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Summer Solstice Carnival

Harry was lying in the grass under the big oak tree near the pond at the burrow. His head was in Ginny's lap and she was seductively stroking his hair. He gently reached up and pulled her down into a deep kiss. Ginny lifted Harry's head off of her lap and situated herself next to him snuggling onto his shoulder. Harry pushed up on one elbow leaned over and kissed her forehead then her cheek lightly making his way to her soft lips. The kisses intensified and Harry's mind began to spin, God I love her, he thought as he begged her mouth to open with his tongue.

Ginny maneuvered herself atop him. Straddling him with her long legs; she crossed her arms and started inching her top upward. Harry's eyes grew wide as he felt himself shake with anticipation.

Suddenly the shaking became uncomfortable. Wait a moment he thought to himself…

Harry's eyes suddenly snapped open.

"Harry wake up for Gods sake" yelled Hermione who was forcibly shaking Harry's shoulders trying to wake him out of a very deep sleep.

"Wake up you big lump!" she fumed.

Harry was about to throw his legs over the edge of the bed when he suddenly realized something.

The effects of his vivid Ginny dream had not yet warn off. Bugger!

He grabbed a pillow and tried to nonchalantly place it over his lap.

Hermione just rolled her eyes and made her way over to Ron. She gently shook him to wake him from his deep slumber. She turned to Harry, "why are you still in bed? Get up! Mrs. Weasley needs you both to help start setting up the garden for the rehearsal dinner."

Harry looked down. Nope, still not standing up, Mrs. Weasley would just have to wait till he could get rid of Hermione and drowned himself in a very cold shower.

Suddenly Ron started talking in his sleep. "Just a minute Mione wasn't twice enough for one night."

Harry unsuccessfully hid a chuckle. Yup Ron was definitely worse off. At least it wasn't Ginny who had woken him.

Hermione tried to act like she didn't hear Ron utter her name as the subject of his obviously explicit dream. "Ronald! Wake! Up!" she shouted as she shook him a bit more forcefully than she had Harry.

"Ger-off Woman!" he cried. He had obviously thought it was his mother because when he opened his eyes he looked completely shocked, turned bright red, and grabbed his pillow just as Harry had.

Weren't male teenage hormones wonderful.

"Mione … Hermione" stuttered Ron "What in bloody hell are you doing in my bedroom."

Harry couldn't resist "from what you were saying in your sleep mate, I didn't think you'd mind."

Hermione just looked over at him and glared.

"Get up you bloody fools," she huffed "your mum wants you downstairs in 5 minutes to help her start to set up the garden for the rehearsal dinner." With that said she looked over at Harry, huffed again, whipped her head around, and marched out the door in a flash of bushy brown hair.

"What did I say?" croaked Ron.

"Well let's just say that she has a hunch of just how much farther your dreams have taken your relationship."

"Bloody Hell" whined Ron as he hid his face under his pillow and flopped back down into the bed. "I'm never leaving my room again" he muffled.


Later that morning Hermione and Ginny walked over to the garden to get the boys. "Mum wants you two to get cleaned up to go to the Summer Solstice Carnival. She and dad want to leave in a few minutes" announced Ginny.

Ginny was wearing a flowing little sundress and sandals, she looked absolutely breathtaking. Harry just sighed, life was torture, he thought to himself. He not only had to face evil wizards and suffer everyone staring at his forehead, but what he truly wanted most in this world was right in front of him just out of his own reach.

In the end his thoughts always told him the same thing. He would rather admire her from afar than put her in harms way. Ten thousand broken bikini tops couldn't change his mind. Somehow he had to figure out a way to get his common sense to overrule his raging hormones. He had to keep his relationship with Ginny under control so that his feelings for her would not put her in danger. She needed to agree to this as well. She was obviously trying to drive him crazy walking around looking like that. Couldn't she wear school robes all the time? At least then her body would be covered.

Unfortunately Harry's thoughts wandered back to the day before when he got to see a part of Ginny that he had only imagined in his most vivid dreams.

"Are you alright Harry?" she asked.

Suddenly Harry took great interest in putting the last of the lanterns up, trying very hard to keep his back to her as he used all his will power to literally calm himself down.

Ron pulled Hermione aside. "Hermione I was wondering if I could ask you something?"

"Sure Ron what's up?"

"Well you see, I was wondering if you would go to the carnival with me?"

