So Close

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Hinata groaned and rolled over, the mattress beneath her molding to her curves as she shifted her body for more comfort. Next to her, Deidara mumbled something incoherently under his breath, the only pillow(and her) clutched tightly in his arms.

Hinata's eyes flew open at the small noise, pearly lavender orbs meeting what used to be a perfectly white ceiling. Now colored gray by a thin layer of soot(and several foot prints) it was only a fraction of the damage caused within the past twelve hours. Deidara yawned, then kicked out with one leg, sending her flying off the bed.

The resounding crash that followed was apparently less than enough to wake him up, and Hinata shakily stood up from where she had fallen, an aching bottom to add to her current pains.

Time had called for a truce, leaving them both to vacate the blond's room as a temporary resting place. Limping over to the bed, Hinata stood and glared down at him dully before yanking the pillow out of his hands, making sure to replace it with a fully clothed blow-up doll(!) she found in a cabinet. She had no idea why he would own a doll in the first place, and frankly, she did not want to know either.

Tucking the pillow under one arm, she headed to her bedroom, taking care not to step on the various pieces of furniture scattered about. It was only when she reached the security of her bedroom did she bury her head in the pillow and scream in frustration.

A maiden's cry of distress.

When she was done she flopped back on the bed and hugged the pillow to her chest, welcoming the softness it provided for her aching body. The events of last night were to blame for her condition, yet she could help but smile softly at the sadistic pleasure she felt at the blond's expense.


Hinata lay peacefully on her bed, the usual blush adorning her cheeks as she thought about her former crush, Naruto. She had gotten over him long ago, though there were some occasions in which her old feelings for him arose again. Imagining his arms around her waist as he whispered sweet nothings to her, she let out a content sigh, oblivious of the effect it had on a certain Akatsuki who was hovering over her still form.

Deidara watched, transfixed, as she snuggled in more comfortably, his oversized t-shirt having ridden up, exposing her creamy legs. This was his perfect chance. Maybe he could take her now, and worry about getting revenge on her later.

Slowly, so as not to wake her, he slipped into the space next to her, cursing himself silently every time she made as if to wake up. His "tools for revenge" lay on the floor, forgotten for the time being. Once he was in, all thoughts of sex slipped his mind when she suddenly turned toward him, doe eyes wide open and staring right into his own. A few tense seconds passed, during which Deidara seriously contemplated shoving a chunk of C4 down his throat and ending his life right then and there. Having had a few choice encounters with girls like his own lavender-eyed princess, he knew that a hasty death was preferable to a slow, torturous one that she was no doubt planning.

"Naruto-kun.?" Her lips turned up in a faint smile. Deidara suppressed a wince.

Hinata's eyes focused, then closed again, and her soft breathing was heard again. A little shiver of anticipation ran up and his spine; releasing the breath he had been holding, shifted closer to her, drinking in the sight of her delicate face, her midnight blue hair that spilled over the pillow like a sheet of silk. Her pearly eyes were closed, and he felt his heart ache for being unable to see the lavender orbs he admired so much.

Deidara's almond-shaped eyes traveled down from her long eyelashes to her little nose(he thought it was cute) and finally stopped at her mouth. The sight of her luscious, pink lips made his heartbeat increase tenfold, which was something remarkable in itself. Her lips were slightly parted, as if she were expecting a kiss.

And Deidara was more than willing to give it.

Hesitantly, he leaned over and captured her lips with his own, arms wrapping around her fragile frame. He had caught her this time, and he'd be damned if he let her escape again. Impatiently, he deepened the kiss, a silent plea for her to cooperate. Of course, the fact that she was still asleep was a factor as to whether or not his desires were met, but in this case he was grateful with what he got.

To his utter shock(and pleasure) Hinata sighed contentedly and reversed their positions so thatshe was on top, her small hands pressing into his warm chest, iridescent eyes shy and questioning. Allowing a smirk to grace his lips Deidara snatched both her tiny wrists in one hand before she could make another move.

"What do you think you're doing,un?" His princess only blushed cutely before burying her face in his chest so her reply was muffled. "I...I thought it's what you wanted..."

Deidara frowned at the sudden change in her behavior. Only a few hours before was she completely opposed to him. Her cunning demeanor was replaced by the sweet gentleness that had attracted him to her in the first place. Maybe she was playing hard to get after all? Or was this all some kind of nasty trick?

