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It was a sunny day in August, and 2 girls were sitting in a bedroom excitedly chatting about their favorite television show. The television show just happens to be "Danny Phantom", to be exact.

"A memorable moment in Danny Phantom history... well, the last episode Phantom Planet was obviously awesome," said one girl, reflecting on the episode they had just finished watching minutes before.

"Yeah, it really was. But... Marissa. You know how hot he looked in that jumpsuit from Pirate Radio," said the other girl, who immediately went into her all famous "daydream" mode she was so well known for.

"Brittany. Brittany! BRITTANY!" Marissa yelled.

"Huh? What? Oh, right," Brittany said. They continued chatting about the series for a few minutes. Later on, Brittany decided she had put the news off for too long, so she changed the topic.

"Uh... I have some bad news," Brittany said.

"Oh no. This doesn't look good." Marissa took a deep breath. "Ok. What is it?"

"I'm moving away," Brittany said sadly.

Marissa gasped. She started freaking out. "But… But… Then I won't have any friends I can hang out with here? Who will I go to the mall with? Who can I chat with about my favorite shows? Who can I talk about guys with?!" Marissa took a deep breath to calm her down. "Ok. When are you moving?"

"This weekend. On Saturday. That's…" She counted the days, "three days from today? Wow," Brittany said. "I didn't think it was that close."

Marissa looked shocked. But she had a little bit of hope. "Where are you moving to?" she asked.

Brittany thought for a second. "Uhm... Oregon, I think. I know. It's too far away!"

Marissa groaned. "I can't believe it. You're moving all the way to Oregon?! Augh…" Then she heard a knock on the door. She looked at the clock. "Darn! It's 5:30. I have to go home. I'll talk to you later, ok?"

"Ok. Bye!" Brittany said. They hugged.

Marissa left the house. Brittany thought about how she was moving, and thought to herself, This can't be happening. I can't move. I've been best friends with Marissa since 2nd grade! She finally convinced herself it was happening and sulked downstairs for dinner.

The next 3 days passed so fast they hardly had time to say their goodbyes and make the best of their last days together. They were on the phone nonstop and were always talking about how much they'd miss each other. Finally, Saturday came.

It was 6 AM. Brittany had just woken up, hitting her alarm clock pretty hard out of aggravation. She changed out of her pajamas and walked down the stairs. She was sad that she'd be leaving all her friends in Florida, but she was kind of curious to see what it'd be like where she's moving. She went to the kitchen, where her mom was making eggs. "Hey, Mom? I have a question."

"Anything, honey. What is it?" her mom replied.

"What's the name of the city we're moving to?" asked Brittany. She knew they were moving to Oregon, but she didn't know what city.

"It's called, uhm…" Her mom took a piece of paper out of her purse that had the address of the house they were moving to. "Amity Park. I've never heard of it."

Brittany's mind immediately switched to Danny Phantom mode, but then she shook herself out of it. It's just a coincidence, she thought. She said, "Yeah, I've never heard of it either."

Her mom looked at the eggs, then shut off the stove and served them onto three plates. She put them on the table, and then said to Brittany, "Well, eat your breakfast, and then bring your boxes downstairs to pack into the truck. We're leaving at ten. And we can't be late; we have a plane to catch." Brittany nodded as her dad came into the room half asleep and sat at the table.

"Hey kiddo, you ready for the big move?" he asked jokingly.

"No," she said. "I'd rather not move at all.

"Don't worry kiddo, it'll be a real adventure to move and meet new people," smiled her dad.

"Thanks Dad," Brittany smiled.

Her mom gave her husband a peck on the cheek and sat down at the table. Then, they all started into their breakfasts, talking about the move with each other the whole time. When she was finished, she went into her room to finish packing.

Brittany looked through the remaining items in her room and shoved them into the appropriate boxes. After bringing her boxes into the living room, she hung out in her bedroom for the time she had remaining. Finally, it was ten o'clock.

Brittany hung up her cell phone, which she had been using to talk to Marissa; her mom had been on the phone with the real estate agency for the last hour. She put her sandals on and walked out of the house. The moving truck had already left, and now it was just Brittany and her parents alone in a rented car awaiting the adventure called Amity Park, Oregon.

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