Dangerous Game

"Daniel," Jack grumbled "stop talking."


"Ah-ah," Jack interrupted "I mean it. You're not helping...if anything you're making it worse."

"Colonel O'Neill is right, Daniel," Sam added "she seems to get more agitated when you speak."

"Indeed." Teal'c agreed

Daniel managed to close his eyes and roll them simultaneously. He looked down at the bizarre creature that had him backed up against the ancient tomb wall. Her human face was beautiful despite the golden eyes and sharp canine teeth. It was the beast's large lion's body, with the claws to match that made Daniel truly nervous. For the moment the creature seemed more than happy to play cat and mouse, baring her sharp teeth when Daniel tried to move to either side.

"What is that thing, anyway?" Jack asked.

"Clearly it's a Sphinx." Daniel grumbled through clenched teeth.

"Silence!" The Sphinx suddenly roared.

Daniel tried to back up harder against the dusty wall.

"You have woken me." The Sphinx accused.

"I...I thought you were a statue..." Daniel tried to explain.

Seeing that the creature was distracted Teal'c slowly began to raise his staff weapon.

"Fire your weapon, Jaffa," the Sphinx growled without looking back "and the entire tomb will collapse, killing you all."

"You know about Jaffa?" Daniel asked without thinking.

"Quiet!" The Sphinx snarled. "You have woken me, now you must pass the Test."

"Test?" Jack repeated nervously.

"You must answer my Riddle." The Sphinx informed Daniel.


i "You can feed me forever, I will never get my fill.

Thirst never haunts me, for water can kill.

I am foe and I am friend.

However, only to the will of the wind do I bend." /i

Daniel said nothing. He looked to his friends, but they just returned the look helplessly. Jack cleared his throat to break the uncomfortable silence and took a step forward. The Sphinx turned her head toward him and bared her teeth menacingly.

"Just out of curiosity..." Jack said slowly "what happens if he gets it wrong?"

"I kill him."

"Ah, right...I thought so." Jack replied. "Just checking."

A cruel smile spread across the Sphinx's face, making her golden eyes glitter. Near by was a cobweb covered hourglass that rested in a tarnished stand on the floor. The Sphinx reached out her paw and spun the glass so that the contents began to slowly spill.

"You have until the sand runs out..."