Chibi-Kari: This is my first Lovely Complex story and I hope you all enjoy it. I just couldn't get this out of my head and had to write it down. Obviously I don't own Lovely Complex…otherwise I wouldn't be like a druggy waiting for my next Lovely Complex fix.

Bear Curry

He could have gone the whole rest of his life without hearing the words 'Bear Curry' ever again. Every time he saw it, it brought back the memory of tears streaming down her face as she stuttered out the words. He broke her heart while looking at Bear Curry. So now that her heart belonged to him he decided he would never look at, eat, or have her even hear the words Bear Curry again.

Yes, Otani Atsushi would give up one of his favorite foods to appease one, Koizumi Risa. Since the day they officially became a couple he made sure that Bear Curry never crossed her path. All restaurants were pre-chosen; he even bribed the school not to serve it for the remainder of their time there.

Of course no plan is perfect. He had his few close calls. There was the time it was requested at the table next to them on their one year anniversary. Luckily, Risa was in the washroom while the woman at the other table ordered the cursed food. It took all his stealth, to sneak away from his girlfriend, into the kitchen, and rid the place of the blasphemous substance. After hiding the evidence and the waiter disguise, he was able to enjoy a Bear Curry free meal with Risa. Granted, she wasn't very happy that he disappeared for over half an hour, but that didn't seem to matter as long as she was tear-free.

The second close call had been more deadly. It could have ruined everything. It was going to be the first official dinner Risa had with his family, so of course the worst thing that could happen did. His mother decided to make Bear Curry. Otani had argued for over an hour with his mother, trying to convince her to make something…anything else. But of course she just had to make it because his little sister had just returned from her school trip with a can. Oh how he cursed his little sister at that moment. Luckily his wit, a step ladder, the window, and a stray dog rid him of the curry. Going out to eat, on his money, and receiving glares from his mother the whole night was fine as long as he ensured the glowing smile on his girlfriend's face.

But now, he had miscalculated, hadn't thought about it at all. Looking around he just couldn't believe he had screwed up this bad. Here, at his wedding reception sitting next to his beautiful wife, whom he tried to shelter from Bear Curry, was the accursed substance itself. The caterers decided to serve Bear Curry. He just couldn't believe it.

He glanced over to his wife, hoping to defuse the tears before they came. But to his surprise she was beaming.

"I couldn't be a luckier girl! I married the one I love and get to eat Bear Curry on the same day! I haven't had it in so long." She smiled at him, leaning over and giving him a kiss on the cheek before settling in on the first bite.

Now all he could do was groan.

The End

Chibi-Kari: Thanks for reading! I hope you enjoyed this little story!