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She's Mine

A lone figure stood silhouetted against the sky. The top of the Konoha gates were perfect for watching the sunset, so they said. And they were right. The man shifted uncomfortably.

The sun had set several hours ago, but he had stayed in the same spot nonetheless. The sky was a dark blue, with plenty of cloud cover. Perfect for an ambush.

But I've seen better views, yeah.

He brushed several strands of long blond hair out of his eyes and peered down into the streets. The once-busy streets of Konoha were now empty and silent with the coming of nightfall. Only a few people were still up and about, one of them even leaning against the gate he was standing on.

Noboby noticed him. Genjutsu was there for a reason, wasn't it?

Deciding that Konoha wasn't as interesting as he thought, he took his time and walked slowly along the walls that surrounded the village. Pondering on whether or not he should just blow up the entire village for the fun of it.

Un. Maybe I could have a little fun before going back, yeah. He smirked wickedly to himself. Besides, this should pay for that view. It was hardly impressive, yeah. Is there not a true piece of art here?

His question was answered when he looked down and saw a young girl(about seventeen) sitting against an upright log at what must have been the training grounds. A large creme-colored dog was lying beside her, as if guarding her.

Now that's a piece of art, yeah. I want her for myself.

He adjusted the scope on his left eye to zoom in on her face. Her eyes were a lovely lavender, and she had a pinkish tint on her cheeks. Her hair was an odd color. Dark blue with a purplish hue.

But what interested him the most was the gentle, kind expression she wore on her face.

Hmm...pretty cute. Not hot, but cute is better, yeah. Un, beautiful eyes as well.

Deidara smirked, the tongues in his palm-mouths licking the edges of his hands in anticipation.

She is mine and mine only. And I will take what is mine...


Hinata sighed and breathed in the cool night air. It was really late, about eleven-thirty. Still, she didn't care. Ever since she moved out of the Hyuuga compound, she had taken every opportunity to do whatever she liked; staying out late, hanging out with her friends, even going to the occasional party.

Those were things a teenager usually did ever since she turns fourteen or fifteen.

Hinata began acting like a real teenager at sixteen. And she had just turned seventeen.

Being a Hyuuga used to be very restricting. There was always a curfew, or some meeting the clan had to go to. Being the heiress, Hinata had it worse than others. She was pampered by the servants at home, but what she really wanted to do was be independent. But now, Hinata had truly found happiness beyond the walls of the compound.

"I really started out late, didn't I Aka?" Akamaru yipped in agreement. Though he was way too big, he plopped himself down across her lap like a puppy.

Kiba and Shino insisted that if she wanted to train late at night, that Akamaru accompany her for extra protection. Her teammates were really overprotective. Shino likely had a few of his bugs on her. Not that she minded.

She giggled, feeling pins and needles in her legs. "Akamaru Inuzuka, my legs are numb now. Come on, let's get going."Her canine companion barked happily and hauled his immensely heavy weight off her.

As she walked beside Akamaru through the empty streets, she had the distinct feeling she was being watched.

Ugh. Don't get yourself stressed out over nothing...

The last thing she wanted was for her to start seeing things. She smiled. Everyone said she used to have an overactive imagination. Maybe I haven't grown out of it yet.

The wind began blowing toward them, making pieces of paper and plastic bags fly into the air. Akamaru sniffed the air and growled, his ears pricked. Hinata noticed this and frowned.

"Hm? What's wrong Aka?" Akamaru only quieted down.

For the next few minutes he stayed very close to his master's friend, constantly turning his head from side to side. His movements were making the young Hyuuga very nervous.

When they got to Kiba's Akamaru ran inside and grabbed Hinata's hand firmly in his teeth, trying to pull her in to the house with him. "Akamaru! Let her go!" Kiba said sharpy. His dog whined in reply and reluctantly released her.

Kiba scratched at his messy brown hair in confusion. "I'm sorry about that. Did he bite hard?"

Hinata checked her hand. There were only a few imprints where his teeth had connected with her skin. It didn't hurt at all. "No. Please don't be mad at him."

Kiba shrugged. "He does that rarely. Are you sure you don't want to stay here for tonight? It's really late for a woman to be out by herself."

His teammate smiled. "I'm a kunoichi, Kiba. I should be able to get home without trouble."

Kiba still looked like he would object. "Maybe me or Akamaru could escort you?" he offered.

"No, I don't want to trouble you two." Akamaru whimpered.

"Don't worry Akamaru, I'll play with you some more tomorrow." Hinata scratched under his chin and continued walking to her apartment.

Now that she was alone, Hinata felt a little frightened. Konoha seemed nice and friendly in the daytime, but at midnight...it was way too creepy at times.

