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Crushes Crash


Haruhi was walking down the sidewalk in the downtown city, in what looked to be like a deep thought. The weekend had came up so fast. It was a lot more easier to tell since time flies by when she was in the Host Club. A faint smile traced her lips as she remembered what happened before the weekend came up.





She turned around to see Hikaru leaning against a chair and Kaoru leaning against the table right next to his older brother. The sunlight wasn't hitting them like it was hitting her, and she was partly thankful since the girls in the Host Club were already swooning over the boys. She doubted they wanted more attention. Then again...that seems to be the only reason why they joined the club.

"Hai?" Haruhi asked as she turned all the way around.

Hikaru smiled at her and lightly nodded over to a corner where there wasn't any girls or any of the Host Club members. She had a feeling he wanted to talk to her alone at the moment. Nodding her agreement she set down a book that she had been carrying in her arms and followed him to the corner.

Hikaru looked behind her to see Kaoru winking at him before walking over to their costumers. Smiling he looked back at the girl before him. "I was wondering, about something."

"Oh?" Haruhi quirked an eyebrow at this.

Hikaru noticed her suspicions and shook his head, "Nothing like that, I promise."

"Usually when you want to wonder about something and ask me, it means trouble." Haruhi said to him, her eyebrow still raised to show that she was indeed suspicious.

Hikaru sighed before bringing her closer, "I just wanted to know...if you had a crush on anyone."

"Now that's trouble," Haruhi said as she rolled her eyes good-naturedly. "Why do you want to know?"

"No reason, just asking." Hikaru shrugged.

Haruhi placed a finger to her lips in thought. "Well, I do have a crush, but that's for me to know and for you to...well..figure out."

"That's cold." Hikaru said teasingly. "Why aren't you going to tell me? Surely it's not one of us...is it?"

"It is." Haruhi smiled. "But, like I said. It's for me to know and for you to figure out Karu-kun." She turned around and walked off as she took the book from the desk she glanced backwards to see Hikaru looking like he was in deep thought, and watched as his baby brother walked over to him.


End Flashback


It's strange, Haruhi thought to herself, for him to ask me. Tamaki-sempai would be the one to sprout of the question, but Hikaru? I wonder why he wanted to know so badly.

"Haru-kun! Hey!"

She looked up to see the twins walking over to her. Since they saw where she lived, she saw them on occasion checking out the place around her. She knew that it was out of interest and out of pure curiosity, but unfortunately and fortunately the twins was around longer, and it meant a lot more time to know them.

"I wasn't expecting to see you here," Haruhi admitted as she greeted them. "I'm surprised."

"You shouldn't be," Kaoru said to her grinning.

Haruhi knew he had a point, "I'm guessing your here to keep me company?" She joked.

"Sure," Hikaru said. "I have nothing better to do."

Kaoru nodded in agreement before the two of them hooked arms with her and walked down the sidewalk with her. Haruhi was getting suspicious again about this, but she knew that it couldn't be anything. There had been loads of times when they could have caused trouble, and didn't. She supposed it was because it was sort of her territory and no theirs and she was more familiar to it then they were.

They kept walking for a long period of time before Haruhi stopped in her tracks, making them stop with her. "What are you two planning?" She asked them.

Hikaru and Kaoru let go of her arms and simultaneously walked over to where she was standing and bend over to match her height almost. "Are you thinking we're going to cause trouble?" They asked together.

"I know your not." Haruhi said. "I'm just wondering about something that's all."

The two of them blinked in confusion. Then Hikaru unbent himself, "About my question?"

"Hai, Kaoru knows about this too...doesn't he?" Haruhi had a pretty good feeling he did.

Kaoru glared at his brother, "You didn't tell her."

"She didn't answer." Hikaru shrugged.

"I did," Haruhi said breaking any fights that may or may not happen. "I said it was for me to know and for you to figure out. The only hint I gave you was that it was on one of the Host Club members."

"That was a hint?" The twins asked her.

"Should have been." Haruhi smiled as she walked by them grinning. Playing mind games with them? Priceless. Him knowing? Slim chance unless he can pick up my hints without me saying them.