Introduction: Season 8: Episode 8.02 starts several days after 8.01.
This is a part of a full series, so please read 8.01 Summertime prior to reading 8.02.
Note: These are episodic – and each episode will be in segments much like the TV show.

8.02 Mother-Daughter Folly



RORY: Mom… (Lorelai gets serious and looks directly at her) … I should get going.

LORELAI: (With a sad smile, she pulls her daughter in for another one last hug) I'm so proud of you, Rory…

RORY: (Sadly) Bye, mom.


LUKE: How are you holding up?

LORELAI: I'm not sure… I mean, it's not like she moved out of the country and will never talk to me again…

BABETTE: Aw, honey… you must be devastated. All alone this summer. That must be horrible!


LORELAI: (To Luke) We should keep this to ourselves for now.


SOOKIE: Lorelai?

Lorelai blushes but looks around to make sure no one is there – she steps forward to tell Sookie the secret…

SOOKIE: (Sighs and smiles) So, it finally happened huh?

LORELAI: (Blushes) It finally happened. We're back together.

SOOKIE: Have you guys planned anything for the summer?


LORELAI: (On the phone) Good morning. Dragonfly Inn – how may I help you?

EMILY: Lorelai, it's your mother…. my afternoon is completely open…

LORELAI: Well, I was actually going to run to Luke's for lunch…

EMILY: I can meet you at Luke's – say at noon?


RORY: "uh oh"…


EMILY: (Looks at Luke from the corner of her eye) Have you ever thought of repainting your diner?

LUKE: (Confused by the randomness) Oh (looks at the walls around him) … I had to paint that section right there (points towards the wall by their table) after Kirk drove that stupid car into the diner.

EMILY: (Astonished) A car was driven into your diner? (Looks towards the street) In Stars Hollow? The town seems so peaceful…

Luke and Lorelai begin at the same time…

LUKE: Don't let it fool…

LORELAI: Don't let it …. (looks up at Luke as she realizes he's saying the same thing – they look at each other) … you.

EMILY: (Looks at both back and forth and raises her eyes, places the napkin on her lap and starts at her lunch – continues sarcastically) It's a shame the two of you didn't work out – it's obvious you're a match made in heaven.

Luke, unsure of what to say, looks down to contain his blush. Lorelai does the same. Emily notices from the corner of her eye as Luke walks away. She looks at Lorelai… their eyes meet but Lorelai quickly diverts her eyes to her burger. Emily then sets the utensils back on the plate and sits back as she realizes something.


RICHARD: What is it, Emily?

EMILY: (Sighs) Nothing. It's just that… I think Lorelai is seeing Luke again.

RICHARD: (Raises his eyes – but not completely surprised) Oh.


LUKE: (Looks around Sniffy's) I know we've been here before… and I probably should've taken you somewhere else…

LORELAI: (Smiling) I love this place. I love Mazie and Buddy. (Takes a deep breath) I love everything about you and your life… I got distracted… but now there's absolutely (closes her eyes for a moment) nothing to distract me away from you. I know we've been here before, Luke. But I need you to understand (Desperately tries to explain) that you're the only man for me. Everything leads me back to you… e-even when we were just friends…


KIRK: … after I told her that Luke and Lorelai were back together…

BABETTE: Wait a minute! What did you say, Kirk?

TAYLOR: Did you say Luke and Lorelai were back together?

Luke sits there and rolls his eyes. Then he turns to Lorelai…


EMILY: I just wish for once… for once… my daughter would tell me what's going on in her life. It would've been nice to hear it from her… a simple, "Mom, Luke and I are back together." Would've made me happy.

RICHARD: …it pains me to say this about ourselves, but we haven't been the most supportive parents to that girl – not intentionally, of course. We may have thought we did what was right in regards to our daughter – but it doesn't necessarily mean that we were in fact… right.

Emily sighs.



They are in the middle of dinner…

EMILY: (Looks up from her plate) How do you like the Chicken Florentine? I know it's not really a main course for a Friday night dinner, but I am trying out this new maid…

LORELAI: A new maid?! (Richard chuckles)

EMILY: … (decides to ignore it) and I don't know where her strengths lie, so I decided to go with the Chicken Florentine.

RICHARD: Well Emily, to answer your question – the meal is delicious.

LORELAI: (Animatedly) Yes, mom. Delicious!

EMILY: (Notices how happy Lorelai is – at Friday night dinner (mind you). Takes a moment to observe her further as she eats) You seem very happy – considering Rory's not around…

LORELAI: (Looks up at her mother) Oh, I talk to her quite frequently… as you already know.

EMILY: Yes, but you seem happier than usual.

RICHARD: (Chimes in) Yes, you do Lorelai. And it agrees with you.

LORELAI: (Nods at her father) Thank you, dad. (Looks at Emily again) I have a lot of things to be happy about.

EMILY: (Fishing) Like?


EMILY: What are some of the things you are happy about?

LORELAI: (Confused as to the odd question) What, mom? You want me to name them? It's like when I was barely 3-years-old and before dinner you'd make me say the ABCs. A cardinal rule in the house for me especially was never to speak until I was finished with dinner… but noooo, I had to say the ABCs every Wednesday night. I will forever remember those Wednesday nights. Those really scarred me.

EMILY: (Rolls her eyes) Oh, don't exaggerate. Besides, you were much too young to remember any of that.

LORELAI: (Gasps) I do remember! I remember how you'd ask the maid to stand right over there (points). You'd single me out, every Wednesday night…

EMILY: I did no such thing.

LORELAI: You never made dad say the ABCs before dinner.

RICHARD: Now, that's ridiculous.

EMILY: (Looks at Richard) This is how she avoids certain topics.

LORELAI: (Gives in) Fine. Why am I happier than usual? (Thinks) Let's see, I have the Inn that I always dreamed of owning with my best friend, and it's making a lot more profit than we had hoped, I found the perfect pair of shoes yesterday when I was out shopping for a tarp because I lost my old one…

EMILY: (Confused) Where on earth do you shop for shoes?

LORELAI: Oh, there was a big detour. (Continues) And Sookie said she may have found the perfect purse to go with my shoes, and to top it all off – my beautiful daughter graduated from Yale and is now working with Obama…

RICHARD: She's not working with Obama, Lorelai – she's covering his campaign.

LORELAI: (Pouts) Oh, that's making me sad. I was much happier when I imagined her working with him.

EMILY: (Obviously ignoring the silly talk) What else?

LORELAI: (Turns to face her) What?

EMILY: (Deliberately) Is there anything else that's getting such a positive attitude from you? (Richard looks up at Emily knowing exactly what his wife was fishing for).

LORELAI: (Caught off guard – she tries to hide even the subtle smile. She blinks a few times) N-no. Nothing else that I can think of… (she quickly diverts her eyes to her Chicken Florentine).

Emily looks at Richard in what can be described as a disappointed expression.


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