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Chapter 21:

The Battle - Part 3

The fight wasn't going well, that much was certain. Skulker had destroyed Tucker's PDA right away, destroying their best line of defense. Then he had sent off a flurry of missiles at them, leaving scorch marks and destroyed lab equipment everywhere. Tucker was already unconscious on the floor—a particularly brutal ectoblast had struck him in the stomach, causing him to pass out from the pain. Jazz, who was garbed in the Fenton Peeler, was too fast for many of Skulker's attacks, but it was impossible to dodge everything. Sam, however, was clearly doing the best, as she was the most physically fit of the three.

"Tin can for brains, you still haven't hit me!" she taunted as she cart wheeled over a blast.

"Stay still you wench!" Skulker growled.

"Danny!" Maddie cried, rushing over to her son. She tried pulling at his bonds, but to no avail. "What happened?"

"The Wisconsin Ghost kidnapped me!" Danny said on a whim, breaking into fake sobs to increase the moment. "I was so scared!"

"Don't worry Danny," Maddie said comfortingly, running her hand through her son's hair. "I tear that Wisconsin Ghost apart for you, molecule by molecule!"

"You will?" he asked, hope shining in his eyes. Danny knew he was overdoing it, but it was worth it if Vlad ended up getting pissed. Besides, he would like to see his mom trying to destroy his archenemy for once.

"Of course, sweetie," Maddie said. There was a sudden sound of static, and they both turned their eyes to the wall, where a TV screen had been switched on. It was blank for a few moments before a scene appeared. It made Danny's heart sink.

The hidden camera was obviously somewhere on the ceiling of the basement/lab of his house. Skulker was floating in the middle of the room, holding Sam up by the neck. Her hands were trying to pry him off, but he could tell that it was hopeless. So could she. Tucker was collapsed on the floor, his body bruised and battered. He was clearly unconscious. Hoping for something better, he turned his attention to Jazz. She was next to the Fenton portal, slouched up against the wall. There was a smear of blood from halfway up the wall that fell down to where she laid, her head lolling to the side. A small stream of blood was sliding down the wall to the tile floor.

"No!" he cried, tears streaming down his face as he watched Sam struggling with what was left of her life. All Maddie could do was watch with wide eyes. Just as the light was about to leave his best friend's eyes, their was a burst of pink colored smoke. The form of Vlad Plasmius appeared on screen, conveniently staring straight at the "hidden" camera.

"Skulker, let her go!" Vlad said in false heroism, putting his hands on his hips in a "heroic" pose.

"Not in your afterlife, Plasmius!" Skulker cried. The situation was the only thing that stopped Danny from laughing, because it was painstakingly obvious to him that this was all an act. Then again, he had never considered Vlad an accomplished actor, and Skulker, well, he supposed that said for itself. It sounded like he was reading from a script.

"Then I'll be forced to defeat you!" Vlad said, overdramatizing it as he formed a violet ecto-beam in his hand. He shot it at Skulker's chest, making him drop the now unconscious Sam. Danny noticed that the blast had grazed her chest.

"Sam!" he cried. His eyes flashed green in anger. "I'll kill him!" he exclaimed, gritting his teeth in anger.

"Danny!" Maddie scolded, her face cross. "The Wisconsin Ghost just saved your friend's life! You need to be more gracious."

"Saved it?!" Danny repeated incredulously. "He was behind the whole thing! He ordered Skulker to attack them."

"That's absurd!" Maddie said. "He saved Sam's life and all you can do is look for conspiracies that aren't there!"

Danny screamed in frustration. "You don't know him like I do! You haven't seen him in action like I have!" he protested.

"Danny!" a voice called softly from beyond the door. "Is that you?"

His ears perked up and he strained himself to listen. Maddie opened her mouth to continue arguing, but he said, "Quiet, I think I heard something." Her brow furrowed but she complied. Danny knew his mom hadn't heard what he had, due to his intensified hearing, but she would have to trust him on this. He raised his voice and said, "I'm here!"

He heard the sound of running before someone skidded to a stop outside the door. "Danny! Are you okay?!" He smiled as he recognized the voice.

"I'm fine," he said. "Danielle, do you think you could knock down the door?"

"I can try," the girl said. She took a deep breath before launching a kick at the door. It fell in, and a very human looking Danielle came running in. Danny raised an eyebrow. "What, you thought I wouldn't notice the ghost shield?"

"Well, you're not known for your good sense," Danny said with a smirk.

She scowled. "Ha ha, very funny." She quickly sized up the room, looking for any was of escape. "Since when does a billionaire have a nearly impenetrable room in his mansion?" she asked.

Danny snorted. "Since he's a seriously crazed up fruit loop, that's when," he said.

Dani broke out into a grin. "True that," she said.

"Danny, who's this?" Maddie asked curiously, her body tensed. The two black haired teens froze and turned to face Maddie.

"Um, I'm Danielle, or Dani with an 'I,'" she said nervously, looking at Danny in panic. "And I'm, uh…."

"She's a…..uh……friend," Danny said. "I met her through Valerie."

"And I know Valerie because…..uh……" she looked toward Danny for help.

"They're neighbors," Danny said after a moment of internal debate. "I went over to Valerie's for a school project and that's where I met Dani."

