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Chapter 55) Set and Seto a partnership is formed

Set opens the door finding himself in the soul Corridor in front of him Seto's soul room door, a set of state of the art sliding doors operated by touch screen. Set hesitantly presses press's the touch screen, wincing at the blast of static emitted by concealed speakers before… "Go away" it was his Hikaris voice magic? Magic Set could deal with "it's me…your Yami" the doors slide open allowing him access to his Hikaris room.

Blinking set enters the room, there were many differences between his and his Hikaris rooms but there were one or two similarities as well. The posters of blue Eyes White Dragons matched the stone slabs in his soul room and apart from the three posters affixed to the far walls, they were plain.

Metal birds hung from the ceiling, Dragon figurines were strewn around the room, a set of shelves were filled with more books than set had ever seen in his life, along one wall set didn't even know what they were but they featured memories of duels starring his Hikari using Dragon monsters, mainly the Blue Eyes White Dragon. A desk covered in paper and clutter set against the foot of the bed from where Seto sat watching the on screen duels with all his concentration.

After a minute he turns his attention to Set who while disliking having to wait until he's deemed important, did not want to alienate his Hikari, again, "Hello Yami" his voice was devoid of emotion, he smiled the smile of a man who has nothing left to lose.

"Hikari" Set blinks, he was crying, h just hadn't noticed it until now, they were both crying.

"After five Millennia in the darkness, and seventeen years of pain…" Seto smiles "we are one"


Back with Yami, Bakura and Marik, along with Ishtar, Yugi, Ryo (in spirit form) Shadi had explained the situation more fully "So Voldermort has unleashed ancient Darkness upon the modern world and is now a greater threat than before?" Yami scowls "he must be stopped"

Shadi seemed flustered as he admits "I have already tried and failed to defeat the evil one, he can summon monsters from the shadows now" he starts to fade away into the shadows "I shall take my leave, and remain hidden beyond the evil ones current reach, the sanctity of the shadow realm is on your hands my pharaoh"

Kaiba lets out a moan and sits up holding his head in his hands.

"Kaiba?" a concerned Yugi asks (Yami having returned to his soul room to brood over Shadi's tale)

Kaiba opens his eyes and glares at the pint size duelist "I blame you for this" he hisses.

'Are you okay?' Ryo asks him concerned. "Huh like we care" Bakura mutters to Marik with Ishtar nodding his head in agreement.

Kaiba glowers at them for a moment before turning away wincing he rubs his hand down his face "I need a drink" he mutters.

Yugi jumps up at once "I'll go get you a glass of water" he rushes to the door immediately.

"When did I say anything about water?" Kaiba grumbles Ryo and Marik exchange significant glances, Ishtar's right eye bulges unpleasantly while Bakura merely cackles.

Yugi threw the door open only to have Harry and Ron fall into their room; the gang collectively boggle at the pair who look bashful at been caught out.

Quickly thinking Harry grabs Ron saying "sorry wrong room" before proceeding to drag him out of their and down the spiral staircase, narrowly avoiding tripping and falling down the rest of the way.

Silence…and then.

"Ohh….shit!" sighs Marik.