Dreamscapes, Landscapes and Hellscapes.

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Author's Note: As many of you know, I am not an American and in fact, I have never been outside Australia. I pulled the name of my focus town, Pearson out of the ether and popped it into Nevada, if there is such a town and you live in it, then please accept my most heartfelt apologies and I hope I do it justice.


The Nasty-Man comes tumbling down

Thursday June 21st 2007

Pearson Children's Hospital

Pearson Nevada USA

Sam huddled against the wall and stared at the small blank-faced child, 'keep it away from me.'

'He is not an it Sammy, he is going to be your new brother.' Morpheus said not bothering to hide his smirk.

'No he is not, Dean is the only brother I will ever have.' Sam retorted getting angrier with himself for even entertaining the demon with conversation. 'Lemme sleep.'

'Sorry can't do that you see Sam, you are too big the way you are now we need your child, we need you to be six years old again.'

'Ah sorry to disappoint you but I haven't been six for eighteen years.' Sam said and then he screamed as the child touched his arm. He felt his insides rip away from him and he screamed again. Blood rushed to his head and he felt the nightmare plane tilt dizzily. 'Dean!'

'Dean can't help you now.' Morpheus gloated as he watched the inner child separate from Sam's adult shell.

Dean glanced down at the symbols he traced around Sam's bed and then rechecked the book once more, satisfied with the accuracy of each one he picked up the blessed knife and held his wrist over Sam's chest, taking a deep shaky breath he looked over at the pale-faced doctor and then pressed the blade into his own skin.

'Dean!' Sam's hoarse scream startled both men causing Dean to nick himself while trying not to drop the blade.


'No, no Dean! Where are you?'

'Sammy?' Dean asked again placing a comforting hand on Sam's shoulder opening the connection between them immediately he felt the intensity of Sam's pain and terror. 'Oh God Sam.' Dean moaned swaying he felt his knees buckle under the overwhelming agony. 'Doc help.'

Pulling himself out of his stupor the doctor hurried to Dean's side and as gently as he could pulled Dean's hand away from Sam breaking the connection, easing Dean into a chair he quickly checked Sam. Horrified he watched as Sam's heart rate plummeted, readjusting the monitors, he injected several drugs into Sam's IV port and then checked his vitals again. Breathing only when his patient breathed, satisfied that Sam was stable enough for now he turned his attention to Dean.

'Damn it Dean your blood pressure is through the roof again, what happened?' He asked as he gave Dean an injection to counteract the swift rise. 'Talk to me.'

'We, we don't have much time left Doc.' Dean rasped, he could still feel the pulling and ripping deep inside, 'Morpheus is trying to rip ... he is trying to rip Sam's inner ... the six year old Sam out of him.'

'Oh God,' Tobias gasped turning back to look at Sam, who writhed painfully on the bed, the sedatives no longer working. The muscles and arteries in Sam's neck bunched and corded as he fought against the assault. Sweat beaded across his brow and dripped into his hair with the effort.

'Dean!' Sam cried out mournfully this time as his body slumped back onto the bed a soft breath escaped from his lips as he went completely lax. His eyes opened but stared emptily.

'Sammy?' Dean cried out pushing past the doctor he pulled himself to his feet and staggered over to the bed placing his hand on Sam's shoulder. 'He's still there.' He whispered, 'but...'

'But what?' Tobias hated to insist and push Dean but his professional side shut down after witnessing the inner destruction of Sam Winchester.

'His essence is gone ... I have to do the ritual now.' Dean muttered his mind returning to a time and place far from where they are now. Ten years old and terrified Dean tried to save his little brother from his nightmare attacker. Grabbing the journal his father kept on rituals he found the one for the dream demon and did it to the letter, slicing his own wrist open was nothing for him as he watched the small boy stop breathing. Letting his blood drip on Sam's chest and then his lips and finally on his forehead, Dean laid his small hand on Sam's shoulder and gripped the blooded knife ready to enter the nightmare-scape and fight the demon for his brother.

An adult Dean never flinched when he drew the blade across his wrist, he moved almost mechanically holding his bleeding limb over Sam's chest watching the crimson drops pool on the white skin. Then he moved his wrist to hold it over Sam's lips letting the blood drip onto them and then finally to Sam's forehead, gripping the blade he started chanting the ritual his eyes fixed on Tobias and placed his free hand on Sam's shoulder.

Tobias watched in awe as Dean performed the ghastly ritual without flinching and then hurried to the older brother as his eyes slid shut and he collapsed unconscious. Carefully he helped him into the chair mindful to keep the physical connection between the two young men.

Dean opened his eyes and found himself crouching in front of Sam. His brother huddled against a wall, with his knees drawn up to his chest, a fine tremor passed through his long body, his eyes open and fixed on Dean's face but he saw little of Sam in there.