"Well, it's nice to meet you Danielle," Maddie said. "I'm Maddie Fenton, Danny's mom."

Dani nodded politely before she noticed the television screen. It showed the empty lab of Fentonworks. "Why's there a hidden camera in your basement?" she asked Danny.

He looked up sharply. "Uh oh," he said in dawning horror. "Plasmius is on his way back."

"What?!" Dani shrieked. "Marissa, Valerie, and Brittany are all unconscious downstairs! I left them to go look for you!"

"Their unconscious?" Danny said. She nodded, and he groaned. "This is bad. What happened?"

"Val and I fought Marissa, and then she knocked Valerie unconscious. I managed to freeze Marissa, and then I found the antidote to the poison. She fell unconscious and then Brittany passed out from her battle with Specter. I don't know what happened with that."

He frowned. "Dani, do you think you could get rid of these bonds? I can't get through the ghost shield with them on."

"I can try," she said optimistically. Maddie watched the young girl curiously as she walked up to her son and placed her hands on the glowing green bonds. A glow began to surround her hands as she breathed deeply. Her brow furrowed in concentration, but nothing happened. "Sorry Danny, but I'm not strong enough," she said after a long moment of struggle.

"That's okay," he said soothingly. He thought back. "Did you say that you froze Marissa?"

Danielle smiled. "Yep. It completely surprised me, but I took your advice, and I was able to control it. I don't think I can do it like this though."

He nodded, before turning to his mom. "Mom, please don't freak out. Danielle's only going to help me, she wouldn't hurt us."

"What do you mean?" Maddie asked, looking between the two that looked too alike to just be acquaintances. Danny nodded to the younger girl, who got in a ready stance. "What are you doing?"

"I'm going ghost!" Dani exclaimed. Maddie gasped in shock as the ring of light formed around the child's waist, separating so that it encased her entire body. Just as soon as it had started, it was over. She had transformed into a younger (and female) version of Danny Phantom, Maddie's worst enemy.

"But—how?" Maddie gasped out, stepping back in fear. She had seen how powerful Danny Phantom could be, and she wondered how strong his sister was.

"I got if from genetics," Dani said. She noticed that Maddie's eyes were locked on her symbol. "See, I'm sort of……well…….I'm a clone of Danny Phantom."

"A clone?" Maddie said. "But how did you get through the ghost shield?"

Dani looked uncomfortable. "She's half human," Danny answered. She looked at him gratefully from where she was floating. "Dani, could you try to freeze it maybe? I might be able to break it."

"I'll do my best," she said. She held out a hand and waited patiently. Her eyes changed to an icy blue, the same color that now surrounded her hand. Taking deep breaths, she directed the frost to surround the ecto-bonds. Soon, the only thing surrounding Danny was a thick ring of ice.

"Thanks," Danny said. He flexed his arms and nodded to her. She grabbed Maddie as he thrust his arms apart, shattering the ice. Danielle turned them intangible just in time, and they made it out without any cuts from the ice. Danny stood and stretched. "Let's get out of here."

Dani nodded and transformed back to human, and she led them from the room. "Danny, what's going on?" Maddie demanded as they wandered around Vlad's mansion. "Why are we in Vlad's mansion? And how do you really know this girl?"

He sighed. "It's complicated. I'll explain everything once we're safe." He quickened his pace as Dani led the way down the stairs and into the basement. The machines were all broken and the lights were out. Danielle made a ball of ecto-energy to provide light, and they carefully maneuvered around the rubble. After a few miscalls where they mistook a pile of broken metal for the bodies, they finally found the three unconscious teens. Danny looked pleadingly at him mom, and she hurriedly checked each girls' pulse.

"They're alive," Maddie said, and the two teens sighed in relief. "Danny, can you please explain what's going on? How are Valerie and Brittany involved, and who's this girl? And why is she wearing Danny Phantom's symbol around her neck?"

"That's Marissa, Brittany's friend from Florida. She's a big fan of Danny Phantom," Danny explained carefully. "Plasmius kidnapped her so it would get to Specter, who is a good friend of Brittany's. I can't tell you anymore yet, because we're not safe yet."

Maddie nodded slowly, and a sudden groan was heard from the girls. Brittany stretched and blinked her eyes, sitting up slowly as she rubbed her aching head. "Ow," she said. She noticed Danny. "Danny, I don't see what you think is so good about duplication. I got a major head rush from those double memories, and you won't believe how tiresome it is." She groaned again before examining the room. "Whoa, what happened here? Did the fight get out of hand?" Her eyes landed on Maddie and then widened in shock. "H-hi Mrs. Fenton!" she said in surprise. "I didn't know you were here."

The adult frowned. "Well I didn't know you were here. What happened? Are you alright?"

Brittany laughed deliriously. "Aside from this terrible headache, I'm perfectly fine," she said. She glanced at Valerie and Marissa. "But I'm not too sure about them," she said, and then let out a gasp. Danny and Danielle had gasped at the exact same time, and a trail of mist came from their mouths. She quickly stood up and got into a ready position identical to those of the other halfas.

"Well, well, well," the chilling and arrogant voice of Vlad Plasmius echoed around the room as it filled with a dark pink colored mist. "What do we have here…."

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