Inuyasha's Decision: The Chilling Phone Call…

I know, I know it's been a while on this story hasn't it. Well sorry life happens a lot and like I said before this story is almost over.

I was trying to figure out if I was going to make this a short chapter but I decided that just speaking about InuYasha and whether or not he is going to stay with the 'Thunder Brothers' would be completely boring. So I hope I made it a little more interesting at the end it will make the plot a little thicker for what I have planned for this story. As always enjoy…

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In Japan's courtroom yesterday the Thunder Brothers Hiten and Manten got away with injuring thirteen people as they were in their preliminary hearing, two of those patients are in critical condition. From what I'm getting the brothers were in the first stages of the hearing when suddenly people were outside of the courtroom screaming. We'll keep you updated as more information becomes available…

InuYasha turned off the T.V. happy that they didn't know he was shot in the courtroom. 'Thank goodness for Ayame and her part time nursing skills' he thought as sat in the hospital room actually about to become moody. He rang on his nurse's bell for the eighth time that afternoon but someone else came to his door.

"Ok I know this is the eighth time and I even said that I wouldn't do it again, but I need another pillow this one is all flat" he stopped for a second to look to his friend Kikyo.

"Hey Yasha how have you been so far?" she questioned with a pillow in her hands. She hated that they were only friends at the moment because of her past infidelity when he was doing the much worse. If she were ever caught for all of it the she would be back in jail so fast that her head would spin. "Well I decide to bring in lunch along with this new pillow. Kagome is coming up with the rest of the team though Sesshoumaru was forced into it"

"How was he forced…" he drifted off for a moment and then rolled his eyes. "That was the best way to get him up here to see his only brother. I swear they can't keep their hands off of each other"

"Uncle Yasha" Rin screamed running into the room with Kagome and a grumpy Sesshoumaru following behind them. "Uncle Yasha mommy says that you got hurt so I decided to make some cookies with Miss Sango" her blue uniform on waved the cookies in his face as he took them.

"That's sweet Rin thank you I just wish other people in the room was as nice as you" he said crossing his arms and looking at his big brother. Sesshoumaru just humphed and stood on the wall of the room with his arms crossed.

"Ok this is the third time in the hospital next all of the doctors will know our names" Kagome said lightly laughing off the situation.

"They already know them because I got so bored I decided to tell them"

"Why did you do that InuYasha?" Ayumi said walking in the room interrupting the small growl of her sister. Naraku and Hojo came in after her.

"Because I have a feeling that we are going to be here again"

"See I told you that this was a waste of time"

"That's because you're an idiot who needs to get along with his brother. I swear every time I want to come here you get moody, I know you hate hospitals but at least have some respect for your family" Kagome said crossing her arms at him. "Anyway I need to speak to InuYasha alone please"

"Why we all just got here to see him"

"Please it's important I happen to have some of his files that I need to return today"

"And you can't just give them to him now?" Hojo said suspiciously if memory served him correctly he removed InuYasha and Kagome from the same team.

"No Hojo I need to speak to alone now just wait outside all of you" she said smiling at them she then looked at Kikyo who had an idea about her topic. She was about to help when Sesshoumaru spoke up.

"Good I don't have to see his face" he said quickly leaving the situation. They all left Kagome and InuYasha alone at least for a moment.

"Ok where are the files Kagome?"

"Here they are InuYasha, she said giving him the files in her huge purse, along with you telling me everything about yesterday"

"I don't know what you are talking about Kagome?" he said frowning was it that obvious of her that he was working on the side for Hiten and Manten.

"Alright I'll say it slowly then, d-i-d y-o-u h-a-v-e a-n-y-t-h-i-n-g t-o d-o w-i-t-h…"

"Ok, ok, Kagome I had nothing to do with yesterday. How long have you known about me working with them?" he questioned her as she sat down on one of the seat in the room.

"I've known since Kikyo found out and that was months ago. Plus some of the things you were doing threw me off especially when you were finding them faster than me. It made me more suspicious of your motives. That's why I'm going to ask you what exactly have you been doing for them?"

