry. I'll get up somehow and -"

"Shut up," Kasanoda interrupted. "Just shut up and stay in bed."

Tetsuya nodded. A maid came into the room. "Waka, the driver is ready."

"I'm not going to school today." Kasanoda said. "Something more important came up."

He brushed Tetsuya's hair away from his face. His forehead was burning. Kasanoda called for a cold washcloth.

"You should go to school, Waka. You'll just get sick if you stay here." Tetsuya said. Kasanoda did not reply. He just placed the washcloth on Tetsuya's face. The blond boy smiled. "And you'll lose your reputation this way."

Kasanoda lay down, putting his arms around Tetsuya and pulling the blankets around both of them. He put Tetsuya's head on his chest. "Ah? Is that so? He asked. "Just shut up and go back to sleep."

Tetsuya was happy to obey his masters orders.

Kasanoda didn't know what to think. Tetsuya was sleeping in his arms. The blonde boy was beautiful, he was-no! Kasanoda would not let himself think like that. It had been hard enough while he liked Fujioka and still thought she was a guy.

But this was Tetsuya. Trusting, loving Tetsuya, the person Kasanoda had brought in off the streets. Tetsuya would do anything Kasanoda told him to do. If he wanted to, Kasanoda could order him to do that... or that... or even THAT.

His blush grew. He was so red that he was glowing. He shifted, thinking himself a horrible person. 'I'd never do that to Tetsuya.' He thought. But a little voice inside his head said 'Unless he wanted me to!'

"Waka? You're still here?"

Tetsuya had woken up.


Kasanoda pushed some hair behind Tetsuya's ear. He smiled. "I'm feeling better. I think it was just a bug."

"Good," Kasanoda said. "But you're staying here until at least tomorrow."

Tetsuya pressed his face into Kasanoda's neck. "You really are Casanova-kun, aren't you?"

The fever brought sleep upon Tetsuya once more. Kasanoda blushed. Yet again.

About two hours later, Tetsuya awoke. Kasanoda was asleep this time, still holding his servant close to his chest. Tetsuya was feeling better. Not well enough to leave his master's warm embrace, however. He thought of earlier and how Waka had pushed Tetsuya's hair back from his forehead. It was so sweet, such a loving gesture.

"Arigatou." Tetsuya whispered to the sleeping red-head. He pressed a soft kiss to Kasanoda's cheek. Then he snuggled back into his master's chest. Yes, Tetsuya was definitely feeling better.