'Hang in there bro I am going to get you back.' Dean declared, standing up he stared around them. Crumbling walls and shadows surrounded them, a black sky hung over their heads ominously promising a storm, a blood red moon hovered over their heads casting everything in an unholy red glow.

'Where are you? You sick bastard!' Dean yelled his grip tightening around the blade, 'what you scared of me? Oh that's right you're only big and brave tormenting children.'

'What do you want Winchester?' Morpheus' voice boomed, a terrified Sam whimpered and pressed harder against the wall.

'I want my brother back and you rotting in hell.'

'Hmm no.'

'Face me you chicken-shit.'

Morpheus appeared in front of Dean making himself appear larger than ever, looming over the young man with a bleeding arm. The demon's nose twitched scenting the fresh blood. Momentarily mesmerised by the coppery fluid he shrunk his form back to the size of an adult male, his black eyes fixed on the blood leaking from Dean's self-inflicted wound.

'What you want some' Dean held his bleeding limb up taunting the demon with it, 'you want to taste some pure Winchester blood? Then let Sammy go.'

'Why should I when I can take both?' Morpheus laughed launching himself at Dean, easily the human deflected the inhuman but lost his grip on the knife as they struggled both looking for a way to disable the other.

'Where are the children?' Dean grunted leg sweeping Morpheus before rolling towards the fallen knife, 'where's Sammy?'

'They're happy, they are my children.' Morpheus snarled, 'Sam has a new family.'

'He doesn't need one you bastard.' Dean snarled gripping the knife he started to chant the last part of the ritual, the part he didn't know when he was only ten years old.

Morpheus screamed and with a vicious backhand sent Dean sprawling against the wall once again dropping the blooded knife.

Pulling himself up to his full height Morpheus strode over to Dean and lifted him upright, wrapping one hand around his victim's neck and effectively silencing the last few words. 'Uhhuh nope can't let you say that Dean.'

'Go...to...hell.' Dean rasped out as he felt the effects of his blood loss and the choking, black dots danced in front of his eyes as darkness encroached on the edges of his awareness.

'Just like before, a little boy playing big boy games.' Morpheus mocked Dean squeezing tighter he watched the life leave Dean's eyes.

'Momentum, ish ta unnoo momentus nightmare creatus ishcah.' The words came from behind the demon making him shudder and drop his victim, a sharp pain ripped down his back as he turned and faced the blank eyes of his attacker.

'Creatus ishcah.' Sam repeated as he pulled the knife from Morpheus' crumbling body. His essence fleeing in a noxious black cloud, howls of wind and other nightmarish creatures greeted him as clawed hands surrounded the gaseous cloud. As Dean watched, a corporeal figure reappear in the cloud only to be ripped apart by the creatures from hell.

Turning painfully he stared up at his brother how stood passively with the knife dangling from his limp fingers. Children appeared around Sam, terrified and wide-eyed they watched Dean in silence. Some dressed in clothes dating back centuries, gradually they disappeared their light moving into the skyline until only six children remained, one small brown haired, green-eyed boy hung back from the others but stared unabashed at Dean.

'Sammy?' He whispered holding his hand out to the six-year-old version of Sam.

The small child came running towards his older brother when he stopped and stared up at the other man standing so still next to Dean.

'Deanie?' he asked fearfully, his small hand reaching out to the limp one of his adult self. 'What's matta?'

'Time for you to go back Sammy.' Dean said crouching in front of the boy, he smiled when he saw the familiar forlorn look in the sea-green eyes, 'you ready?'

'Will he be better if I do?'

'Yeah little dude he will be lots better.'

'What bout you Deanie?'

'I'll be lots better too.'

'The bad-man?'

'He's gone for good now Sam.'

'I saw mommy.' Sammy whispered leaning closer to Dean he whispered in the older version of his brother's ear, and then he said he was ready to go back.

Dean frowned and stared up at the face of his younger brother, 'ready for this dude?'

'Dean?' his name breathed out of the cold lips followed by a small curt nod. Dean helped Sam to sit down and then got the boy to sit next to him, conscious of the children watching curiously Dean cleared his mind and tried to concentrate on his sibling. The older and young versions of Sam sat silently holding hands, they looked at each other with the same eyes and then the six year old Sam stood up, a solemn look on his face as he brushed a kiss on Dean's cheek and then sat down on Sam's lap, reclining back against him, with a sigh the smaller body relaxed even more and faded slowly. Blending back into the adult Sam, rejoining the inner child and adult once again.

With a soft sigh, Dean slumped against the wall and held Sam's hand, 'time to go back kids, just let yourselves go.' He said sleepily.

Tobias grabbed Dean as he tumbled forward his hands slipping from Sam, moments later he had him back in his own bed and hooked up to the monitors and a fluid drip. A small gasp of surprise escaped from Tobias' lips as he watched the cut on Dean's wrist disappear into a fine white scar.