A soft sob broke into his thoughts; cupping her chin in one hand he slowly lifted her head to meet her tear-streaked eyes. Those glorious orbs were touched silver in the moonlight that filtered through the window. The stirring feeling within his heart returned, stronger than ever. Unwilling to succumb to the odd feeling he forced himself to stare directly into her eyes.

"Why are you crying?" He asked a little more harshly than he intended. Hinata bit her bottom lip and looked away. "I...thought you were...unsatisfied...with me..."

"Don't say that." He gripped her wrists hard. "I'm making you mine, and I am satisfied enough with that. Now shut up, n"

Okay, so that wasn't exactly how he meant to comfort her, but hey, it did seem to work..

Hinata complied and closed her eyes as she found herself being pinned down to the mattress. Heart pounding heavily, the blond Akatsuki captured her lips once more, delving deeper than before, desiring her to submit to and respond to his overtures.

Suddenly, as if possessed, her arms tightened around his neck, drawing a pained grunt from her partner as her nails dug into his skin. What a feisty one for eighteen...but I know how to deal with her type...He abruptly sat up(bringing her with him) and fisted his hand firmly in her hair.

"Stop crying and turn over. Now."

She wiped her tears away with a balled hand. "U-um...wh-what?"

"You heard me, un."


"You'll see."

She stared at him with wide eyes for a few more seconds, then slowly did as he asked. she's right where I want her... With a last smirk of triumph, he leaned forward and let his fingers glide slowly up her legs until they reached the lining of her underwear(which, in fact, belonged to him. And yes, they were the white ones with red lipstick kiss marks all over them)

Never had his y-fronts looked so damn sexy.

Hooking eager fingers under the thin cloth, he was in the process of pulling them down when her hand stopped him. She was looking right at him over her back, lower lip sticking out in a cute pout.

"What now, un?" By now his voice was low and ragged; he was desperate, yet a tiny, little voice in his head(which no doubt had a higher IQ ) was warning him that he was in for a huge disappointment.

This was right before he tucked it away in a dark, insignificant part of his mind.

Without asking his permission, she sat up and slowly prodded her fingers together, a light blush tinting her face pink. "I-I want to tell you something..." There it was; the little tiny half-smile he saw on her face only when she was about to pull a fast one on him.

"Well? Get on with it." He narrowed his eyes in warning, daring her to ruin such a good moment.

"Come closer." He hesitated to at first, not quite trusting her intentions. Uh, wait. Am I actually scared of this woman? Hell no! It's just...her aura is one of the purest evil...(A/N He's exaggerating)

He sighed carelessly, then reached his arm around her waist and pulled her closer when she placed her hands gently on his thighs.

"Um...I was wondering...w-would you like to be my first..."

Why the hell would she be asking me that? What does she think I'm doing now, un!?


Her first kiss? Does she really...? Inner Deidara squealed with glee, as the blond Akatsuki stoically(but triumphantly) pinned her down and pressed his lips greedily to hers. The corner of her mouth turned up in a smirk, and it was then that realization struck him like a knee to the groin.

Hang on a sec...didn't I kiss her already? He opened his eyes only find himself face to face with a thousand others.

"EEEEEEEEEK!!!! BUUUGS!" Faceted orbs with mirror-like surfaces reflected the essence of pure horror to the beheld victim as the large dark mass that lay under him erupted into a swarm of kikaichu beetles that surrounded his body, crawling on his face, chest, down his other pair of kiss-stained y-fronts(the ones he was currently wearing) and(as a further disgrace) in his hair. "Damn her,"he swore under his breath as he rolled off the bed to escape from the tiny pincers that scraped teasingly at his skin. Teasingly. The girl was mocking him, all right. There he was,shirtless, in his underwear, covered in insect bites.

And that Hyuuga could have killed him with the little insect stunt she had just pulled. Cursing profusely, he beat the insects off him and glanced around the room, stony gaze sweeping the exterior of every object in sight.

That little...wait till I get my hands on her! Deidara did not like being made a fool of. And he'd be damned if it happened again.

After once more casting a wary glance around the dark, moonlit room he was about to exit when he suddenly remembered the supplies he'd dropped carelessly to the floor when he found his hime curled up contentedly in bed.

Except, they had mysteriously gone missing. The fire extinguisher, the smoke bombs- all gone.

Of course...she came out and took them while I was distracted by that bug clone. Now, where could Hime be?

This was turning out rather interesting; He was weaponless, and he had no idea where his hime was. Even the bugs had gone.