"Of course Ron, we are all going. We are due at the port key in half an hour."

"No, I mean yes, I mean I know we are all going together, but I was wondering if you would go with me?" Ron was trying very hard to get his meaning across but as tongue tied as he was he knew he was not making much sense.

"You mean, as in a date?" she asked now smiling widely.

"Yes, I mean no, not if you don't want it to be, but I would like it to be that way, you know what I mean?" he mumbled as he stumbled over his own tongue.

"No.." she started. With this one word Ron's face dropped into a desperate frown as his heart sank.

Hermione saw this instantly. She reached over and placed a hand on his cheek. "What I was trying to say is that no, I would not mind it to be a date. I would love to go to the carnival with you." She leaned in and placed a light kiss on his lips, took his hand and led a very stunned Ron back to the Burrow to get ready for their first date.


The Summer Solstice Carnival was an event held every year at Stonehenge. It lasted a full week and ended with spectacular fireworks the evening of the solstice.

It seemed bigger than ever this year. Harry guessed that people knew what was looming in the not so distant future and wanted to enjoy life now while they could.

Harry, Ron, Ginny, and Hermione separated from the Weasley's to go off exploring on their own. Harry had convinced himself to enjoy the day. He was trying not to be too moody and was reveling in the close proximity of Ginny without the watchful eyes of her brothers. Besides he was wearing a baseball cap so people wouldn't notice his scar.

The first stop for the two couples was the food vendors. As they approached the aisles that were crammed vendors from around the world Ron and Harry's eyes grew wide with anticipation.

Suddenly Hermione and Ginny looked at each other and pulled the boys to a stop. "NO!" they each insisted. The boys donned their best puppy dog eyes and looked at the girls. "But…" they stammered.

"No!" they said again in unison. Ginny spoke up next. "Last year you two twits ended up tossing it all over yourselves and mum practically blew a gasket. If I remember correctly you two go stuck scrubbing cauldrons for two days straight."

Harry was in no mood to put himself on shaky ground with Ginny so he let Ron take care of it.

"Gin" cooed Ron trying to butter up his baby sister, slinging his arm around her shoulder "the annual Solstice Fritter Dash is a sacred event. You wouldn't want this poor chap to head off to God knows what knowing that he had to miss out on one his most favorite things just because he didn't want to upset you. Now would you?" Ron turned Ginny to face Harry who as if on cue gave her his most adorable smile and bent down to lean his head on her shoulder.

Ginny looked over at Hermione who threw her hands up to concede.

"Listen you two little prats" threatened Ginny "if you want to gorge yourselves and go on rides till you toss, be my guest. Just don't come running to me when mum decides to ground you both for the rest of the holiday."

Harry gave Ginny a big smile, placed a chaste kiss on her cheek, and looked over at Ron.

"Hermione and I will be at the Bazaar shopping. We will meet you two gits at the ferris-wheel in one hour." Ginny then grabbed Hermione's hand and took off toward the shopping bazaar.

Harry looked over at Ron "shall we?" he asked.

"After you my good man" replied Ron in his most gentlemanly voice.


When they had left their third clothing vendor Hermione looked over at Ginny, "do you think we should follow them? You know, make sure they don't vomit all over themselves. Seeing this is our first official date I really don't want Ron to get grounded and I don't think you want Harry to either."

Ginny sighed. "I guess you're right. We'll probably get a good laugh out of it any way. Let's just make sure they don't catch us."

The girls went off in pursuit of their "boyfriends." When they found them Ron was unceremoniously stuffing a Solstice Fritter into his mouth. When he finished Harry did the same. They then proceeded to get into queue for the roller coaster.

"I can't believe how daft these two are. I mean really, who on earth finds it bloody fun to stuff your face with fried dough, ride on a roller coaster, then bloody repeat this till someone hurls. Every year they both end up arse over elbow begging for any type of potion handy to "make the world stop spinning." Ginny used her best "Pathetic Ron" voice to say her last statement.

Hermione followed with her best "Pathetic Harry voice "Bloody hell can't you just brew something up. If I hurl one more time I'm going to start seeing what I had for breakfast BURP yesterday."

They both practically fell down laughing knowing that just being able to take the mickey out of them was sometimes worth dealing with their whining.

"Look!" said Ginny "here they go."

