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Roxas, I'm home!" Axel yelled up the stairs.

"Hello, Axel!" Roxas's mom yelled from the kitchen. "He's in the shower and he told me to keep you preoccupied down here so he can finish."

Axel rolled his eyes and slipped into the kitchen where Akiko was starting supper. "Hey, do you mind if I steal Roxas for dinner?" He asked politely, sitting down at the counter. "The band is going to celebrate that the school year is almost done."

Roxas's mom turned around and pointed her wooden spoon at the redhead. "That reminds me, I'm laying down a few rules."

Axel gave a defeated sigh. "Rules?"

"I know what your plan is. As soon as Roxas is done with high school, you're taking him from me. I want you to know that I'm emailing him everyday, and if I don't get a reply, so help me god-"

"Hey, Axe." Roxas greeted his redhead with a peck on the cheek. "Mom, don't scare Axel off."

Akiko put away her spoon and shrugged. "Just remember, if I don't hear from him, I'm calling Xemnas."

"Of course. I promise I'll take good care of him." Axel replied, too busy watching Roxas move around the room pay too much attention to his mom.

"But no, I don't mind if you take Roxas tonight. Riku is coming over for dinner anyway."

Axel smirked at the news. Riku had really been trying to get on Sora's mom's good side, so that he could ask if Sora could live with him instead of living in a dorm. Sora and Riku both knew that they didn't have to have parental permission for it…but Riku wanted to badly to be good friends with the twin's mom.

Roxas slipped up onto a stool next to Axel's, fluffing up his wet hair. "Where are we going tonight?"

"Just to a cute little restaurant, because you need to finish your homework. School is almost out, and we need to finish it out strong!" Axel replied, quoting Xemnas.

Roxas moaned as he swung around in his chair. "Come on…the school year is almost over…so it shouldn't matter…"

"I agree with Axel! That doesn't mean that this is free time." His mother reminded him.

"Yeah…whatever." Roxas said, sulkily.


Xemnas stood up, holding his drink high in the air. "I would like to make a toast."

Zexion rolled his eyes. "Sit down. We don't need your lame excuses for motivational speeches and people are going to start looking over here."

Demyx giggled and pretended to slouch down into his chair to avoid invisible people's glances.

Xemnas ignored both of them. "I would like to make a toast to Roxas. For soon, he shall be ours. And our tour starts in two months."

Everyone raised their glasses as Xemnas sat down. No one really understood the speech he had just given, but they all knew he wasn't a very good emotional or motivational speaker.

"I'm so excited!" Demyx squealed as he took another bite of his dinner. "In just two days, we'll get to start out on the road again!"

"And we actually get to start playing gigs with Roxie." Zexion muttered. "We'll have to have extra security guys just so the fan girls don't flock the stage."

Axel smiled at his little blonde, knowing that in just a few short days, this blonde would be totally his.


"Axel, will you do my homework?" Roxas asked, looking up at the redhead and motioning for him to take the mechanical pencil in his hand.

Axel looked down at Roxas, who was lying with his head on the older man's lap. "No way. I haven't done homework forever…and I'm not about to start…"

"You suck." Roxas replied, laying his head back down.

Axel rolled his eyes and turned his attention back to the TV. He hated those news anchors. They laughed at all of those stupid jokes…almost none of them even made sense…but they still laughed. That really annoyed Axel.

"Are you excited, Axel?"

"About what?" He asked, glad to have something to keep his mind off of the news. He had a strong feeling there was something between the guy anchor and the weatherman…and he kind of regretted not having the chance to figure out if he was right. "You coming on tour with us?"

"About getting out of here."

"Oh, I guess. I mean, I'm kind of tired of your fan girls hanging outside of your house and all…but ya know, you're mine, so I guess I'll live…"

"I meant that you would get out of this town…"

"Oh!" Axel laughed. "Yeah, I want to be on the road again…or back at my house…"

Roxas poked Axel in the stomach. "And there aren't any fan girls that sit in front of my house…"


"God, Riku…I don't think I can do this…" Sora laid his head down on his desk. "I'm so sick of homework!"

Riku shrugged. "Sorry, Sora. You're the one that wants to go to college. Plus, you have a whole summer to relax and not worry about homework."

"I guess…but I have three papers to finishing writing…"

Riku laughed and played with a chocolate spike. "But in two days you won't have any homework…at all…for the whole summer…"

"I guess…"

"And I'm coming with you to college…so if you need any help, I'm there…"

"I know…"

"So just finish your homework."