Well,he thought, glancing at the rumpled sheets on her bed. If she refuses to come out...I may have to flush her out instead...but I'm a nice guy...I'll wait.

"You know, Hime," He raised his voice so that it could be heard throughout the penthouse. "That wasn't very nice, un." He walked slowly out her room, hands clasped behind his back. Though he was presenting himself in a mild and meek fashion, his mind was at work calculating the best way to avenge his pride and take what rightfully belonged to him.

A light fluttering sound disrupted his thoughts and he stalked toward the source if the noise, hoping desperately that it was his future masterpiece. His feet led him to a closet, the white door practically glowing like a beacon in the darkness the night cast upon the hallway. He wasted no time in ripping it open. In fact, he was so excited he ripped the door right off it's hinges. "Aha! I've got you now, un!"

"Coo?" A pair of dark beady eyes glared down at him from a shelf. "Coo?" The mourning dove said once more before dealing him a severe peck between the eyes. "Aw, shit!" He cursed quietly before wiping at the small cut with a balled hand. I guess I deserved that...even though it's a case of 'biting the hand that feeds you'. Hmph.

He was about to go on to the den when a shadow flickered across the kitchen's moonlit floor. The skylight on the kitchen's ceiling allowed the moon's lit to tint the floor a peculiar light shade of blue with a bit of gray mixed in.

With long strides he made his way to that destination, stopping once more to survey his surroundings. Inside the cupboards, inside the fridge, under the table, anywhere in which a young, vengeful woman may be hiding.

It's a shame he never thought of looking on top of the fridge, Hinata thought as she looked down at him from that perch. She crouched lower against the machine's metal top and shrank back further against the wall.The fire extinguisher she had snagged from him earlier rested between her legs, where she could keep it from rolling off. The clay smoke bombs...well those, she had put elsewhere.

"I won't hurt you, Hime, if you will just come out and talk me. We can both act like civilized adults, un?" From past experiences Hinata knew that when someone said they wouldn't hurt you, most of the time they were lying. She stayed where she was.

"Hime? Hinata?" He called out in a low voice, taking his time as he searched the room thoroughly. He paused at the counter and opened a tiny jar of peanut butter, peeking inside to see if she was hiding in there.

Unable to suppress it, the young heiress let out a quiet giggle at his ridiculous action. The image of the Akatsuki getting so desperate that he would look inside a bottle seemed so childish and funny, that she couldn't resist. She clamped her hand over her mouth, barely managing to hold back the barrage of laughter that threatened to spill out.

Hm...looks like Hime has a weakness for a good laugh...un. Deidara smirked as he replaced the lid on the jar, glancing out the corner of his eye at the refrigerator unit behind him. So that's where she is...cute, but she could still do better. So absorbed was he in this little game of cat and mouse that he failed to realize that he was truly enjoying himself for the first time in years. Life in the Akatsuki had(in his opinion) restricted his freedom to express his art in the ways that he preferred to. In the days before he had even heard of Akatsuki he followed a strict regiment of blowing up at least five buildings a day. Now, due to the interference of one Uchiha Itachi he was down to one, or, if he was lucky, even three. And those were for missions only. For now, there was nothing much for him to amuse himself with except for his painting, into which he had become obsessed.

If he was unable to blow things up whenever he wanted to, why not just paint it on paper instead? What was the use of destroying something in a myriad of light and smoke without being able remember how it looked like?

But that aside, he had found himself a new amusement in his masterpiece and he was not about to let her go, no matter what.

"Hm, I wonder where she is, un." he said aloud, pacing around slowly. He still wore his teasing grin, and Hinata couldn't help snickering a bit. "Oh, Hime? Are" He opened the door of the dishwasher. Empty. "" He whipped around and lifted the lid off an empty trashcan. "No, not here either, un. Or maybe..." He grinned wickedly, and the young heiress gulped audibly. "Up here!"

Fast as lightning he leapt to the top of the fridge, crowding her against the wall and effectively trapping her, an arm on either side of her head. Sadly for him, he had misjudged the distance and ended up bashing his head into the ceiling so hard that it came out through the floor of the women's locker room of the gym on the floor above. Even worse, it was currently occupied by several late-night cyclists who were changing out of their sweat suits. Several pairs of eyes stared at him in awe until one, particularly loud voice broke the silence.

"Eeeew, a pervert! Quick, ladies, after him!" As much as he tried, he found himself unable to pull his head back down.

