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Axel put his head on the cold window of his band's tour bus. He felt like shit, and he felt like voicing it. "I feel like shit."

Demyx, the electric sitar player, looked up from his magazine. "What hurts?" Demyx was the mother of the band. He gave out meds and made sure 'her' boys didn't party too much.

"Everything." Axel replied, motioning with his hands to his entire body. Demyx would know instantly that it was from too much partying the previous night.

The blonde tossed Axel a few pills. "Aspirin. That should help."

Axel nodded and swallowed the small white pills then turned back to the window, singing softly the band's newest song.

So many,
Bright lights they cast a shadow,
But can I speak?
Well is it hard understanding,
I'm incomplete?
A life that's so demanding,
I get so weak.
A love that's so demanding,
I can't speak!


Roxas looked in the mirror. He had gotten brand new clothes for this concert. Black chained pants and a black and white checkered shirt. Hayner had gotten tickets from a radio contest, and had invited Roxas to go with him.

Roxas was the lead singer's, Axel Hikaru's, biggest fan, and he had wanted to meet Axel for years! Tonight might be the chance…

Someone knocked on the door of his house. It was time!


Axel tapped the microphone. "Hello?" His voice ecoed through the huge concert hall, which was empty at the moment.

Saix, the bassest, plucked a few chords then said into his mircophone, "I need to come up…"

Axel smirked. "God, none of us want to hear you play, Saix. Turn him down!!" He whispered into the mic.

Saix turned to glare at the redhead. "Careful, or I'll come over there and rip out your vocal chords."

Axel clutched his throat. "You wouldn't."

"If he doesn't, I will." The drummer, Zexion, said from behind his silver curtain of hair.

Axel chuckled then looked back up to the sound booth. "Turn Saix up a tad, would ya?"


Roxas pulled Hayner up right infront of the stage. "Come on! We have to get good spots!"

Hayner rolled his eyes. "God, Roxas, relax!" He turned to give the finger to someone cursing at Roxas for pushing him aside.

Roxas finally stopped when he was at the very front of the crowd. "Maybe we'll get to touch them!" He smiled, dazed at the idea of touching his idol, Axel Hikaru.

Hayner laughed. "You sound like a fan girl, Roxie!" He gave his blonde friend a noogie.

Roxas snorted impaiently. "Get off, Hayner!"

"AW, Roxie!!"

Someone tapped the microphone. "Hey, is everyone out there awake?"

Roxas whirled around at the sound of his idol's voice. "Axel." He breathed.

The redhead on the stage was tapping the microphone. He was wearing a black army uniform. "Hey everyone! I can't believe any of you actually came tonight." Axel chuckled.

Roxas shook his head. How could Axel even joke about him not being there? He was Axel's biggest fan.

"Well…I'd like to start off with an old fav…" The redhead turned to Demyx and nodded.

Demyx started plucking notes on his sitar then Axel joined in with the lyrics.

"When I was
A young boy,

The crowd enrupted into an cheers and Axel gave them a cocky smile.

"My father
Took me into the city
To see a marching band.
He said,
"Son when
You grow up,
Would you be
The savior of the broken,
The beaten and the damned?"

Axel pulled his pic from the holder and walked alittle closer to the screaming crowd.

"Sometimes I get the feeling, she's watching over me
And other times I feel like I should go
Went through it all, the rise and fall
The bodies in the streets
And when you're gone we want you all to know
We'll Carry on!"

Zexion faded out with the drums.

The crowd erupted into cheers and Axel ran his hands through his red hair. "God, shut up!" he told the audience.

That only caused the audence to cheer louder.

Axel sent a smile back at Saix who was still standing totally still and serious…as always as he slipped the mic back in it's holder. "Ok…well, now, I wanna play my all time favorite."


Roxas looked up at Axel. His favorite?

"It's a new songs, called 'Famous Last Words'."

Everyone was silent as Axel started.


Roxas head banged to the beat as he watched Axel take the mic from it's holder and walk closer to where the blonde was waiting.

Hayner elbowed him. "Hey, kiddie. Your boyfriends coming."