It was only until she arrived in her apartment that she felt a little more safe. Hand shaking, she inserted her key into the lock and twisted it, half expecting something(or someone) to pop out. Opening the door gingerly, she discovered that there was nothing waiting for her.

Her apartment was small and cozy. The walls were painted white, and there were large, wide windows that gave her a view of Konoha. Her home was always comforting to go to after a long day. It would have been nicer if she had someone else to share it with, but it was all she had and she was very grateful for it.

"Oh...my...I'm hyperventilating again,"she whispered to herself. Activating her byakugan, she scanned her house to make sure no one else was there. When she found nothing, she had a quick shower and after changing into a nightgown went to bed.

That night, she kept the light on.

The next morning...

Hinata walked out of the apartment, relieved that it was daytime again. As she passed the newspaper vendor she noticed that there was an unusually large crowd of people lined up there. Not bothering to see what the commotion was about , she went right past the line to get to her sensei's house.

Kurenai had called her team there to tell them about their latest mission. It was a B-rank. Not bad, although Team 8 had done a few S-ranks before.

Hinata lifted a rock on a patch of grass beside the front door. Grasping the key that was put under it, she unlocked Kurenai's door and let herself in. She went into the living room and waited.

"Sensei? Are you there?" She heard several crashing sounds upstairs and Kurenai appeared in the doorway, Asuma right behind her. She looked quite shocked to see her favorite student in her house. Though her team were now chunin and almost equal to Kurenai, they still looked to her as the team leader, no questions asked.

"Oh, Hinata, what a surprise!" She said in an unusually high voice.

"Um...ohayo Kurenai-sensei, Asuma-sensei."

"Er, Hinata, Asuma was here to borrow a cup of sugar, right Asuma?" Asuma nodded very quickly.

Hinata couldn't help noticing that the both of them seemed to be on edge.

She smiled as she watched her sensei shove an entire packet of sugar into his hands and usher him out the door, all the while blushing. When she came back she couldn't meet her student in the eyes.

Her shirt was also inside out.

"Um..okay Hinata, did you need to speak to me about something?" Kurenai made her blush disappear, and her expression was once again as serious as it usually was.

"Kurenai-sensei, yesterday you told all of us to come here because you needed to tell us about the next mission."

"Ah, yes. About that. How about we wait until the others come, then I'll tell you guys together."

Kurenai was already at the stove cooking pancakes. In no time at all she had a stack waiting on the table, covered by a cloth. They would wait for the rest of Team 8 before eating breakfast.

Suddenly there was a loud knocking at the door. When Hinata opened it Kiba and Akamaru burst in, actually managing to knock her over in their haste to meet Kurenai. As she lay there in the doorway wondering why things like that always happened to her, Shino appeared.

"Let me guess...Kiba and Akamaru again?" He asked as he helped her up.

"How did you know?" she sighed.

"You have a paw print on your chest." Hinata could tell he was hiding a smile under his hood and high collar. His dark glasses made it impossible to see his eyes.

"Are you serious?" It was Kurenai from in the other room. "And they want all the team leaders to come?"

Hinata and Shino walked swiftly into the kitchen where Kiba was talking urgently to Kurenai. Akamaru had a scroll in his mouth and was prodding the jonin in the foot with his wet nose. When she finally paid attention to him he pushed the scroll in her face. Kurenai's brow creased with worry as she read the contents.

"All right, I need to go somewhere right now. Help yourselves to the breakfast, and be very careful about where you go today. Do not leave the village either."

"Kurenai-sensei, what is..." Before Shino could finish his sentence Kurenai had ran out the door, leaving a trail of dust.

"Huh. No chance of catching her at this rate. She's too fast for us." Kiba remarked looking out the door. Then for the first time he noticed his teammates.

"Whoa, Hinata. You look as if you got run over by the Naras' deer herd. Oh, and nice tattoo." Hinata stared at him blankly. The paw print on her chest should have been a big clue as to what caused her to be in the state she was in.

"Speaking of the Naras, Kiba, didn't you promise Shikamaru you would help him run errands for the Hokage?" Shino cut in before Hinata could strangle her teammate.

"Oh shit, you're right! C'mon, Akamaru!" Shino pulled his female teammate to his side before she got run over again.

Shino sighed. "We're all meeting at Ichiraku's in a couple of hours. Want to go shopping for weapons supplies?"

"Yeah. I wonder why they need all the team leaders, though." Shino shrugged as they closed and locked Kurenai's door. She replaced the key under a rock and headed toward the weapon's store.

The only person they saw in there was none other than Uchiha Sasuke himself. He had come back after killing Orochimaru last year, and was only now getting solo missions again.

"H-hello Sasuke..." Hinata greeted politely.


"Y-you have a mission soon, right?"