Deidara gulped and chuckled nervously as one of them took off her belt and began cracking it dangerously. "Uh, hey, wh-what are you planning to do with that?" His eyes flicked to a younger woman, who was advancing on him with a suspicious-looking orange book. "No...that's not..."

"Oh yes it is." She held up the title. "Make-out Tactics: Advanced Sadism for your Uke and You."


"And guess what? It includes a complimentary Uke paddle!"

"Yeah. You have been a naughty boy, and I think boys like yo need a spanking."

"No! Not by the hair on my nice smooth rear!"

"Eeeew, he has hair on his butt? Yuck!" And with a single blow from the Uke paddle, he was sent right back down to his awestruck hime.

"So, Hime..." The blond Akatsuki growled, frosty eyes catching hers in a dangerous gaze. "I see you've made yourself busy this night?" She nodded slowly, a smile spreading it's way across her face.

It took an unholy amount of self-control to prevent himself from jumping her at that instant. Something about that smile unnerved him.



"Why are you smiling like that?" Her smile grew wider, and it was then that he noticed the glint in her eyes. Not to mention the nozzle of the fire extinguisher aimed at his heart.

Time slowed for an instant; Deidara's eyes widened, his mouth opening in a surprised yell as he realized the impending doom that was to come upon him. And even then, the heiress' smile grew into a sadistic grin as she pressed the nozzle, a thick stream of foam and water hitting the Akatsuki square in the chest.

Like a winged being the blond Akatsuki soared backward through the air, over the table, out of the room and slid halfway down the hallway until he came to a stop by the doorless closet.

Hinata shut off the extinguisher, then stared open mouthed at the still man. I didn't think he'd go that I kill him?

Though she honestly hated the guy, she wasn't one to abandon a person in need, even if he was a tacky artist with an even tackier style of dress. Never had y-fronts looked so unappealing.

Trying to rid herself of that traumatic image, she lay the fire extinguisher down and clambered off the fridge, all the while keeping both eyes on the motionless man.


No answer.

Now more worried than scared, she quickened her pace until she stood over him. His eyes were closed, his arms and legs splayed outwards, and his neck was bent to the side at a dangerous angle. No...

The heiress fell to her knees, feeling helpless as she crawled closer to take a better look.

"Deidara?" No response.

Oh no...I hope I didn't kill him...I mean, he isn't that bad...okay, well, that was a lie but still...maybe I overdid it a bit? Then she remembered what he had done to her teammates two days prior. No...I can't feel sorry for him, not after what he did...although...I wanted to hurt him...but not so much he died...

Now that she could see him up close and personal, he didn't seem all that bad. He rather reminded her of Naruto in some weird way she couldn't quite put her finger on. But there was a chance he was still alive. Maybe...

She hesitated, then lowered her head until it rested right on top his stomach. There was no heartbeat.

"A-are you asleep?" Still no answer. Tears welled in her eyes as she realized the enormity of what she had done. In all her years as a
kunoichi, never before had she killed someone. Whether it be a missing-nin or an Akatsuki, it made no difference. She had killed, and there was nothing she could do to bring him back.

I never meant to go so far...but it was the right thing to do...for myself and my village...I can go home now.

Though a part of her mind was screaming at her to get up and leave as fast as possible, her legs wouldn't let her. Instead, she leaned closer to the still body and ran her fingers lightly over the black markings on his chest, still hoping to feel even the tiniest heartbeat, but knowing all efforts to do so would end in failure.

What an insult, yeah...Deidara thought grumpily to himself. As if that little fall was enough to even hurt...looks like I'm not the only one who's been underestimating others. But why is she staying here?Anyone would have gone off by now... The sound of her quiet sobs reached his ears. Is she crying for me? Why? I hurt her, I hurt her friends, yet she still has enough pity in her heart to cry for me? I don't get it.

Maybe it's because she's a better person than me. I don't deserve a woman like Hime...but maybe...I can teach her to like me...

"Don't cry, Hime." At the sound of his voice she froze and gazed at him with wide, watery eyes.

"Y-you're alive?"

"Yeah..." The desire in her eyes made him feel the odd sensation fluttering within his chest again. Is this what loves feels like?


"Hey, what was that for, un?"

"For being alive, what else? In fact, this gives me the perfect chance to get you back for punching me in the eye earlier!"

Deidara rubbed at his swollen cheek and shot her a dirty look. "Oh really? And what do you plan on doing, then?"

At that precise second the Uke paddle dropped through the hole in the ceiling. Hinata grinned.

It was going to be a long, long night.


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