"Actually just computer work and by that I mean I was throwing you off track, I guess I should have noticed the rest of our team huh. Then I started to feel bad for doing that to you because you really are determined to finally get them off the streets. So I helped with the Juuroumaru thing to sort of compensate for some of my wrongs. Listen Sesshoumaru feels that I've never been good enough to be apart of the family because of my mother. So to punish me he has lawyers set new boundaries for the money father has allotted to me because let's face it he has all the power over the company. Then he sets up the temporary allowance fund for me of only five hundred dollars a month which forced me to work for the International agents"

"So you did this all for the money"

"In a sense yes but in another sense no I did it because I wanted someone to see me InuYasha Tashio as something more than a joke, mostly my stone cold brother. No one but Kikyo has ever known that part of me I wanted to be full partner with my brother or a worker on stone cold cases like him. I'm still a Tashio but for once I just want him to see that I can be at his level even if it is computer work. Hey people love a computer genius right?"

"Ok but why haven't you stopped if yesterday hasn't taught you anything then what will?"

"I dunno but I do know that you are a good friend and I'll consider it" he said turning around on his small hospital bed. Kagome got up from her seat and spoke to him again.

"InuYasha I know that you have a caring heart but if you continue with them then you are just creating more trouble for yourself. Just think about it for a second you say that you want respect from your big brother but you do this instead. It doesn't make sense and it will be even worse if he finds out about all of this.

You think your money will be little to none watch Sesshoumaru when he finds out that you have been with his, no all of our enemies. I'll even let you in on a little secret I know Kikyo told you that Sesshoumaru was forced to come see you but I knew better.

He was genuinely pissed when you were shot in the courtroom while saving me and although he didn't show it he was really happy that you were ok. So that shows me that he cares like cousin Vegeta said weeks ago you just gave up on him to easily" she finished finally and the started to walk to the door.

"You think so Higurashi" he said turning back to her again with a little hope.

Turning back to him while smiling said "I think so InuYasha right now the ball is in your court. I'll give you two weeks before I tell the others save Kikyo, if you decide to join them then no one can stop that. If you decided to stay with us then you may get a second chance depending on the supervisor. Either way you need to come up with a decision before that time, now I'll get everyone else in here"


"To stay with Hiten and Manten or not to stay with them, that's the question?" he said as he now sat at home in complete quiet. He was so quiet that he didn't hear Kikyo come into the apartment with a bag of groceries.

"The answer to that question would be to not stay with them. I'm assuming Kagome must have told you what we know"

"And the cunt has given me a ultimatum too, damnit why did you tell her Kikyo"

"Because InuYasha for once in my life I'm leaving this stealing, murder, and hiding behind me. And my sister is not a cunt actually she is the smartest person that I have ever had around in my life. Plus I want you to stop this InuYasha because I know this world and you don't when Hiten and Manten are done with someone they figure out ways to dispose of them just look at Juuroumaru"

"That reminds me Kikyo how is he doing at the moment?"

"Naraku says that he is doing much better since that night. But as you can see Naraku is pushing himself until they are in prison for life just like me"

"This always comes back to him doesn't it?"

Closing her eyes and rubbing her temples she said, "We fucked once as a pastime we no longer see each other as 'more than friends' because InuYasha I love you…oops um disregard that statement"

But he couldn't disregard her position on him and decided to smirk, "Kikyo tell me again how much you care about me and I may consider telling the brothers to kiss my ass"

"But I don't love you I only love me, my sisters and Naraku" she said trying to piss him off again but at the moment it wasn't working especially when he approached her. He grabbed her from behind despite her protests of the still being friends and walked from the living room to the bed. He dropped her for a moment on the bed and the spoke to her. "Kikyo I want to accept your apology by coming up with my decision. I will stop with them but I will finally talk with my older brother first and then the rest of our team. But we do this with one stipulation"

"What is it InuYasha?"