Ron and Harry took off in the coaster car. Of course being a Wizarding coaster it was a bit less tame than a Muggle coaster. The girls were certain one of them was going to loose it when they came out of the fourth corkscrew.

As expected as they disembarked the boys high-fived each other and walked over to get their next round of Solstice Fritters.

This continued for five more "fritter dashes" and roller coaster rides. When they boarded the coaster for the sixth time both Harry and Ron were looking a bit green around the gills. As they came out of the ninety degree drop and went into the quadruple corkscrew Hermione was sure one of them was going to loose it.

As they stumbled off the ride they each had their hands to their stomachs and mouths. The girls watched with anticipated silence from their perch across from the coaster. Ginny started counting "five, four, three, two, one" they waited a single breath. "HURL, I WON. Pay up Hermione." Laughed Ginny as she did a little victory dance.

A few minutes later the girls met the boys outside of the med witch's tent and handed them each a butter beer and a breath mint.

"You two are bloody lucky that mum didn't catch you this year" scolded Ginny.

"Oh, please mum hasn't followed me" BURP "around the carnival since I was twelve."

Ginny just looked at Ron. "You are a fool you know this right?"

"Yes but I am a fool who won the Fritter Dash" said Ron with pride in his voice.

"What do you me you won" said Harry as he stopped dead in his tracks.

"Yes mate, I won. You tossed first, didn't he Ginny" asked Ron.

"Well actually," said Hermione with a giggle. "It was sort of a tie. You both sort of, well stuck your heads into the trash bin and lost it." She tried very hard to suppress her laugh but was very unsuccessful. "I will have to say Ronald, this is the very first time I have been out on a date, and my boyfriend vomited into a trash bin."

"Did you say boyfriend?" he asked kind of shocked.

"Yes," she said as she gave him a shy smile. "I did."

"Wicked," said Ron with a huge grin.

"Not to change the subject off of something that should have happened, oh I don't know a year ago. Did I see you two exchanging money earlier?" asked Harry looking at Hermione and Ginny.

"Well come on, its easy galleons. One of you is going to hurl eventually, its just luck as to which round on the coaster it will be."

Hermione laughed "Yah, and luckily for you Fred and George are too busy with their booth to play your little game this year. They would certainly have found a way to make you hurl on the coaster, not just after you got off."

Ron looked lost in thought for a moment. "Yah remember that year you lost it right as we were coming out of the dive."

"Wait a bloody minute, what do you mean me" scoffed Harry. "That was you who lost it on the dive. I bloody lost it right after you because I was next to you, strapped into my seat with no way to escape."

The girls each cringed, "EWWW…"

"Oh right, I forgot" said Ron as he winced just remembering what Harry looked like after the ride. The med witch had to perform the scurrify spell twice to clean Harry up. He still had to toss his trainers when they got home.

Desperate to change the subject Hermione piped in "Why don't we go visit the twin's booth. They were quite busy when Ginny and I went by earlier. Maybe they will have time to chat now."

Harry went to take Ginny's hand when she suddenly pulled it away. "Maybe later," she sort of sniffed in his direction. "You still sort of smell quite ghastly."

"Maybe one of the shoppes will have decent cologne?" laughed Hermione.

Ron then looked over to her "don't even think about it" she smirked as she linked arms with Ginny and headed off to visit Fred and George.


Much later that evening while they were walking toward the field to find a seat in the grass for the fireworks Ginny spotted a fortune teller tent. "Oh I love these let's go in" she asked looking up at Harry.

Not being able to say no to her Harry conceded though Ron and Hermione decided to go off and find a place to lay their blankets for the show. Hermione was still a bit put off by supposed Seers ever since her run in with Trelawney.

As Harry and Ginny entered the dark tent they were greeted by a small elderly woman wearing the typical shalls and beaded necklaces. "Greetings, come in, come in" she said while motioning them to sit down.

She looked directly into Harry's eyes and said with a smile "well hello Harry Potter, I was wondering when I might come across you." She then looked over and smiled "and you must be Ginny, the one who has captured our savior's heart."

Harry just stared at the woman and put his hand up to his forehead. Yup, his scar was still hidden. How did she know it was him, she didn't look like someone who followed the Daily Prophet.

"I don't need to see a scar to know who is in front of me. You have a very strong spirit. I have been watching it for quite some time."

OK this was starting to freak him out just a bit.