A gasping for air made Tobias run back to Sam's bed, the younger of the brothers fought to breath on his own, his heart-rate once again plummeting. Pressing the call button for a code blue, the young medic started doing compressions on Sam.

'Damn it Sam don't you give up now, you're brother did too much to bring you back to lose you now.' Tobias panted out with each compression, a pretty, young nurse; the first to arrive took over bagging Sam as the crash team burst into the room.

For twenty minutes they fought to stabilise Sam, using the defib paddles as well as manual compressions and breathing before they finally got a stable heart rhythm. 'Keep up the oxygen and I want a full body scan to make sure we haven't missed anything.' Tobias said his exhaustion and over-wrought emotions evident in his voice.

'Doctor.' An excited Heather ran into the room.


'The children ... they're awake all of them are awake and are fine.' She exclaimed happily.

After he watched them take Sam for more scans, Tobias allowed himself five seconds reprieve to absorb what had just happened before he turned to Dean ready to deflect all if any arguments from the overprotective big brother.

Sinking into the soft leather chair next to Dean's bed, the medic watched his patient sleeping, every so often, a crease appeared in the shape of a frown on Dean's face and then it disappeared as he murmured in his sleep. Exhaustion overriding everything else for Dean, he never woke when they took Sam and he was still asleep when they returned him.

Over the next few days, the nursing staff along with Tobias kept a bedside vigil for the Winchester brothers, neither willing to wake to full consciousness and it worried the doctor more than he let on.

'Damn it Dean, come on wake up and argue with me.' Tobias said running a hand through his untidy hair, 'it's getting boring dude.'

'Dean?' Sam cried out his hands flailing out in front of him, wearily Tobias went over to the other bed and gently placed the large hands back down on the bed. 'No Dean!' Sam screamed startling the doctor enough to make him take a step backwards.


'Where's Dean?' Sam demanded even before his eyes opened fully, 'where's my brother?'

'Nice to see you awake.' Tobias muffled, 'he's in bed asleep.'

Sam frowned up at the strange face and then peered around him eager to see his older brother in one piece. 'What happened to him?'

'High blood pressure and exhaustion.' Tobias said succinctly.

'Is he?'

'He's going to be fine, now the question is how are you Sam?'

'I'm fine.'

'Uhhuh and I am your fairy godmother, now how about we try that again? How are you Sam?'

Sam grinned ruefully up at the doctor, 'okay I'm aching like my insides were ripped out by a dull spoon and then stuffed back in again, got a killer headache a sore throat and ... sorry doc.'

'Sorry for what?'

'Obviously I have been more than just an achy patient.'

'Yeah you had all of us worried there for quite a while.'

'M-Morpheus?' Sam frowned trying to remember, 'why do I feel so strange?'

'Well from what I can gather he tried to rip out your inner child.'

'Dean? He did something didn't he?'

'I'm not sure of all the details because up until now both of you have been unconscious. What do you remember?'

'Not much ... the children?'

'They're all fine Sam.' Tobias smiled, 'they're all fine.'

'Hey Sammy you're awake.' Dean said sleepily rolling onto his side to stare at his younger brother.

'Dean?' Sam cried out beaming happily at the sight of his awake brother, 'you look like crap.'

'Yeah well you aint any oil painting either.' Dean quipped yawning, 'man I'm tired.'

'Both of you sleep.' Tobias said getting up from the seat next to Sam, 'doctor's orders.'

'Yes Sir.' The replied in unison both falling asleep before the door closed behind the doctor.


Sam sat awkwardly in the prerequisite wheelchair waiting to be discharged, after a month of lying in a hospital bed he was itching to get out into the fresh air and back on the road with Dean.

He watched Dean and Tobias share insults and quips as the paperwork was finalised and they walked back towards Sam. 'So Doc you sure it's safe to let him out?' Sam asked giving the medic a dimpled smile.

'Yeah I think so, anyway once you were sprung that was it, I don't think anyone or anything would have managed to keep him here.'

'Hey I'm right here.' Dean grinned patting Sam's shoulder 'ready to bust out?'

'Nah thought that I would go back and stay a few more days.' Sam said trying to look serious.

'Geeze bitch much Sam.' Dean teased then he looked at the doctor with a serious look, 'thanks for everything Toby.'

'Hey you guys take care and if you ever need anything.' Tobias said pressing a card in Dean's hand, 'call me.'

'Thanks again.'

'Yeah thanks doc I really appreciate everything you did for me.' Sam said smiling up at the doctor, 'everything.'

'Yeah well you guys helped to save some precious lives yourselves so I think that we're pretty even.'

Dean helped Sam into the passenger side of the impala and then slipped in behind the wheel and sighed happily, 'we back baby.' He whispered caressing the steering wheel.

'Geeze Dean want me to leave you to alone for a minute?'

'Shut up and sit back Sammy.'

'It's Sam I'm not that six-year-old anymore Dean.'

'Always will be for me Sammy.'

'Gee thanks Deanie.'