He was wasted just after four beers and despite his earlier revulsion at the idea of a threesome with another man involved, (two girls would have been all right but there was no way he would do it with another man); Gareth was still comfortable talking to the couple. He learned that their names were Jack and Liz and that Jack worked with motorcycles; building custom ones for a fair chunk of change.

They seemed like nice enough people and so when he was offered a free lift back to his flat, he accepted it with a smile.

It wasn't until they were outside that Gareth realized he was in danger as the man pressed a knife against the small of his back.

"Don't say anything." 'Jack' hissed. "Just act normal and get in with your helmet on!"

Gareth made a sloppy attempt to fight; whirling around and trying to strike him with the heel of his hand, but he was forced to give up once the knife was pressed up against his stomach.

"Turn the fuck around before me husband here guts you like a bloody fish!" 'Liz' hissed.

Whimpering, Gareth did as he was told. He did not dare to call out for help, figuring that his throat would be slit and he would be dead before they could be stopped.

His only attempt was giving the camera man a pleading look as they roared past.

What Gareth did not know was that a week earlier; the couple had tried to get Ferris to have a threesome with them and instead the blind man and his friend had kicked the shit out of the husband, knowing his reputation for using force to get his way if someone turned them down.

Gareth's resemblance to his cousin had marked him as a target the moment he stepped into Chasers that day and as they dragged him into their flat, he burst into tears.

"Don't kill me! Me mum's in the hospital with cancer and I'm all she's got! I'm the only one who can take care of her!"

"Oh shut up!" 'Liz' snapped. "Just take your clothes off."

Gareth ran for it once his arms were released and because he was unable to get out of the flat, he just ran into the bedroom and shut the door, pressing his back up against it as he took out his cell phone; calling the one person who could help him.

"Oh my God…" he whimpered as they started to bang on the door. "Please, God!"

"Where do you reckon we should go now?"

Ferris and Joey were walking the streets of Slough aimlessly, trying to figure out where they should go now since most of the clubs were closed.

"We could take a trip out of Slough to that new strip club." He offered, stopping and frowning slightly as his cell phone started to vibrate and he took it out and flipped it open.


"Help! FortheloveofGodhelpme!" Gareth screamed on the other line.


"They're going to rape me!"

"Cousin, calm down. What the fuck are you talking about?"

But there was a sound of a loud crash and then a struggle before someone else answered him.

"Thought you were smart beating up Rocko did you?"


"Well now we've got a new playmate! A relative of yours I think." She laughed.

"You bitch!" Ferries snarled. "Leave him alo…"

The phone was hung up suddenly and Ferris snarled as he flipped his phone closed.

"What is it, Ferris? Who was that?" Joey asked.

"Do you know where Rocko and Sandy live?"

"Rocko and Sandy? You mean those freaks who wanted to have you as part of their fetish?"

"Yes." Ferris nodded.

"Why do you…?"

"They've fucking got Gareth, Joey!"



"I think one of my friends knows their address." Joey said, taking out his cell phone and starting to dial. "Give me a second."

"Hurry up, Joey!"

Moaning softly, Gareth lay sprawled out on the floor, his body aching from the beating he had just endured courtesy of Rocko while Stacy taunted Ferris on the phone.

"Rocko! Look what you did!" she scolded as she snapped the phone in half, walking over to Gareth and holding his head up by his chin, turning it this way and that to inspect the large bruise that was starting to form on his left cheek.

"You damaged him!" she pouted.

"Sorry, love. You know how much it annoys me when they run away like that!" he argued with a shrug.

"I know." She sighed; digging a nail suddenly into the wound and making Gareth flinch and yelp softly.


"Did I say you could talk?!"

Another slap struck him on his bruise and he let out a weak cry, unable to fight back as soon the two of them began taking off his clothes.

"Why are you doing this?! He whimpered, ending up in nothing but his socks and pirate boxers.

"Put your hands together like you're praying." Rocko said instead, promptly taking out a roll of duct tape.


"Do it!" Stacy snapped.

Flinching, he did so and his wrists were taped together tightly and were soon followed by his ankles.

"This is going to be fun." Stacy noted, rubbing her hands together.

Gareth pulled his knees up defensively and shook his head.

"Look, I don't know what's wrong with you two but…"

"Oh like you don't know!" she snapped angrily, resting her hands on her hips as she glared down at Gareth while her husband went to get the video camera in another room.

"I…I don't know." Gareth said simply, shrugging his narrow shoulders helplessly.

"You're cousin refused our offer of being part of our threesome!" Stacy explained. "And then he and his fat friend had the nerve to beat up my husband!"

He probably deserved it. Gareth thought vaguely. "But then why would you come after me?

"Because you look like him!" she pointed out, slowly taking off her own top. "So we figured you had to be related and we were right!"

"What would you have done if you were wrong?"

Stacy shrugged, smiling wickedly as she leaned forward. "Oh well."

This is insane. I'm going to be raped by a woman. Gareth thought helplessly as her hand hovered over his boxers.

A loud crashing sound mixed with shouting voices made her stop with a frown and Gareth let out a sigh of relief.

Thank you, Jesus. He thought, looking skyward as Stacy stormed out of the room.

He could hear a struggle going on in the other room and his heart raced when he heard Rocko screaming louder than Ferris or Joey.

Jesus, please don't let those crazy bastards win! He prayed.

Soon the sound of fighting stopped and he held his breath as footsteps came towards him.

He finally breathed again when Joey stuck his head into the room, laughing at the sight of Gareth tied up with duct tape.

"Why the fuck did they leave the socks on?!"

Narrowing his eyes in annoyance, Gareth huffed and just looked away as Ferris came in next, walking over and kneeling beside him as he rested a hand on his shoulder.

"Are you all right, cousin?" he asked, concern making his voice soft despite his roughed up appearance and split bottom lip.

"Just get me untied and out of here." Gareth said. Laughing softly, Ferris nodded and ruffled Gareth's hair.

"You always get in the worst messes, cousin!"

"Yeah well…this one is your fault!" Gareth countered with a soft snort.

"And that's why you should never leave Gareth alone." Ferris finished with a shrug. "He'll get kidnapped and almost raped by freaks!"

"Why do you always like telling that story?" Gareth groaned, massaging his temples with the tips of his fingers slowly.

"Because it's fucking hilarious!" Joey countered with a laugh as Tim pulled into the diner's parking lot.

"Shall we get something to eat then?" Tim asked, unable to think of anything else to say.