She then looked over at Ginny. "Don't be too surprised young one, I've known about you for a while as well, probably even before you did."

OK, she was now starting to be freaked as well, though she also felt a bit encouraged by this strange woman.

The old woman continued to speak. "I will meet with you together first, then separately. There are things you should know about as one and as two." She motioned for them to sit at a small table draped with silky covers.

The Seer reached over and took each of their hands. She closed her eyes and bent her head forward a bit. It was silent for a few moments and Harry and Ginny tentatively looked over at each other.

The old woman looked up and frowned. "I think I should talk with you separately. It seems things have gone a bit differently than I had expected."

She looked over at Ginny and smiled warmly "my love would you mind. I think your friends have returned to keep you company outside."

Ginny looked at the kind old woman in awe, gave Harry a quick smile, and left the tent.

The fortune teller looked over at Harry smiled and waved a finger at him. "It seems you have been denying yourself something you truly desire young man."

Harry opened his mouth to speak but she shushed him.

"It's ok," she said "young love can be very difficult in the best of circumstances. You my dear are unfortunate in that you have many obstacles in your path which can sometimes cloud your better judgment."

She reassuringly patted his hand.

"You have a great destiny to fulfill, you are quite aware of that. But what you are not aware of is how to see this destiny through."

She spoke slow and soft. She was not there to judge or condemn, just guide and put them back on the correct path. Pain can cloud a persons mind veering them from what they know is right.

"You seek the power which Voldemort knows not." She looked deep into Harry's eyes and answered his unspoken question. "Yes, I speak his name. I do not fear names my boy, just fate."

She continued. "This power has been with you your entire life. It is something that you have always possessed though it has not always been obvious." Harry was now even more confused. How could he have had something but not been aware of it. He had no special gift.

"Albus Dumbledore, a great man, has spoken of it often." At this Harry's attention was now completely upon her. She called Professor Dumbledore a great man, she obviously knew something.

"You must not be aware that Professor Dumbledore was murdered by Sevious Snape a few months ago, Professor Dumbledore is dead" he sadly replied.

She spoke again this time with an even greater smile. "He may not be with us in this realm, but the spirit of a great man such as he will always be with us, guiding our way to see the light through the oppressive darkness."

Harry felt himself getting a bit choked up. He coughed to try to hide it.

Again she smiled at him. "You have found me for a reason my boy. What you have been trying so hard to strip yourself of is what you need most desperately. To fulfill your destiny you will need to call upon this gift to see you through to then end." She paused a bit hoping he was starting to see. She could tell his mind was troubled. Clouded with rage and hate, the goodness in him was struggling to surface but it had very little to clasp on to. His denial was that strong.

"What I speak of is love my dear one. Don't deny a gift whose pureness will bring you light in the darkness which surrounds you." She could see Harry's mind starting to clear a little, though he still needed her guidance.

"You are a very wealthy young man you know."

He sighed, why was she speaking of money? He knew he had money, but he really didn't care. He would gladly give it all back in a second just to get his parents and Sirius back.

When he started to look confused she gave a little laugh. "It is not galleons and gold bars of which I speak. It is of love. You have been shown this through great sacrifice, through loyalty and true friendship. You have been loved as a son from those who have no claim to you. You have been given guidance and shown patience in times when you knew none. Many peers chose to follow you to do something they knew was right though they knew the grave consequences. And most of all you have been given the gift of true love from a young woman who asks nothing in return."

After a minute or so of reflection she continued "It is the collection of these gifts that will see you through. Its strength will revive you when you feel you have nothing left to give. Its power will heal when you feel you have been broken and its pureness will conquer those who refuse to see."

Harry had so many questions he wanted to ask. Just as he started to speak she shushed him yet again.

"I know you have questions which you think you should ask me. My dear I believe these are the ones you should be answering yourself."

With this she took his hand and escorted him from the tent. They looked over and found Ginny sitting at a nearby bench with Ron and Hermione.

The Seer looked at the other young couple which has been amongst her visions and sighed. Though at present she knew they believed their own paths were unclear, their hearts were still light enough to see through to their true destiny in each other.

When Ginny saw the little old woman and Harry appear at the tent entrance she got up and joined them. She looked up at Harry. "Everything all right?" she asked.

He gently squeezed her hands and smiled. "Splendid. Go and give our friend a listen. I'll wait for you out here."

