A/N: I wrote this and posted in on LJ in Feb. so no real spoilers cause I hadn't seen much of S3 at that point. It was just me being frustrated with LoVe.

A long goodbye

The time had come.

He always thought when this moment came it would be more explosive, more passionate, as their relationship throughout the years had been, not quiet tears and sad smiles.

For him, there had never been any doubt this moment would come. From their first kiss, the knowledge this couldn't last lingered in the back of his mind.

He knew there was nothing more to say, too many words already hung between them. He just hoped, years from now she would think of him with a fond smile, remembering the passion that marked their relationship. He hoped she could forget the anger and harsh words that always managed to sear through their hearts, tearing their souls a little more each time.

As he prepared to leave it all behind, he wondered whether in another life they would have stayed together. No one had ever loved him as she had. He had never loved another as he did her. No matter where their futures led them, she would always hold a place in his mind and in his heart.

He firmly believed in fate, they were meant to happen this way. She wasn't meant for him, not anymore. He would always have yesterday but tomorrow was meant for someone else. All that was left was a faded memory, wondering what could have been. Still, the thought of letting her go made his heart ache.

If their paths crossed someday, he hoped they could share memories of their youth, leaving behind the pain and distrust. A day to remember without allowing time to come between them.

And if they never met again, he hoped her life was all she had ever wished it would be. As for himself, wherever his life took him to, he would think of her every now and then.

Their goodbye, years in the making, had finally come to a close.