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"Give it back to me Jack!"

"Try and take it from me." Jack laughed.

Isabella looked near to tears, as her brother laughed, holding her most precious doll. "Give it back! She's not yours!"

Jack laughed even harder. "And so what? You just try and take it from me Izzy. Just try."

Isabella, who was now crying, turned to her father. "Papa! Make him give it back!"

They're father turned toward the two bickering tots. "Jack," He began in a stern voice. "That is not yours. Now give it back to her before you're booted off this boat."

Jack sullenly looked at his feet and walked over to his sister. "Here!" He threw the doll at her and walked away, toward his grandfather.

"Jack!" Will shouted after him. He sighed and turned toward his little girl. She was weeping big wet tears and crying into her doll. He got onto his knees, almost eye level with her. "Izzy, don't cry princess." He wiped her tears away. "You want me to tell you a story?" He asked gently. Isabella nodded her head slowly, sniffling as she tried to keep the tears at bay. Will smiled at his youngest daughter and picked her up. He walked over to a barrel and sat down, with Izzy on his lap. "Well before you were born, all the pirate lords of the world had gathered at this exact spot, hoping to fight the biggest battle they had ever fought. Many would perish in this battle and all knew it."

Isabella sniffed again and looked at her father. "Is that where this is from?" She asked, pointing to the scar where his heart used to be.

Will smiled down at her and nuzzled her neck. "Yes, my little princess." He laughed as she giggled. "The fight had begun just as any other. Swords were slashing, and big scaly men who looked like fish were scaring everything in sight!"

Isabella's eyes widened at that. "Did they scare you too Papa?"

Will nodded his head and looked frightened. "Oh yes! They were frightening looking things. Monsters even." One of the sailors aboard the Flying Dutchman(who used to be on of the said monsters) snorted out loud. Will merely glanced in his direction and smiled. "But your papa knew he had to fight."

"Was mama in the fight?" Izzy asked looking incredibly interested in the story.

Will nodded his head. "Yes mama was in the fight. She was very brave. Braver than papa even." Izzy smiled a proud smile. "The fight was difficult and the monsters would not stop coming. It was getting harder and harder to push them off. But there was hope yet." Will smiled and looked ahead, as if reliving the moment. "There was a young girl, a ferocious fighter. One who would do anything to protect those she loved. A pirate."

Izzy looked amazed. "Was she pretty?"

"Oh she was the most beautiful creature I had ever seen. More graceful, but a little sour when it came to men."

Izzy scrunched up her nose. "I hate boys."

Will laughed and continued. "She fought like no other. She was stronger than papa and uncle Jack put together." Suddenly the smile on Will's face dissapeared. "But toward the end of the battle, she perished."

Isabella looked stricken. "Oh no,"

Will nodded his head. "It was accidental you see. A foolish boy's fault. He hadn't seen her standing behind the man he was fighting." Will paused for a moment. "But the battle continued, even after her death. And at the end your papa became captain of this very ship."

Izzy began crying again. "But what happened to the little girl?"

Will kissed the top of her head, and wiped her tears away. "Well, you see, after your papa became captain of this ship, a sea goddess came to him and gave him a little gift."

Izzy smiled at him and kissed his cheek. "I love this story papa."

Will smiled at his daughter and set her down, kneeling in front of her. "Next time your brother Jack starts bothering you, you tell him who's daughter you are." Will looked around and leaned forward. "And kick him in the shins."


Will looked at Izzy, a bit scared. "Is your mother behind me?" The little girl giggled mercilessly and nodded her head. Will sighed and patted her head. "Run along dear." He waited until Isabella was out of sight, before standing and turning toward his wife, who was currently glaring daggers at him. "Sweetheart..."

"Don't ya dare sweetheart me William Turner." She glared. "I don't remember teachin' my daughter to harm her brother."

Will could see a smile creeping on her face. He smiled at her and walked toward her. "I'm sorry darling. Do forgive me."

Ama smiled at Will as he enveloped her in a hug. "Yer a damn fool Turner. She's only five, no need to be tellin' her that story all the time."

Will shook his head. "How can I not? The Bloody Maiden is still a legend in these waters."

Ama laughed and kissed her husband, before pulling away and looking at him lovingly. "And what a mockery you've made of her. Turnin' her into yer wife. A pirate never marries."

Will kissed her nose. "Yes but I got you didn't I?"

"And I was not cold toward men."

Will laughed. "You castrated men every chance you got."

Ama shrugged and looked away. "That was different. Only in battle." Will laughed and kissed his wife passionately.


They broke apart, only to see Jack standing there with the most disgusted look on his face. The boy was already seven and hated girls more than ever.

"Shut up Jack!" Isabella ran to him and kicked him in the shins.

"Ow!" He hollered in pain. "I'll get you Izzy!" He ran after the shrieking girl.

Ama turned to Will with an 'I told you so' look on her face. Will grinned. "Daddy's little girl?"

Ama sighed and smiled at him, as she turned to her children. "Don't they remind you of us at that age?"

Will laughed as he hugged his wife from behind. "I distinctly remember you kicking me somewhere else."

Ama laughed loudly. "Well, hopefully this one won't be the violent type." She said rubbing her very pregnant belly.

Will smiled and rubbed her belly as well. "Don't plan on that."

They looked on happily at their two children smiling as they played together. Will even joined in after a while. Ama was convinced the man had never truly grown up. She laughed as Will pretended he was the evil fiend Davy Jones, and little Jack was the famous and boisterous Jack Sparrow. Captain Jack Sparrow. Which reminded Ama, she needed to contact the man soon. He had been pestering her to come see him again. And bring the little devils. He had written. Ama smiled at her little family. How she had almost lost it all. Her husband, her children...her life. All she did nowadays was smile. She couldn't remember a time she was happier. Oh yes, live was good. Life was very good.