Finch narrowed his eyes angrily, grinding his teeth together.

At this point at night, he was highly intoxicated and the beer in his belly was starting to talk to him and offer suggestions on what he should do.

The focus of his anger was currently laughing as he danced with his lover, tilting his head back as his neck was given a light nibbling.

"Tim…" Gareth moaned, shivering at the sensation that ran throughout his body.

Tim laughed as he stopped, his arms still wrapped around Gareth's middle.

"What's the matter?" he teased, rubbing his nose against Gareth's gently.

"I…I've pitched my tent." He mumbled, and Tim frowned slightly before he then looked down and laughed softly at the barely hidden erection Gareth was now sporting.

"The side of your neck is such an odd spot to get hot from!" Tim said, his fingertips ghosting over the faint bruises that still lingered from his father's attack two weeks ago.

"Yeah? Well at least I know how to be a better dominant than you, and I'm the bloody submissive!" Gareth shot back with a small smile.

"A better dominant, eh? Well then, go and get me another pint of ale!" Tim said, giving Gareth a loving swat to his rump.

Giggling softly, Gareth headed over to the bar and was a few stools down from Chris Finch as he leaned on the bar and gave the bartender his order.

Curling his lip in disdain, Finch downed the rest of his lager and this gave him the push he needed to get up and stumble over to Gareth.

"Oy, Gareth!"

Gareth looked up and he blushed slightly as he was met by an angry Finch, and he quickly looked away again.

This infuriated the drunken man further and he roughly shoved at Gareth, almost knocking him from his stool.

"Oy, fairy boy! I'm talking to you!"

"Leave me alone…" Gareth mumbled. "You're drunk…"

"Think you're better than me don't you?" Finch demanded, jabbing Gareth harshly in the arm. "Think you're a right smart ass; getting me fired like that, eh?"

"You got yourself fired." Gareth shot back softly, frowning at him. "You had no right harassing me the way that you did!"

The baby bottle business had been overlooked by David easily enough, but when Chris Finch's jokes and little props began to get more vulgar and personal against Gareth; mainly because of his sexuality, David had finally been forced to fire him in order to avoid a lawsuit threatened by Tim.

Finch snorted, and he slowly pulled himself up to his full height, looking down at Gareth with nasty eyes.

"You fucking bummers! You sit there and bitch about being treated like normal people, but then you cry when someone makes a simple joke!"

"You posted pictures all over the office of me sucking a cock!" Gareth snapped at him.

"You do suck cock!"

Rolling his eyes, Gareth shook his head and picked up the two mugs, planning on getting away before Finch could start getting worse.

Finch grabbed him by his arm and held him in place, his fingers digging into his arm painfully.

"Oy! Let go of me!" Gareth said, trying to pull away.

"I'm not done talking to you! You don't walk away when someone's talking to you!"

By this point, their argument was getting louder and Tim was soon coming over, a frown on his face.

"Fuck off!" Gareth snarled and without warning he threw both mugs of ale into Finch's face, drenching the man and causing him to let go in surprise.

"What's going on here?" Tim demanded, shooting Finch a glare.

"Nothing. Let's just go home, yeah?" Gareth asked. "I don't want to stay here anymore…"

Nodding, Tim wrapped an arm around his shoulders and he shot Finch one last glare before heading outside with Gareth.

Finch was too stunned to follow after them, and he just stared down at his soaked shirt and pants.

"Are you really going to stand there and let a homo insult you like that, mate?" someone shouted to him, and this spurred him into action.

With a snarl that resembled an animal's; Finch chased after them and he slammed bodily into Tim, smashing his face against his car window.

"Tim!" Gareth cried out, turning to him to try and help him get up as Tim fell to the ground in a daze.

"Fucking little fairies! Think you're better than me?!" he raged, and he rose up a fist to strike Gareth next. "I'll show you that you're not!"

A strong hand caught him by the wrist before he could bring it forward, and Finch frowned and looked over his shoulder.

"Oy, cousin! Is this little fucker bothering you then?"

Gareth smiled and let out a sigh of relief as he helped Tim to his feet, helping him pinch his nose closed to stop the bleeding.

It was Ferris, dressed in his usual red shirt and blue jacket, a freshly lit cigarette dangling from the corner of his lips as he held onto Finch's wrist tightly.

Beside him was his friend Joey, a jolly looking fat man with a seemingly permanent five o'clock shadow on his double chins.


"He's the one who's been harassing me at my job. He's mad because he got fired for it." Gareth explained.

Ferris nodded at this and he smiled as he calmly took his cigarette out for a moment, blowing out the smoke before putting it back into his mouth.

"Joey? Deal with this piece of shit will ya?" he asked, wearing a small smile on his lips.

"With pleasure!" Joey nodded and as Finch protested and weakly tried to fight back, Joey dragged him behind the building and proceeded to pound the ever living shite out of him.

"What are you doing here?" Tim asked, looking down at his hand for a moment to make sure that his nose had stopped bleeding.

Ferris shrugged, slipping his hands into his pockets, his blind eyes staring off into the distance as usual.

"Joey and I were hoping to pick up a few birds by using the old pity the blind man card." He said. "But then he said that he saw you and me cousin here being harassed and I decided to jump in."

"Thanks for the help, Ferris." Gareth said softly, his cheeks turning a faint pink color.

"Are you blushing again?" Ferris asked suddenly, and Tim couldn't help but stare at him in surprise.

"How did you..?"

"He always blushes when I help him out of a jam." He explained with a shrug, the smoke from the cigarette coming out of his nostrils as if he were a dragon.

"Well, that fucker won't be bothering you two anymore!" Joey announced, wiping his hands on his pants as he walked over. "It's hard to throw a punch when your hands are broken and all!"

Gareth flinched slightly at this method.

"Did you have to break them both?"

"How else was he going to learn?" Joey asked and Gareth was forced to nod in agreement.

"I suppose so…"

"So you two will be all right heading home then, cousin?" Ferris asked, cocking an eyebrow slightly.


"It's not broken or anything." Tim said. "And the bleeding has stopped."

"Good man." Ferris nodded and he smiled as he reached out and gave Gareth a light hug.

"See you around then, cousin?"

"Sure." Gareth nodded. "Maybe we could go to lunch tomorrow?" he offered, looking over at Tim.

Tim shrugged, nodding in agreement.

"All right then. You'll do the driving though. Joey here can't drive for shite!"

"I drive well enough!" Joey countered with an indignant huff. "At least I can bloody see the road!"

Rolling dead eyes, Ferris shook his head as Gareth flinched at the comment.

"Even blind, I can tell that you suck at driving." He countered and soon enough the two were playfully arguing back and forth about Joey's driving skill as they headed for the entrance to Chasers.

"That was lucky." Tim noted, opening the car door and getting inside.

Gareth watched after his cousin for a moment before he got into the car, and he sighed as he nodded.

"Yeah, my cousin is good to me." He said. "Sometimes…too good."

Tim looked over at Gareth and arched an eyebrow in confusion at this last statement, but when the man did not explain further, he shrugged and merely started the car, heading back to their home.