20 things Emmett Cullen isn't aloud to do

1.Steal all of Alice's Right Shoes and all of Rosalie's left shoes

2. And switch them

3. Replace all of Edwards 50's music with Punk Rock

4. Stray paint the words "Edward Cullen is gay" on Edwards Volvo

5. Then blame it on Jasper

6. Run around the school naked

7. While naked yelling "IM FREE" "IM FREE"

8. Change Bella's ring tone to "Barbie Girl"

9. Then call her numerous times while she's in school just because he like the song

10. Sing anything by Fergie, Avril Lavigne, Akon, Will Smith, etc.

11. Post a web blog saying things like "Edward Cullen smells bad" "Edward Cullen snores" "Jasper Hale is perverted" "Rosalie Cullen had Plastic Surgery"

12. Post a web blog PERIOD.

13. Tell Carlisle that he needs to work out

14. Tell Alice everything pink makes her look fat

15.Take all of Alice's credit cards and accidentally shred them

16. Take Esme to Lowes and tell her Home Depot is a knock off

17.Take all of Alice's designer clothes to Good Will

18. Tell Bella Edward is cheating on her for Jasper

19 Tell Mike that Bella dumped Edward for him

20. Blame everything he does that hes not suppose to do on everyone else


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