Dreamscapes, Landscapes and Hellscapes.

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Author's Note: As many of you know, I am not an American and in fact, I have never been outside Australia. I pulled the name of my focus town, Pearson out of the ether and popped it into Nevada, if there is such a town and you live in it, then please accept my most heartfelt apologies and I hope I do it justice.

Chapter One

Where are all the children gone?

Monday June 18th 2007

Pearson Children's Hospital

Pearson Nevada USA

'Doctor we have code blue!' The nurse cried out as she started CPR, another nurse appeared and helped with the bagging while the doctor set up the resuscitating equipment and then charged the defib paddles. 'Charging,' the doctor barked, 'Clear!' The small frail body jerked on the narrow bed and then slumped backwards.

'Sorry Doctor but we have lost him.' The soft voice broke through the doctor's concentration.

'How long as he been down?' the doctor sighed wearily.

'Twenty minutes.'

'Call it, time of death eighteen hundred hours.' The doctor grimaced as he watched the young face disappear beneath the sheet. Another child's death, two in two days, but he still didn't know what caused it. The children fall asleep and never wake up.

'Doctor Shepherd are you alright?'

'Yes thanks Sally, just tired!'

'I am sorry Doctor; Trent's parents are in the waiting room.'

'Let's get going then,' sighing he turned to look at the small shrouded figure lying on the bed, as he went to turn back Tobias Shepherd could have sworn he had heard someone laughing.

8pm - Wednesday June 20th 2007

Daisy Hill Roadside Inn

Room 12

Pearson Nevada USA

'Hey geek-boy ya know your eyes are gonna go cross-eyed staring at that all night.'

'Well if I didn't have so many interruptions I would get the research done in half the time.'

'Oh I can get a hint when I hear one.' Dean smirked picking up the car keys, 'I'll be back before you know it.'

Sam shook his head in mild disgust, Dean had just hustled him. 'Dean!'

'Sorry Sammy but I'm just gonna annoy you so I'll go for a walk up to the bar and…'

'Did you forget one thing?' Sam asked arching an eyebrow at his brother a wide innocent look on his face.

'What?' Dean grumbled hating the answer before he heard it.

'You're wanted for murder Dean.' Sam suppressed a giggle when he saw the look on Dean's face. 'Ah you're right Dean; you do need to get out of here.'

'But where? Or what can we do?' Dean asked immediately regretting it when he saw the smile widen on Sam's face.

'We could try a disguise, I'm sure that we could find you a dress and wig from somewhere.'

'Yuck it up Sasquatch coz you'll be laughing out of somewhere else in a minute.'

'Ooohh promises.' Sam laughed saving the file he started to close down the laptop and then stretched his long arms over his head. 'Man I'm beat.'

'You okay Sammy?'

'Yeah fine just more tired than what I thought I was.' Sam said stumbling to his bed; he dropped face down onto it. 'M'fine.'

Dean stared down at his slumbering brother and gave a small shake of his head in amusement. When Sam sleeps he does sleep, humming he picked up his keys, scratched out a note to Sam and stuck it on the back of Sam's head and then headed outside, the cool air hitting him immediately.

Stuffing his hands in his jacket he walked the short distance to the bar, threatening to take the impala was too keep Sammy quiet if needed, not that he doesn't trust his brother's driving but when the impala hurt he hurt.

Sam turned around in circles; unsure of where he was or why. The landscape was completely different to the one that he had left behind and the air frighteningly cold. Shivering violently Sam stumbled as he tried to find his way out. Maze-like walls grew up around him the more he moved around them. 'Dean!' he yelled his brother's name again but there was only silence.

'Get a grip Sam.' He muttered aloud, have to give Dean detailed direction and an explanation of how he got there. Just as soon as he worked it, out for himself.

'Help me please someone help me?' the cry startled Sam and he started to run unaware that the maze started to close behind him.

'Where are you?' he called out raking his gaze around the area.

'Help me!' the voice sounded strangled and hoarse.

'I'm coming but you have to help me, where are you?'

'I – I don't know, please help me I'm so scared.'

'I'm coming just keep talking to me.' Sam said as he slowed his pace and concentrated on where the direction of the voice. 'What's your name?'


'Hey Joey my name's Sam and I'm going to help you I promise, how old are you Joey?'

'Seven, I want my mommy.' Joey wailed, 'hurts here Sam I don't wanna be here anymore.'

'It's okay Joey I'm gonna find you and we'll find a way out of here.' Sam tried to sound confident but deep down he knew that he failed miserably.