Sora pouted and turned back to his work.


"Oh my fucking god."

Axel looked over at Roxas, who was sitting in the passenger seat. They had borrowed one of Roxas's mom's cars to the senior graduation. "What?"

"I'm done."

Axel frowned. "Done with…school?"

"Yes!" Roxas smiled euphorically as he stuck his hand out the window. "No more homework…"

"Well, you'll need to practice everyday…and Zexion thinks of that as homework…" Axel reminded him. Zexion really did think of practicing for the band as homework…only it was like math homework to that nerd. He loved it. Axel couldn't' name one person he had met in his entire life, besides Zexion, that had actually enjoyed math homework.

"But I don't have to do class work…"

Axel smiled as he turned his attention back to the road ahead of him. "Yes, no more class work."

"So I can start playing music with you guys."

"Yes, you can. Well…you kind of have been practicing with us anyway…"

"And I can stay up with you every night."

Axel laughed. "You already do that, too."

"No, I meant, I don't have to go to bed at nine just so I'm not really tired at school anymore…"

"Yeah…But you can still be too tired to play at gigs…so you still might want to sleep…"

"Yeah…I guess…"

"And you get to stay with me…" Axel added.

"That's the best part!" Roxas laughed as he hugged Axel lightly.


"Is that everything, Roxie honey?"

"Yes, Mom…"

"Are you sure? Do you have your-"

"Yes, Mom."

"What about your-"

"Mom! Axel and I packed everything. Don't worry." Roxas moaned as he handed Axel the rest of his bags to take into the tour bus waiting outside.

"Now, remember, I'm going to call you once a week and email you everyday…and I want t a reply! Just because you've joined a big band doesn't mean you can forget about-"

"I know, Mom. I have to go…I'll call you when we get to Hollow Bastion." Roxas reminded her.

"Ok, Roxie. Please be good. I love you, honey!"

"I love you too, Mom." Roxas gave his mom one last kiss on the cheek before rushing off to join Axel and the others in the tour bus.


Sora sat down in the middle of the floor. He was here…finally. He was finally here.

He glanced over to where Riku was laying, panting from carrying a bunch of boxes up into the small apartment.


Riku turned his head so he could see Sora. "Yeah?"

"Are you sure you want to stay here?"

Riku nodded. "As long as you're going to be here with me, I'll be fine."

Sora smiled at Riku's cute little sign of affection. "You're afraid of the dark, aren't you?"

"Yes, I'm afraid of the dark…I've been trying to hide it forever, but since you figured it out, I guess I can't hide it anymore." Riku crawled over to where Sora was sitting and lightly brushed his nose against the brunet's.

Sora giggled and slid back a little. "Don't you have boxes to finish bringing up?"

Sighing, Riku got up off of the floor and put his hands on his hips. "Yes, I do, but that doesn't mean you can sit up here and be lazy."

The brunet stretched out on the wooden floor and yawned. "I'm too tired. Maybe later."

Riku rolled his eyes. "Yeah, whatever. You're still going to help me arrange things tomorrow."

"Yeah, right." Sora mumbled under his breath.


"So this time it was the plate that ran away with the spoon!"

Neither of the news anchors completely understood the joke, but it wasn't in their job descriptions to laugh at jokes that actually made sense. They had to laugh at everyone's jokes, just so that person didn't look like a complete idiot. Of course, there were small rules inside these sets of laws… For example, if the joke was in any way, shape, or form, racist or sexist, they should pretend like that person never said anything…or the entire company would pay for it…it was also wise not to make political jokes…because some of the people in the town were known for their strong political views…and it would not be good to upset them…

It was kind of like the big bang theory and religion…

But, that's not point.

"In other news, the band 'The Organization' s new CD made the top ten lists in the entire world!" the woman news anchor, Tifa Lockhart, told the cameras. "The number of CDs sold is still being counted."

"Wow, that's amazing." Her co-anchor, Cloud, said excitedly. "And the band wasn't nearly this famous when they had their old bassist on the crew, now was it?"

Tifa smiled back, just as cheerfully. "No, I don't think it was. Now that their new bassist, Roxas Sansui, has joined up, the band has hit it big! Now to the weather."

"That's like music to my ears." The brunet weatherman, Leon, said, smiling freely at the camera.

The anchors laughed merrily.



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