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Chapter Fourteen: Ending Confusion, Ending it All


Kaoru looked around in the school building. He needed to tell at least Haruhi what had happened when he was trying to give him the hints. She had to know what to expect. He walked up the stairs and started walking toward the classroom. Usually Haruhi would be in there, reading a novel or something. He walked into the classroom, three girls were flocked around Hikaru who was leaning back in his chair chatting quite happily with the girls. Kaoru frowned slightly and did a slight whistle that neither of the girls or Hikaru heard.

Walking over, he sat down in the middle row. Some of the girls started swooning, whispering amongst themselves. Kaoru didn't feel up to talking to any of them and tried to make himself look busy. Putting his bag up on his desk, he started to rummage through it, looking for something. Taking out a notebook, he opened it to a fresh page and wrote down something quickly.

"Haru-kun!" Some of the girls swooned.

Kaoru looked up from his writing to see that Haruhi had walked in. "Haruhi..." Kaoru stood up and walked over to her. "I need to talk to you at lunch."

Haruhi frowned before looking over at Hikaru who did some sort of gesture that made half of the group surrounding him laugh. "What's up?"

"Nothing that needs to be concerned about right now." Kaoru said looking over at Hikaru. "Just...just becareful talking to Hikaru."

"Now I think it is something to be concerned about." Haruhi looked to Hikaru and back to Kaoru frowning slightly. Usually the two boys would be talking to the girls at the same time. One was never without the other until now. Well, before the Twin Fight anyway.

Kaoru shook his head. "Its nothing to be concerned about as of now. We do need to be concerned about it during lunch."

"Okay...whatever." Haruhi walked over and sat down in the middle between Kaoru's desk and Hikaru's desk. The girls that once surrounded Hikaru, quickly formed around Haruhi, asking her a lot of things that made no sense what so ever to Kaoru.

Hoping to catch his brother's eyes, Kaoru glanced over and held his stare for as long as he could over at his brother. Hikaru either decided to shake it off, or he didn't notice at all.

This is going to be a long day. Kaoru thought to himself.


"He really did think that?" Haruhi asked as she looked over at Kaoru.

Kaoru had his arms folded on top of the desk, looking straight ahead at the chalkboard. "Yeah. He really did think that it was me that you wanted. Not him."

Haruhi broke her chopsticks and unwrapped her bento. Picking up some rice and mixed it with some vegetables, she pushed it into her mouth and chewed thoughtfully. The silence was strong for a while before she turned to Kaoru who looked like he was still spacing out. "Didn't you try to get him to understand that its him?"

Kaoru chuckled weakly. "He won't look at me Haruhi. What makes you think he's going to listen to me?"

"I dunno." Haruhi said as she picked up some more rice. "Possibly the fact that your brothers?"

"I doubt it." Kaoru scoffed. "He wants to hear it from you. Not me. I already tried to explain to him it was a mistake. What does he do? Gets out of the limo before I even get a chance."

"Hmm." Haruhi frowned sadly and then said, "The Host Club have no idea?"

"None." Was Kaoru's answer.

"Who do you think Hikaru would tell?" Haruhi asked him. "You know, about this?"

"No one." Kaoru frowned slightly.

"We need to get him alone." Haruhi said softly. "This wasn't how I wanted the whole thing to go. But beggers can't be choosers. I suppose its my fault since I couldn't tell him straight."

Kaoru looked over at her and noticed how guilty she looked for tearing them apart. He knew that she was right, and that she should have said it straight, but who was to deny fun? "Don't worry. We'll get him at the Host Club. Either that...or I can get him when we're going home."

Haruhi nodded. "Okay."


The Host Club were busy. More girls were flocking to the boys, just demanding for attention or something. Haruhi was nearly swamped like the rest of the guys, trying to please the girls and to make conversation. But every girl was different. Haruhi couldn't help but to immerse herself into the fact that every time she struck up a conversation, one out of three would have the same interest or know what she was talking about. Two out of three would be charmed by her manners, and three out of three would always strike up a conversation, hoping that Haruhi had the same interest.

It was sort of funny. How the girls could wear the same uniform, go to the same school, see each other, and act as if they were the closest thing they had besides parents, but they would always have different interests. One girl would like rock, and the other one would like pop and the other one would like jazz. Rock and pop would mix, but the jazz was always left out.

Haruhi was reminded, as she listened to the girls chat, that they acted so much like the twins. Always in sync, always with each other, have different interests, acting, everything. It was amazing, she glanced over at the brother's table who were doing the Brotherly Love Act quite forcefully. Hikaru looked like he wanted to rush through the whole thing and sit down, never to look at Kaoru again, while Kaoru was trying to slow it down, putting it more gestures to make Hikaru respond more.

"Haru-kun?" One of the girls caught her attention.

Haruhi looked away from the table and her eyes snapped to the girl who just spoken. "Yes Ms. Hamaji?"

The girl looked over at the table and then said, "I wonder how they can act like that."

"I wonder that too sometimes." Haruhi laughed slightly. "I still don't know why their so popular."


Kaoru stirred his tea and carefully lifted the drink to his lips, blowing on it slowly. Cooling it in a way. One of the girls edged nearer and asked, "Kaoru-kun, Hikaru-kun, what do you usually do for t he weekends or when you don't have homework?"

"Well," Hikaru held a smile as he leaned back comfortably in the chair, not even looking over at Kaoru at all for his opinion not even starting an act...not right now anyway. "Usually we play video games or help mom figure out what she wants to do for her fashion show."

One of the girls let out a squeak before asking, "You mean your mother is a fashion designer? That's so cool!"

Kaoru placed the cup down on the saucer and grinned mischievously at the girl. "I'm guessing you didn't know?"

The girl turned pink before stuttering something out that oddly sounded 'no'. Kaoru chuckled gently. Hikaru didn't even take the bait to start an act. He didn't even do a thing. Then again, it has been going too fast. Usually they would milk it, making the girls go crazy with suspense over what could happen if they continued. But, as of late, Kaoru couldn't up but to realize that he was forcing Hikaru to go slow.

Meeting his eye for the first time in ages, Kaoru slumped a little and cradled his head in his hand watching him a bit.

What's wrong?

Hikaru obviously took that as an insult. His back became a little bit straighter, his eyes narrowed at his brother and his cheeks were tinted red.

You know what's wrong. Have you admitted it to her yet? Or are you still keeping her in the dark?

Kaoru pushed his weight so that he was leaning more to the left and his eyes could be watching both the girls and his brother without breaking eye contact. His hand twitched.

You misunderstood so much. I'll talk to you about in the limo. I promise.


"Misunderstood so much." Hikaru mocked as he slid into the limo glaring at his brother.

Kaoru sighed, "Let me explain. You thought it was me. Do you think that I would have made this bet if it was me?" The door shut behind him and they both were on opposite ends of the car. Kaoru was on the left hand side of the car not even bothering looking out the window, and Hikaru was practically glued to the window, but was watching his younger brother.

Hikaru frowned, "Yeah."

"Why?" Kaoru wasn't letting go this fast. He wanted to hear the reason, to see if it was going to be the same answer he got when Hikaru accused him.

Hikaru looked out the window the bright sunlight made it hard to see a lot, but he needed something to occupy his eyes. "So you would rub it in my face."

"Do you think I would do that? Seriously." Kaoru frowned. Okay, so it was part of the accusation. He was going to stick by his earlier statement

Hikaru sighed, "No..."

Kaoru smiled, feeling the tension eased just a bit. "Then you should know...that's it you that she likes. You like her and she likes you. Why didn't you see it before?"

Hikaru's answer was silence. And Kaoru left it like that.