Hooray for Busted Bikini Tops!

One incredibly hot day they all went down to the pond at the Burrow to cool off. They were having fun diving off of the pier and jumping into the water off of a giant rope swing.

Harry was doing his best not to stare at Ginny. He wanted so much to be with her, there was just still a part of him that believed she would be safer without him. His current problem was this: she was again wearing a bikini and had her hair plaited down her back and tied at the end with a small ribbon. He just couldn't help it. She looked incredibly hot and not just because it was a scorcher of a day. For once Harry was grateful for the cold water in the lake. If there was such a thing as a male hormone meter his would be off the charts.

Mysteriously all of the Weasley boys along with Hermione decided that they needed to go somewhere and didn't let Harry know. He had swum out the diving pier and was just lying out on it bathing in the sun. He wanted to enjoy these last few carefree days of his life. Pretty soon everything would be different.

Harry had closed his eyes and didn't move when he heard someone climb up onto the pier. Suddenly he was being sprinkled with water.

"Hey, cut it out ya git!" he moaned.

"Don't be such a baby Harry" laughed Ginny as she hopped up to lie down next to him.

"Oh, sorry Ginny, I thought you were one of your brothers" said Harry a bit embarrassed.

"It seams they all have taken off for a bit, it's just you and me right now" she said with a sly smile.

Ginny had played it cool over the last week. She was certainly aware of Harry's awkwardness around her. At first she was unsure of how she was going to react to him. It had been a few months since they had been together as boyfriend and girlfriend. But obviously by the way he kept staring at her he still had feelings for her.

She knew being Harry's girlfriend again would be complicated. He was going off to battle the most evil wizard of their time. The possibility of him not returning was real. She knew that she loved him, and that he loved her. His desire to protect her was blinding his senses. She wanted to be there for him, to let him know that she would wait for him to return to her, for better or for worse. In the end she decided to take it day by day and see what came of it. Her love would not waiver, of that she was certain.

"You're a good swimmer" said Harry trying to break the uncomfortable silence.

"Thanks," she said "I come out here a lot."

"What do you do to work out?" he asked, he was trying to do anything to avoid staring at her. She was just so damned close. His mind was racing ahead of him and it was daring him to do things he knew he shouldn't. That bloody beach dream was biting him in the ass and laughing at him.

"Oh, just a bit of yoga and Pilates at home mainly, I run some and swim when I can" replied Ginny.

"You should come running with me some morning. I've been running about 2k lately, but I could take that down a notch" damn that sounded arrogant he thought.

Harry decided to get up and dive in again, obviously he needed to stop talking or he was certain he would put his foot even farther into his mouth.

"Sure," she said as she got up to follow suit. Ginny went to the end of the pier and sprang into the water after Harry.

As she surfaced she realized that her top decided not to stay with her and she started to dive under again to try to save it.

No luck.

Harry was now several yards away and went swimming back to her when he saw her go under again.

She had looked distressed. He was worried she had a cramp or had gotten caught on something. He dove down and opened his eyes to try and find her.

He then saw what the problem was. Bloody hell, he thought to himself. There she was, topless at the bottom of the lake trying to dislodge her top that had caught itself on some plants.

They both surfaced together.

"I am sooo sorry!" he said apologetically. "I didn't mean to see you…I mean I didn't want you to think…"he stammered.

"Wait here" he told her.

Harry then took a deep breath and dove back under. My god she's got a great body! He thought to himself as he reached the bikini top and untangled it from its captor. He had rescued Ron and Gabrielle from the Merpeople and Grindylowes, a bikini top in the lake grass was no problem.

"Here" he told her as he came up and handed her the top.

Ginny tried to put it back on. One of the straps had completely broken off. "Bloody hell!" she fussed. "It's broken. I can't get it to stay on."

"Here let me try and fix it" he said holding out his hand. She looked at him questioningly. His intentions seemed innocent. She tried to keep one hand in front of her chest then tossed him the top.

"No luck, it's completely busted" he said. "We could use magic, but I don't think a broken bathing suit top is worth getting expelled."

"Says you" she said with a giggle.

"I promise I will not to peek while you get out of the water to get your towel no matter how badly I want to" he laughed back. He was starting to feel comfortable around her again. He couldn't tell you why, he just did.

"You promise?" she asked.

"Wizards honor" he said as he placed a hand over his heart.

Ginny swam toward the shore. When she reached the shallow end she turned around and saw Harry on the pier with his hands over his eyes. It was too far away to see if he was peeking or not. She again placed her arm across her chest and climbed out of the lake. She then rushed over to her towel and wrapped it around her chest.

"It's ok now, you can come out" she called. As she turned around Harry was only a few yards from her.

"How did you get here so fast without peeking to see if I was ready?" she asked.

"Who says I didn't peek" he said mischievously.

"Harry!" she exclaimed as she tried to playfully smack him on the shoulder. As she did so the towel slipped a little bit and she hurried to reclaim it.

"Serves you right" he said with a big grin.

"Here" he said as he reached over and grabbed his t-shirt from his bag "put this on. That way I won't be so tempted to steel that towel from you."

Ginny gratefully took the t-shirt and started to put it on, she suddenly stopped cold. "Turn around" she motioned.

"Spoil sport" he huffed.

They spent the latter half of the afternoon just talking and joking around. Even with her busted bathing suit Ginny was not in a rush to get back to the house. She liked wearing Harry's t-shirt. It even had a bit of his aftershave smell on it.

Side by side leaning against the tree they both sat silently as they watched the sun set over the lake. Ginny leaned over and rested her head on Harry's shoulder.

"I guess we should start heading back" he said as he slid his arm up around her shoulders. Your Mum will send out a search party soon. "I didn't realize it had gotten so late."

Harry got up and offered Ginny his hand to help her up. She smiled and took it.

Not letting her hand go Harry turned to her and said "I had a really great day Ginny, thank you for spending it with me." He then leaned down and placed a chaste kiss on her forehead.

"I will always be here for you, don't ever doubt that" she said with a small smile.

He looked down at their intertwined hands. "Shall we" he asked giving her hand a light squeeze.

Ginny squeezed his back as they headed home to the Burrow hand in hand.