"We all need to keep Kagome on her toes for the next week besides I owe her for a side prank she pulled on me a while ago. I need her ready to tell Hojo and Naraku just to feel silly when they already know"

"Will do InuYasha so am I…"

"Yes Kikyo you are my girlfriend again, now I'm in need of a small smack before bedtime" he said smirking. He thought that he would feel bad about his decision but now with Kikyo said those words he felt even better to be with the International Agents….


Bulma looked at the computer screen in front her slightly paranoid, she wanted to get Hiten and Manten especially in jail. Somehow Ayumi got her an audience in the next week with Hojo. She was proud to produce but scared about what happened yesterday not only for herself but her son also.

Manten threaten her because of her involvement with her husband's family treasure and now with them lurking around she was frightened. She knew from the first time they created their group that Manten always carried out his threats it was why they called him the Crusher.

"Still scared woman" Vegeta said in a velvety voice that completely freaked her out. He was rubbing her shoulders as she swatted them away from him as he laughed at her.

"Fuck you Vegeta I'm trying to keep up with the other systems in the world. You know trying to keep up with the men who threatened me and our son" she said turning around to glaring at him.

"Doing this won't prove anything woman and our son is fine he is strong like his father" he said placing his hands back on her shoulders now rubbing them softly. "Besides I won't let the bastards touch you Bulma nor will your 'brothers' Sesshoumaru and InuYasha. Now please woman you've been on this thing for a while come to bed its four in the morning…" he was interrupted when the phone rang

"Now who the hell would be calling at this time of night/morning" she said picking up the phone near her computer console. Bulma could feel the hard breathing of Manten over the phone and froze. How she knew it was him even she didn't know but it was him and now he was chuckling.

"Bulma, Bulma it's not nice to try and find us especially since I haven't carried out my main plans for you, my dear"

"Humph I can take you on Manten if not me then InuYasha or Kagome" she said as she looked over to her now pissed husband.

"Are you sure about InuYasha because if he is working for us how can he work for you also" he said smirking at the phone wishing Bulma could see his face.

"Because when I get a hold of him or tell our big brother he'll get his act together" she said trying to act tough but she was now confused, how is InuYasha involved in this. Bulma knew that she and Sesshoumaru were the bad asses of the family. They had both agreed when it was all 'over' that they could never tell InuYasha about all of this because he was the decent one of both of them save his overbearing attitude. That was after Sango told him the bitch.

You seemed unsure that InuYasha was working for us but we will let it slide it seems that he wants to quit being with us after all. He and Kikyo should really attempt to keep their clothes on from the distance I'm at I can see both of them with ease.

Hey Bulma I can even see you and Vegeta. Is he trying to comfort you again I hope not because it won't save what I have in store for you. Hear this you blue haired bitch I will have my revenge on you and your family from Bankotsu to Sesshoumaru.

This game is ours and Hojo should have never tampered with it now he has his poor sister along with a family who believes that they are geniuses trying to throw us in jail. The people working for us now are doing an excellent job feeding us some much needed information on everyone of you. I'll show you Bulma what I know at this moment just to ensure that I'm not lying.

Now Kanna should have never went back to Bankotsu no matter she will be dealt with for carrying on such an affair. Kagome and Sesshoumaru shouldn't have Rin so far away from them the little girl could come up missing. Naraku is comforting Ayumi in his spider boxers after their little escapade how sickening. Hojo happens to be visiting his mother in the early morning hours something Kikyo hasn't done yet or will ever do. But you Bulma with your lovely lavender top and white pants sitting at your little computer trying to locate me, I just have to wonder how scared of me are you? He said laughing

It was exactly at that moment when Bulma dropped the phone completely freaked out. But she didn't hear the phone dropped or her husband yelling at the phone on how he would chop up the man's body in small pieces and sell his parts to the most illegal bidders of the black market. She didn't hear of anything all she could think of was two things. One they knew everyone's locations as if it is nothing but them watching time waiting for there move, to strike. Two playing this game that she put herself in along with the rest of her family in was becoming more and more dangerous the 'Thunder Brothers' had to be stopped at any cost.