Roxas glared then turned his gaze on the redhead.

"I see you lying next to me,
With words I thought I'd never speak,
Awake, and unafraid.
Asleep, or dead.

Axel's eyes locked on two bright blue orbs standing right in front of the stage.

'Cause I see you lying next to me,
With words I thought I'd never speak,
Awake, and unafraid.
Asleep, or dead."

Those eyes were just as mesmerizing as the face that held them. Short, blonde spikey hair framed the pale face and pink cheeks.

"'Cause I see you lying next to me,
With words I thought I'd never speak,
Awake, and unafraid.
Asleep, or dead."

Axel couldn't take his mind off of those two eyes. He wanted them.


Through out the whole concert, Axel kept his gaze locked with Roxas. Although a few people around the blonde claimed that the redhead was looking at them, Roxas knew that Axel was looking right at him.

As the band walked off stage, Hayner grabbed Roxas's arm. "Lets go before everyone else gets the idea!"

Roxas stood dazed watching where the band walked off the stage. "Lets go back there."

"What?" Hayner asked, poking Roxas's head. "Are you insane?"

Roxas didn't blink. "You afraid, Hayner?" That always got his friend.

Hayner grabbed Roxas's arm and they slipped onto the stage.


Axel slumped over in his chair. "God."

Demyx smiled as he came to sit next to Axel. "Relax, Axe. Theres good chance you'll see the kid again."

Axel didn't even glance at Demyx as he turned over in his chair. "No, I won't. God, this sucks!" He said, getting up and punching the wall, leaving small scortch marks.

Saix snorted as he kept his eyes on his book. "Axel, don't burn down the building, please."

Demyx cast Saix a glare as he turned back to Axel. "Lets go see if he's still in the crowd. If he is, we'll get him in here to talk? Ok?"

Axel mulled it over in his mind for a bout half a second before pulling Demyx out of the room with him in search of blue eyes.


Roxas poked Hayner's arm. "There they are!" He motioned to Demyx and Axel walking out of their dressing room together.

Hayner smirked. "He's prolly looking for you. Axel stared at you the whole damn concert. You were making the ladies jealous."

Roxas glared then turned his eyes back to Axel and Demyx who were walking right for them.

Abruptly, Hayner shoved Roxas off the stage. "Stay there, and watch me work my magic." He winked.

Roxas was about to stand before Axel came running towards Hayner. "Hey, kid!"

Hayner looked up to Axel. "Yeah? What do you want, preppy?"

Axel ignored his nickname. "Have you seen a kid with big blue eyes?"

Hayner frowned as he tapped his finger to his chin. "Hm…blonde hair? Short?"

Axel nodded enthusasically. "Yes!!"

"Yeah, he's my best friend. He just left."

"Oh…" Axel looked at Demyx sadly.

Demyx smiled back. "What's his name? And could we get his number?"

Roxas wanted to hop out of his hiding spot and give it to them himself!

Hayner studdied his nails. "I don't know…"

"Please?" Axel begged, giving Hayner his puppy dog eyes.

Hayner rolled his eyes. "God, ok. Just stop. His name is Roxas…and do you have a pen so I can write his number on your arm?"

Axel pulled a sharpy from his army pant's pocket. "Here."

Hayner quickly wrote Roxas's number on Axel's arm. "There. Just don't call or text during school. You'll get him in trouble."

Axel smiled. "Thanks, man."

Hayner nodded back. "Sure…but why do you wanna talk to him?"

"Because he has the most adorable eyes!" Axel replied. "And I only got to see those cute eyes today." He quickly winked at Hayner then chuckled to himself.

Hayner smiled and waved to Demyx and Axel. "Ok, gotta go. Niuce meeting you." He turned to Roxas's hiding spot. "Lets get home, Roxas."

Roxas hopped out his his hiding spot, blushing at what Axel at said, and waved to Demyx and the redhead. "Bye."

Axel turned to Demyx as he watched the boys walk off out of the corner of his eye. "The last thing I said made me seem like a sex offender."

Demyx giggled. "I think that was the kids plan."


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