Disclaimer: I don't own Onegai Teacher, I would like to, especially the Sensei, lol, but no, it's not mine. It's of Bandai.

I've just seen the ninth episode of the series, and a moment struck my inspiration for this little ficlet.

Going On

I did what I felt right. I promised to Ichigo I would not stop, and to Sensei too.

I promised I would not enter my teitai. Morino would enter in it too, if I did.

It's my Saiyu sen jiko yo. I need to keep going, whatever happens.

It's for this reason I left my Sensei. It's for this reason I lied to Herikawa, and told her I was turned down by the one I loved. It's for giving a chance to Morino to keep going that I did all of this.

I thought I could do it, I was sure I could force myself to keep going. Every time I saw Sensei, my heart would skip a beat, but I would just ignore it. I would push the images of her out of my mind.

I am strong now. I can do it. I can do it.

I repeat that to myself like a mantra. I must not enter my teitai. I hope Matagu has a better chance with Sensei than I had. He's a bit of a pervert, but he can be sweet too.

I'm sure he would take care of her.

I have Herikawa now. It's still better than being alone, isn't it?

So why I am on my bed, unable to stand up? Why my heart hurts so much if I look across the street at the Sensei, looking my way?

I'm fighting with all my might to keep my consciousness, I thought I could win this battle. But in the end the teitai seems still stronger than me.

I slowly lose focus of the room. Darkness envelopes me, and the last thing I manage to think before passing out is,

"I love you, Sensei"