Harry Potter and the Millennium Items

Ishtar is the insane alter ego of Marik and resides within the Millennium Rod (held by Marik Ishtar) – despite been a Psycho he's less evil and more sane than he was in the series but will still threaten to kill or send loads of people including his hosts friends to the shadow realm

Bakura is proud of been a thief and tomb robber and will pick your pockets or steal your watch as soon as look at you, about the soul stealer title – he's not exactly proud of it but he's not going to apologise to those souls still languishing in the Shadow realm (namely Bonz, Syd and Zygor) so he's still a baddie but he's not gunning for Yugi and the Millennium items anymore he's trapped in the Millennium Ring held by Ryo Bakura

Yami – he's still an arrogant challenge hungry game freak (no disrespect meant your highness) not to mention his super confidence and his slight sarcastic streak he occasionally shows he's trapped in the Millennium Puzzle held by Yugi Moto

Chapter 1) the Good, the Bad and the Insane

A small ugly man was bowing and scraping valiantly before his master. "Arise Wormtail"

The relieved Wormtail stands up. "Have you found what I need?"

"We have had difficultly my lord…"



"I did not ask you to tell me your problems Wormtail"

"Yes my lord I'm sorry my lord"

"Have you found what I need?"

"We believe so my Lord"


"We have discovered knowledge of ancient magic from Egypt infused within 7 magical items my lord"


"The Millennium items my lord they exist"


Harry sighed the Dursleys were on a Day trip to Regent Park and they had no choice but to take him he would have grinned at the thought of that but they would have been suspicious of that – ever since he blew up his aunt they were afraid to leave him alone in the house – scared that they'd return to find it demolished.

It had been a reasonably pleasant day with the highlights been everything from been locked in the downstairs cupboard at night instead of his room to disembowelment if their was any 'funny business' five years ago Harry just excepted it as part of his life now though it made him think back to the last time he went out with the Dursleys and he had set a python on Dudley.

The rest of the day dragged out slowly with the most excitement coming from Dudley demanding a McDonalds still the fries were nice – heck it was a virtual treat thought Harry.

It was about 2 in the afternoon that it happened and the day out ended abruptly as an unlikely Trio made their appearance.

The Dursleys didn't like the look of them and Harry admitted to himself that neither did anyone else since everyone in the park was staring at them except Mr Dursley who was glaring at Harry like it was his fault that a group of weird people turned up.

The 1st guy wore a black matted T-shirt and a dark blue jacket – he had a gold pendent on a chain around his neck – his hair was weird black with Scarlet edges and a golden yellow fringe, he looked like a member of a bike gang and seemed to be the leader of the gang.

The 2nd guy was dressed more normally with a striped T-shirt and a light blue jacket, his hair was whiter than white and spiked up impressively – his face seemed dark and his features were stuck in a sneering glare making him look evil.

If the 2nd guy looked evil the 3rd looked Psychotic - his hair was blonde huge and spiky, he was literally dripping in gold with gold bracelets, armbands, earrings, necklaces and rings and Harry's first thought was 'did he mug Mr T?'

He wore jeans and a white hoody with gold chains (Mr Dursley mutters something about drug dealers wear white.)

He was apparently arguing with tri-coloured hair guy but in a language that Harry couldn't understand.

The albino guy noticed the family's scrutiny and glares daggers and broadswords at them until focussing his attention on Dudley – he grins predatorily, convincing the Dursleys of their opinion as to his mental health, Harry shivers scared even though the look wasn't directed at him.

And that was that Mrs Dursley wept and moaned about dangerous delinquents upsetting her dudums while Mr Dursley complained about foreign yobs as he drove them home "shouldn't be let into the country" he complained, Dudley still hadn't recovered he was terrified of that scary freak with the bleached hair.

Next time the Yami Trio rampage around London