Harry walked over to Ron and Hermione.

"So mate did she tell you that you were going to cash it in like the old bat Trelawney always did?"

"No," replied Harry still in quite a daze, "not at all."

Hermione smiled a bit knowingly. "Come on Ronald let's leave Harry alone a bit to sit with his thoughts." She reached over and gave Harry a peck on the cheek. "It's not as complicated as you make it out to be you know. It's really quite simple. We'll meet you back here in a little bit, and then we'll all go off and enjoy the fireworks together."

With that she took Ron's hand, gave him a peck on the lips, and led him away to let Harry sit and figure everything out. Ron was glad she was in the lead because currently he didn't have a clue what was going on.

As Ginny entered the tent the little old woman gave her hand a squeeze and sat her down at the table with the silky drapes.

"Now my young lady I have a feeling you are a bit more insightful than your love is."

Ginny blushed but said nothing.

The Seer just smiled, she was right, Ginny was completely open to hear what she had to say. She had a feeling she was just in need of someone to give her a little help.

"You are the seventh child of a seventh son and a seventh daughter are you not?" she asked.

Ginny thought for a minute. Yes she was, her father had six older brothers, and her mother had six older sisters, freaky.

"Yes" she answered.

"You have your own destiny to fulfill, though it may not be as well publicized as young Harry's."

With this Ginny gave a bit of a nervous laugh. What could her destiny be that this old woman was so concerned about?

"I wanted to tell you this alone because it is something that you need to reflect upon in your own thoughts. Do not speak of this to anyone, not even your most trusted friend. It is something that you alone must know and use."

Ginny was now all ears. She felt like she should whip out a quill and some parchment.

"The seventh child of the seventh son and seventh daughter has a power within her that will guide a fate which affects us all."

Ginny now looked a bit scared.

The little old woman took her hand again and gave it a little squeeze. "Do not worry my dear. It is nothing that you have not already shown us."

Ginny's eyes grew even wider.

"It is the love which you have unconditionally given Harry my dear one."

Ginny now smiled and gave a sigh of relief. This she could handle. Loving Harry was like breathing. It came naturally to her and was just a part of who she was.

"This is not an ordinary love you have given this young man you know. It is pure, without fault and expectation. We are all indeed blessed that you have been given this precious gift and have chosen to give it so freely to him. Let him draw upon its sincerity to see him through these dark times. Do not let him deny himself of it, because it is its strength that he will need to succeed."

Ginny could not speak, tears were forming in her eyes, and she was trying hard not to let them flow.

"There is more. On the seventh day of seventh month of the seventh year of your union you will give the world a special gift; a child of light. This child will be a great leader who will guide our world and help us grow. He will bring about civility and peace. The many creatures of the Wizarding world will be as one. So you see young Ginny, we all have our own destiny to fulfill. It is not only Harry who is important to our world. You my dear are very special and I am very grateful to be the one who was allowed to start you on your path."

With that she went over, gave Ginny a big hug, and said "now go out there and love that man with all your heart. That is all I ask of you. True happiness awaits you my dear, true happiness waits."

Ginny left the tent lost in her own thoughts. She was going to spend the rest of her life with Harry. They were going to have a child. As she reached Harry he stood up and looked at her as to silently ask if what the women had told her was the same as he was told.

Her only answer was to reach up and pull him down into a very passionate kiss.

Ron's first reaction was to say something to break it up. Nothing harsh, just tear the mickey out of them for doing it in front of him. Knowingly, Hermione elbowed him in the ribs then grabbed his hotdog and stuffed it into his mouth.

Ron sat back down in defeat. He did not like this one bit. Sure, he knew that they loved each other, but did they have to be so public about it. Find a bloody room! Wait a minute scratch that thought, that is his baby sister that is being snogged as if it were the last day on earth.

Lying on their blanket watching the fireworks Harry's mind was still lost in thought. He really had a chance at love, he was not destined to be alone. He leaned over and kissed Ginny lightly on the lips. "I love you, you know that right?" he asked looking deeply into her eyes. He had never said it to anyone. He didn't expect her to answer him. He just wanted her to know how he really felt before he had to leave her to find Voldemort.

Ginny answered confidently "Yes, I do" and kissed him back. "I love you to," she whispered "always have, always will." She snuggled into his embrace as they leaned back to watch the rest of the fireworks explode into beautiful formations up above.

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