"O-okay. I'll see you later..."

"Hn. Bye."

Shino smirked under his hood. "At least he said more than last time."

Hinata smiled. "Yeah. He's always been quiet, hasn't he?"

Later on they ran into Kiba, Naruto and Shikamaru.

"Oh! Oh! Hinata! You want to go to Ichiraku's, right? Shikamaru-no-baka wants to go somewhere expensive." Naruto was jumping up and down holding on to Hinata's arm. He was unusually hyper today...Still, she was happy that he now considered her his friend. Even though she got over him, they always hung out together.

"Hmph. What a drag," Said Shikamaru using his catchphrase. He yawned and scratched the back of his head lazily. "I said I wanted to go to a place more classy. Not that it matters since it's too troublesome to think of one."

"Damn. I can't handle the both of you at the same time," Kiba growled in a frustrated tone. Akamaru whined in agreement and scooted between Hinata's legs, managing to get her on his back.

"Aw, thank you so much Aka," she cooed, scratching him on the head.

"Oh, sure. She get's a ride. And the one doing all the work has to walk. Troublesome woman," Shikamaru muttered. Hinata batted him playfully on the head while trying to keep her seat on Akamaru.

When they got to Ichiraku's, the owner Teuchi brightened up as soon as he saw his best customer (you know who) coming. Ah, a quick profit, he thought cheerfully.

"How many bowls do you think Naruto's going to eat this time?" Hinata asked Shino.

"It depends on how much he orders. He never wastes a bowl," the bug master replied.

Hinata couldn't help agreeing when he ended up eating fifteen bowls of ramen. He almost swallowed his chopsticks once.

She picked half-heartedly at her food. Food didn't help much when one was feeling miserable.

The other four boys were arguing rather loudly about who was the hottest girl in Konoha. Actually, It was more like Naruto kept saying Sakura, Kiba was saying Ino, Shino said the argument was pointless and Shikamaru whined that all the girls (except Hinata and Tenten) were ugly and stupid and that he wanted to go home...

He soon got his wish when Sakura and Ino pulled up the curtains at their booth and glared at him.

"You think we're ugly!?" Ino shouted, shaking her fist. She was wearing iron kuckles.

Poor Shikamaru, Hinata thought pityingly.

Sakura pulled on her black gloves. She only ever wore them when fighting.

"SHANAROOO!!" she yelled.(I think in the English version she says Cha!)

Shikamaru drew blood on his finger and summoned a stag. "Get me away from these evil harlots,

fast!" The stag, seeing the vicious kunoichis ran off without letting Shikamaru on to his back. "You're on your own, boy," he said. "I can't carry your weight and expect to survive with all my limbs. Sorry!"

Shikamaru dumped more than enough money on the counter and ran as if the hounds of hell were after him. Which was kind of true if he was running from Ino and Sakura. "Damn beasts!"

Kiba watched them for a minute before turning back to Naruto. "What was I talking about again?"

"Dunno." Naruto dragged Shikmaru's bowl over and finished his ramen. "Can't let good food go to waste."

Hinata tried not to laugh at what she had just seen. This happened to Shikamaru every few days, so she should have been accustomed this by now, but it never failed to amuse her.

Naruto eyed her bowl of chicken ramen. Hinata gave in and shoved her bowl at him.

"I love you!" He shouted, getting food all over them.

Shino sighed and gave the rest of his ramen to Akamaru. Seeing Naruto eat always ruins my appetite.

The boys(minus Shikamaru) and Akamaru acted like gentlemen for once and escorted her home. It was already late at night, and the streetlights were on.

"Well, Hinata, your three,"Akamaru growled. "Four dates have to leave right now." Kiba smirked at his joke.

Akamaru stood on his hind legs and gave her a sloppy dog kiss. "I think that out of all my dates, Akamaru is my favorite." Hinata played along.

"Ouch, hear that guys? Outdone by a dog." They all left, waving good bye.

Hinata watched them for a moment then entered her apartment building. Being with her friends made her feel unafraid. Confidant, she fitted her key into the lock of her door and let herself in.

She was about to turn on the other light when she noticed something unusual. The bedroom window was open. I must have forgotten to close it.

Before she could do that, a muscular arm wrapped itself around her neck. Panicking, she screamed and struggled wildly until she felt the edge of a kunai being pressed against her neck.

Warm breath tickled her neck made the little hairs stand straight up. Damn she cursed to herself. She stifled a scream as she felt the hand around her neck slide down to stroke the inside of the her thighs. The kunai never left her throat the whole time. She couldn't resist letting out a cry when she felt something wet on her legs...

"Wh-what do you want?" she whispered to the stranger who had her in his grip.

The kunai pressed closer to her throat.


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