As he rounded, the last corner he found a small boy huddled against the maze wall. 'Hey Joey, I'm Sam.' He said softly not wanting to startle the child.

Joey looked up at Sam, with large pale blue eyes filled with tears, pale cheeks and a nasty looking bruise on his jaw line. As he uncurled himself, he sniffed and stared at Sam curiously. 'You're tall.' He said with the wide-eyed curiosity of a child.

'Yeah kind of.' Sam said smiling warmly, 'nice to meet you Joey.'

'My brother Todd is tall too, he thinks it's funny.'

'Is he older or younger than you?'

'Older he's eleven.' Joey said trying to smile bravely, 'I wish he was here now.'

'Well ya know what Joey, I have an older brother too and I wish that he was here as well.'

'How did you get here Joey?' Sam asked easing himself down to sit next to the young boy, trying not to be as intimidating as he felt standing over him.

'I dunno, mom let me stay home from school today coz I had a cold, I remember going to sleep and then …I wanna go home Sam, I want my mommy and Trent.'

'Where's your dad Joey?'

'He, he died and went to live with the angels, I don't remember him Trent said that I was only a – a baby when he died.' Joey spoke in a loud whisper as he had a secret no one could know about.

'Yeah? Well Joey my mom died too when I was a baby, my brother Dean remembers her but I was only six months old.'

'Will you be my friend Sam just til I find Trent?'

'Sure will Joey so will you be my friend too?' Sam asked Joey when all of a sudden he found himself smothered by the youth. 'I take that as a yes then.' He grinned and hugged the boy back.

'Sam there's mean things here.' Joey said sitting back a little to look at Sam, 'I seen them, but Trent says big boys don't get scared … do you get scared Sam?'

'Just between you and me big guy … yep I do.' Sam stared at the frightened child 'so that's why we stick together okay?'

'Uhhuh.' Joey said then his face paled even more as he stared over Sam's shoulder, 'Sam there's one of the mean things behind us.'

Dean propped himself against the doorframe while he fumbled with the keycard to let him into the room. Limping slightly and nursing his right side Dean finally managed to get the door unlocked and staggered into the room.

Sam was still asleep in the same position as Dean left him, even the note was still stuck to the back of his head. Sighing heavily, Dean tripped as he drunkenly tried to navigate his way to the bathroom, wanting to clean himself up before Sam saw him. Not that he looked that bad it was just that knowing Sam as well as he did, his younger brother would go straight into worry and fussing and too many questions for Dean to think of answers for.

Patting the wad of cash in his pocket, Dean chuckled and lurched the last few steps to the bathroom, pausing he glanced back at Sam who had not stirred even with the noise Dean was making.

A few bruises and a twisted ankle was a small price to pay for the score he made tonight. Hurrying to the shower he let the hot water cascade over his slightly battered body, resting his forehead on the cool tiles he felt the water ease the aches out of his back and shoulders.

Showered and dressed Dean felt and looked a lot better when he paused at the door, took a deep breath and went out to face the barrage of questions from Sam.

'Sammy?' He called when he saw Sam still asleep on the bed, he hadn't

moved, now Dean was starting to get concerned. 'Sammy?'

Gently rolling Sam onto his back, Dean stared down at his brother with a deep frown forming, there was no sign of blood or any injury, and he just looked sound asleep. 'Sammy dude wake up already.' Dean said a little louder but still did not elicit a response from Sam. 'Sam Winchester open your eyes now!' He ordered shaking Sam's shoulder but still nothing happened. 'Fuck!' He swore checking Sam's pulse he could barely feel it, suddenly very sober Dean sat back and stared down at his younger sibling, not sure of what to do.

Picking up is cell phone he rang 911 and described Sam's condition and then sitting back, he waited for the ambulance to arrive. Scrubbing at his tired eyes Dean refused to stop staring at Sam, terrified that if he took his eyes off him then something else would happen.

A grunt of pain from Sam made Dean sit up alert and even more worried, aside from the grunt Sam remained unconscious or asleep or whatever, 'Sammy come on, this isn't funny anymore.' Dean watched as Sam started to writhe, twisting the sheets around his legs, blood dripped from his nose and ears, and then he coughed bringing up bubbling bright red blood.

'Oh God Sammy wake up dude,' Dean cried out, 'where's that fucking ambulance?'

A loud siren wailing out the front and then bashing on the front door made Dean jump and cover the space from the bed to the door in two strides.

