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He came, I saw, I melted:

"Or, you could just push him off a building, and then tell his mom it was an accident."

I rolled my eyes.

We, that is to say, Oliver and I, were discussing subtle ways, to get rid of my 'stalker'.

Yes, yes, I know the word stalker, is a bit extreme… but this kid is seriously obsessed with me!

At 5 2", Timothy Johnson is one of the seven dwarf's to my Snow White. Except, of course, the dwarfs weren't obsessed with Snow White. They just liked her… a lot. But not in that way. Just, you know, like a fatherly way.

So, yeah.

I can see this is pretty confusing. So let's backtrack shall we?

It all started a week ago.

I was sitting on my bed, flipping through a magazine, listening to History, my current favorite song.

I didn't notice my mother enter my room. But when she pulled out my earphones, I noticed.

"Gosh, mom. Knock much?", was what I said, obviously irritated.

This earned me a 'look'. You know the look that every mother has? That creepy one, that makes you shudder? The one which sends chills down your back? The one they call… the look? Yeah, that one.

I muttered a quick, and pretty inaudible sorry.

She then walked over and stood next to me.

Uh oh. What did I do this time? I knew letting Scrat in was a very bad idea. But he didn't break anything… except mom's priceless Mesopotamian vase. Oh My God, the vase! I'll blame it on David. Scrat belongs to him after all. He's responsible for Scrat…

"I didn't do it! I never touched the vase! It was Scrat who broke it…"

"What in the world are you talking about, Lilly?", my mom questioned, shooting me a, well, a questioning glance.

"Um…uh…well…", I stalled, scratching my head, "you see…"

"LILLY", my mom said, in her 'no-nonsense' voice.

"Okay, okay. Scrat wanted to come in, so David told me to let him in. So, I let him in. But he went all hyper, and started running about. I tried to stop him, I ran around the whole house. but before I could catch up, he had already broken your vase. I'm so sorry mom. I really am.", I confessed.

My mother was silent for a little while, taking in what I had just said.

Then non-chalantly she said, "We'll talk about this later. A new family has just moved in next door, and I want you to go over. See if they need anything."

"Why should I always be the one who has to go and greet the new neighbors? Can't Lucy or Sean go? I mean they're so much more cuter than I am.", I asked, referring to my younger siblings.

They're 10. And yes, they are twins.

Lucy looked a lot like me, and Sean looked a lot like David. I guess you could say Sean looked a lot like me, since I looked a lot like David too. But, whatever…

One would imagine they like doing the same things, being twins and all. But they are total opposites of each other.

Lucy loves ballet. She skateboards, like me. And she is shit scared of David.

Sean on the other hand, absolutely adores his older brother. He plays the drums ( at the age of 10, yes ) , and he prefers roller-blading.

Ok, I am now totally off topic.

So back to the story…

My mom told me they were busy. And when I asked why David couldn't play 'friendly neighbor', she told me he was studying.

I sighed.

"Oh, and I heard they have a son, about your age. And my sources say he's a looker.", she continued, winking at me.

I glared at her. So this was why she wanted me to go.

My mom is desperate to find me a boyfriend, since I'm clearly incapable of finding one for myself.

At 15, I think it's high time I found 'Mr. Partially Right'.

Sure, I've gone on plenty of dates.

But I never really felt anything.

Although, there is one boy I can't stop thinking about.

A certain someone, who makes my heart beat a mile a minute, whenever he says my name, touches me, anything.

But that's another story.

I muttered a whatever, and walked out of my room.

I walked down my garden, and up theirs.

I walked to their front door, and knocked thrice.

Almost immediately the door opened, to reveal a…


That's the only word that can describe Luke Johnson.

A 'looker' is a big understatement.

This guy was, he was, oh my god, he was HOT!!

So obviously when he was all "Can I help you?" in this really deep and sexy voice, all I could do was stare at him, mouth open, eyes wide.

"Umm, hello?", he said, waving a hand infront of me, no doubt an attempt to wake me from my trance.

I blushed, and said "Oh, hey. My name is Lilly. I live next door. And uh, my mom wanted to know whether we could be of any help, you know, cause your new to the neighborhood and all."

He nodded once and went "Oh. Uh, do you want to come in?".

I hesitated.

Just then a very kind looking lady came to the door.

I took her to be Mrs. New Neighbor.

"Lucas, who's at the door?", she asked her (HOT) son.

Then suddenly spotting me she went "Oh, hello deary. Can we help you?".

Before I could even open my mouth, Luke already told her my reason for standing in front of their door.

She pushed 'Lucas' aside, and opened the door for me.

I stepped inside, and looked around.

I could see they hadn't quite finished unpacking yet.

Mrs. New Neighbor appeared beside me and apologized for the untidiness of their house. I assured her that it was okay, and that this was how my room always looked like.

She chuckled and extended her hand.

"I'm Mrs. Johnson, and this is my son, Lucas."

"Pleased to meet you both, I'm Lilly.", I said, taking her hand and shaking it.

"Please make yourself comfortable, I'll be right back", she said, and with that, left me alone with Mr. Lucas Sexy Johnson.

Once we were pretty sure she had gone, Lucas said "Please, please, call me Luke. Lucas is so… not me."

I laughed.

Just then, another door opened, and out came Timothy Johnson.

In other words… my stalker.

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