'Yeah he's in here, he's just started throwing up blood and has blood coming from his eyes and ears.' He said ignoring the concerned looks of the paramedics, 'what are you waiting for an invitation get in here and see to my brother.'

'Just take it easy sir, now can you tell us when this first started?'

'He, he got really tired and just fell asleep. I went out for a while and when I came back … he hadn't moved or anything. The bleeding just started.'

The paramedics exchanged glances when Dean mentioned Sam's sudden tiredness and sleeping, frustrating Dean even further, 'what? What is it?'

'Don't know for sure but ... we have had a few kids come down with the same symptoms but your brother is an adult.'

'Sam's twenty-three, what's going on?' Dean said still scowling at the two paramedics, 'Sam's on the bed.'

'I'm Regina Powers and this is my partner Calan Stewart.' The female paramedic placed her medical bag down and shook hands with Dean trying to calm the already volatile situation.

'Dean, that's my brother Sam.'

'Got a last name Dean?'

'Ah McDonald, Dean and Sam McDonald.'

'And you're next of kin for Sam?'

'Yeah, we just have each other.'

'Dean does your brother have any allergies?' Regina asked her pen poised over her pad. 'Dean?'

'Dad what's wrong with Sammy?' Dean asked his six-year-old face serious as he stared at the man who knows the answer to everything.

'Don't know Dean, we just have to wait for the doctor to finish looking at him.' John said pulling his son closer to his side on the hard bench. 'Sammy's gonna be fine Dean.'

'Mister Winchester?'

'Yeah that's me ... what's wrong with my son?'

'It seems that Sammy has had a severe allergic reaction, is he on any medications?'

'Huh? Oh umm yeah these.' John handed the small bottle of pills to the doctor, 'you think that this is what made him even sicker?'

'I would say so erythromycin I see ... fine let me get back to you.'

'Can we see Sammy?'

'Yes certainly just down the hall, nurse will take you.' The doctor said rushing off with the bottle of tablets bound for the labs.

10 pm Wednesday June 20th 2007

Pearson Children's Hospital

Pearson Nevada USA

'Dean are you alright?' the doctor asked again, placing a hand on the younger man's shoulder, a clear look of confusion clouded the bright green of his eyes.

'Huh? Oh yeah, sorry Doc ... ah Sammy's allergic to erythromycin he had a severe reaction when he was two years old, he had to be hospitalised for a week.'

'Thanks Dean, I'll make sure to note it on Sam's charts.'

'Can you tell me what is wrong with my brother?' Dean asked annoyed at how slow everything seems to go here.

'I'll walk you to his room,' Tobias Shepherd said running his hand over his face wearily. 'We have had several patients admitted with the same symptoms as Sam's, they're asleep but it is like they are in self-induced comas.'

'Self-induced?' Dean queried worriedly.

'No one knows exactly how it happens, the patient gets extremely tired and falls into a deep sleep, so deep it gives the impression that the patient is in a deep coma.'

'But Sammy threw up blood ...'

'Yes, the physical manifestations are all slightly different ... I'm not sure what to tell you Dean, it seems like that once they are asleep, they physically experience whatever they are dreaming.'

'So when Sammy ... he was dreaming?'

'Like I said Dean, this is only speculation at the moment but frankly yes, whatever happens to him in his dreams happens to him physically.'

'Has any of your patients woken up yet?'

'No, two have died though, as far as I know.' Doctor Shepherd turned to face Dean, 'the strangest thing is that up until now all of the victims have been children.'

'No adults?'

'Unless there are some who haven't for any reason come in for treatment no, only children.'

'How many kids doc?'

'We have three at the moment, young Joey here is the most critical.' Shepherd pointed to an observation room, where a young boy lay so still on the bed surrounded by machinery. 'We have all of them in their own obs room, here's Sam's,' the doctor said pausing at a room next to Joey's. 'The two of them seem to have the most active brain activity at the present time.'

'The other kids the ones that died?'

'In the end, whatever is hurting them from the inside, kills them, their small bodies just can't take anymore and shut down to the point of death.'

'And no one has been able to resuscitate them?'


'Freaking hell.' Dean ran his fingers through his short hair and turned to face the doctor, 'can I go in there with him?'

'Certainly, I'll be back as soon as we have his test results back.'

'Thanks Doc.' Dean mumbled already heading into Sam's room. 'Hey Sammy, well looks like another fine mess you've got yourself into.' Dean said brightly pulling a chair up to the bedside and took Sam's hand in his own. 'Anytime you wanna wake up is good with me Sammy boy just wake up bitch.'